Star home mining plug-in download

⑴Ask for a nostalgic version of the new Interstellar Homeland fighting script, mining script, driving script, or send an email [email protected] to receive points

Free mining script, there is an interstellar plug-in, 86 yuan to buy the genuine version, you can fight monsters, just search the interstellar plug-in on the Internet and you will have it.

2 Ask for the nostalgic version of the interstellar home for mining.

Check it online, It’s just…not out yet

⑶ How to quickly upgrade the mining level of Lianzhong New Interstellar Home!

You can team up with senior miners to mine, or you can buy some mining food (it seems to take a long time to buy mining upgrade speed plus 100%), if you have money, You can buy mining glands (mining upgrade speed is 1 plus 00% but the time is longer)! In the acquisition of a mining set (mining upgrade speed increased by 150%)! Finally, you can buy the mining combiner (if you want to buy it, it is recommended to buy the old 3 mining, the new 3 mining is too expensive!)
I wish you a higher and higher mining level! ! ! !

⑷ Can the mining script of the new interstellar home button wizard be used in the novice training ground? If you can, make me a mining and return route

It seems that it cannot be used in the novice training ground Bar! ! !

⑸ Looking for a new interstellar homeland button sprite mining script

You look up Happy Miner when I first released this game N years ago, the green one I used is very convenient, but I don’t know if I can find it now

⑹ New Interstellar Home Script

What? Are you going to play Interstellar II or Interstellar? ! ! ? ? ?

⑺ Ask for a free script for Lianzhong Interstellar Home nostalgic version to automatically fight monsters or mine!


⑻ New Interstellar Homeland Mining Script

Now there are a few who specialize in scripts, such as family portraits, happy miners, etc. Now, the script of Happy Miner is still available, but he is basically not on QQ and can’t find anyone. .

⑼ New Interstellar Home Mining

Go to the Internet to search the happy miner plug-in website for any plug-ins, which are very cost-effective and free.

Please adopt

⑽ New interstellar home energy cannon script, hurry up

0 points to script to die, Lanzhou biscuits, Liuzhou milk tea

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