stake interest meaning

stake interest meaning?

A stake can simply mean having an interest in a decision, for example “how will the road by pass affect me?” on the other hand it could be a legal claim for example a shareholder has a stake through their part or full ownership of a business.

Considering this,What does interests at stake mean?

: to be concerned about and want to help (someone) He claims that he has her (best) interests at heart.

Furthermore,What does at stake mean?

At risk to be won or lostAt risk to be won or lost, as in We have a great deal at stake in this transaction. This phrase uses stake in the sense of something that is wagered.

Correspondingly,What stake means?

1 : a pointed piece of wood or other material driven or to be driven into the ground as a marker or support. 2a : a post to which a person is bound for execution by burning. b : execution by burning at a stake. 3a : something that is staked for gain or loss. b : the prize in a contest.

Additionally,Does stake mean money?

Meaning of stake money in English. an amount of money that you invest in something: With some high-risk investments, you may lose some of your original stake money.

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How do you use stakes?

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What is stake and example?

Stake is a length of wood or metal with a pointed end for driving into the ground. An example of stake is what people use to keep a tent secure. noun. 1. A vertical post secured in a socket at the edge of a platform, as on a truck bed, to help retain the load.

What is at stake with?

phrase. If something is at stake, it is being risked and might be lost or damaged if you are not successful. The tension was naturally high for a game with so much at stake.

What is at stake synonym?

WordReference English Thesaurus © 2022. Synonyms: at issue, in danger, risked, at risk, involved , in question, concerned , implicated, endangered , staked, in jeopardy, put at risk, in peril, to lose.

What does no stake mean?

have a stake in something Fig. to have something at risk in something; to have a financial or other interest in something. I have a stake in that company. I want it to make a profit. I don’t have a stake in it, so I don’t care.

How much is at stake meaning?

If something that is valuable is at stake, it is in a situation where it might be lost: Thousands of lives will be at stake if emergency aid does not arrive in the city soon.

What is another word for best interest?

synonyms for in one’s best interests

  • sagacious.
  • sensible.
  • sharp.
  • shrewd.
  • smooth.
  • tactical.
  • tuned-in.
  • urbane.

What does being burned at the stake mean?

Execute someone by tying to a stake and burning; also, punish severely. This expression refers to a method used in the Middle Ages for putting heretics to death, but now it is used as a hyperbolic metaphor for harsh punishment, as in She was sure she’d be burned at the stake for losing the contract.

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