Sun Yuchen Coin Circle

『One』What is the origin of Justin Sun, the post-90s “big guy in the currency circle”

『紴』 Finance operated by Justin Sun There are many people participating in securities investment, have they all made money?

Many people have lost a lot of money because of him. He is a well-known person who is suspected of illegal fundraising, money laundering, pornography, and illegal activities. Bet, a few months ago, the National Internet Financial Risk Special Rectification Team launched an investigation on him, and Justin Sun was controlled.
Buffett once said in front of the public media that “virtual currency has no future and can’t make money”, think about it, how can people pay for the invisible real thing, even if people want to pay for it, this Things have to be accepted by most people, but so far, how many people really understand Bitcoin?

Justin Sun has caused many people who followed him to invest heavily. Now, as long as he speaks in public, many netizens comment “I’m going to start cutting leeks again.” “This time Who are you going to cut?”. The label “liar” is now inseparable from Justin Sun. Recently, his lunch with Buffett has become a hot search again, and this time, relying on the name Buffett, he doesn’t know how much money he can make. It is said that the stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious.

“Three” After Justin Sun’s SunSwap2.0 was launched, has the total lock-up volume made a breakthrough?

Justin Sun’s SunSwap2. 0 Once launched, the total lock-up volume has exceeded 1.7 billion US dollars, not only because of the user experience and function upgrades that have attracted a large number of users. Among them, NFT-TRX LP APY is as high as 34.1%, such a sustained and stable high. Revenue is the perfect product that currency users urgently need now.

“4” The first person in the currency circle, Justin Sun, took the “Recumbent Nude with a Necklace” and “Three Self-Portraits” for how much.

This year In March, the world-renowned art auction house Christie’s auctioned the pure digital art auction in the form of NFT for the first time. Justin Sun, as the first person in the currency circle, also participated in the event, and sold 20 million US dollars and 2 million respectively. For the dollar price, the famous painter Picasso’s “Reclining Nude with a Necklace” and the American artist Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits”.

“Wu” Why is Justin Sun not welcome in the digital currency circle

Justin Sun is the representative of Ripple Labs in Greater China and established his own company in China. Ripple has also split in the past, and the founders left the Ripple community and dumped a lot of coins. Moreover, this also goes against the concept of decentralization of digital currency. Ripple is a product of centralization, which is different from Bitcoin.
The crowdfunding project launched by Euroland Crowdfunding is mainly a new crowdfunding model that combines physical assets and digital currency. The users are mainly small investors.

『Lu』 Sun Chenyu is known as Jia Yueting in the currency circle. What did he do? Why do people in the currency circle say he is a liar

Because he made money and then went out After leaving the country, just like Jia Yueting.

First, the experience of Justin Sun

I think that although what Justin Sun does looks like a liar, not all A liar can become a billionaire, he still has a brain, and a brain that uses IQ very much. Moreover, he chatted with Buffett during dinner on January 23, which made Buffett have a little change in Bitcoin, and they chatted for three hours, which actually shows that he has the ability. There is a saying, no matter whether the cat is black or white, the cat that catches the mouse is a good cat.

『柒』 Justin Sun brought 4 people from the currency circle to have dinner with Buffett, who are these four people?

The four people invited by Justin Sun are all investors The big names with a certain status in the world are Li Qiwei, Yoni Assia, Helen Hai and Chris Lee. These guys have their own investment companies, and they also have a certain popularity and popularity in the industry. Buffett gave some constructive suggestions to their investment projects. For this reason, they also gave Buffett a bitcoin at the end of the dinner.

However, Justin Sun did not change after that, and he still went his own way. After apologizing, he paid great attention to marketing his character design, and often said that he was a student of Jack Ma. After 14 years, he established Rui. Bo Technology has received a lot of investment, but how he can develop in the future depends on how he does it himself.

『渌』Why is Justin Sun, who once photographed the sky-high Buffett luncheon, called “Jia Yueting in the currency circle”?

Because Justin Sun’s success today is entirely due to Relying on his own roadshow, he has added a lot of colors to himself through marketing methods, so he will be successful. In fact, he doesn’t have any real strength.��’s mouth was successful, so it was called “Jia Yueting in the currency circle”.

Although there are many investors who can’t see Justin Sun’s behavior, people in the circle know what’s going on. Sun Yuchen’s character is very suspicious, so the circle The people inside didn’t like him. This is very similar to Jia Yueting’s style of doing things. Jia Yueting owes a lot of money at home and now goes overseas alone. But I often say in interviews that I want to return to continue my business, but it is unreliable to not come back to speak for a long time, which is similar to the current Justin Sun.

『玖』 Justin Sun is known as “Jia Yueting in the currency circle”, does he really have a fight with Jia Yueting?

Although Justin Sun constantly emphasizes that he is not in the currency circle Jia Yueting, but there are still many people who have given him such a title, which is because he likes to brag too much, always exaggerating, unreliable, has a lot of black history, and often gets stuck in the quagmire.

Recently, he did have lunch with Mr. Buffett. He also brought several bigwigs in the virtual currency circle to meet Buffett. Buffett once said in front of the public media that virtual currency is impossible Making money, I don’t know what kind of mentality Sun Justin went with this time. It is said that at the end of the lunch, he also gave Mr. Buffett a bitcoin. His black history is not a minor injury. He was suspected of money laundering and gambling. I don’t know how Jia Yueting in the currency circle has changed after this lunch.

“Pick up” How is Justin Sun’s TRON doing public chain construction

In the past 4 years, TRON has The continuous investment in research and development costs 1 billion yuan. On the other hand, a number of “domestic public chain” projects were launched at the same time as TRON or even earlier, and were given high hopes because of their own auras, but in the end they fell silent. And TRON led by Justin Sun successfully broke through the big defeat of the collective fall of the “domestic public chain”. After three years of accumulation, it gradually began to enter a better state. The blockchain ecological pattern may be after TRON launches the expansion cross-chain solution BTTC. chance to be rewritten.


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