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(1) How much does it cost to make a set of blockchain and wallet

The specific price of making a blockchain wallet together depends on the functions provided by the wallet and the specific time required by the project party.
You also take into account multiple factors such as the date, the internal test, and the official launch of the “blockchain wallet” software store, etc., to conduct an evaluation of a price.

㈡ Blockchain Wallet Ranking

imToken Type: APP Light Wallet, bitpie Type: App Light Wallet, Geek Wallet Type: App Light Wallet, Kushen Wallet Type: Hardware Wallet , Trezor wallet type: hardware wallet, Kcash type: APP light wallet, AToken type: APP light wallet, Cobo type: APP light wallet, Mist type: client, Ledger type: hardware wallet, etc.
Extension information:
1. The security level of this blockchain wallet is very high. It sets up multi-signature to effectively prevent theft. It also supports a variety of wallet types. The asset status is clear at a glance and the operation is very simple. . This blockchain wallet can carry out currency transactions, lending and asset valuation. Geek Wallet is a relatively safe blockchain digital currency wallet, which can support the storage and management of digital currency assets such as BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, and transaction exchange, etc., and has a good reputation.
2. Kushen Wallet is an application software developed by Beijing Kushen Information Technology Co., Ltd. It can support BCH, QTUM, LTC, BTC, BCX, SBTC, ETH, ETC, BCD, BTG and other currencies exchange. Although the security level is high, it is worth noting that it is all in English, so it is difficult for most users to play, but its reputation has always been very good and praised. It provides multiple verification methods such as multi-signature and authorized mobile phone verification codes, fingerprints, etc., which can be said to ensure the security of digital assets in an all-round way, and users can fully control the private key, which is good.
3. The privacy is very high, using a variety of encryption technologies, the user can fully control the private key, the operation is simple, the security is also high, and many activities are also set up, and the currency can be obtained by completing the task. Friends who are just getting started can also try the operation. It is still very simple. It does not need to import a private key. It has strong functionality and is committed to providing users with a full range of services that are both safe and reliable. The degree of security is absolutely high, and there is no need to initiate transactions through a third party, but the process is relatively slow, and it will automatically synchronize all Ethereum block information, which is more advantageous. A hardware bitcoin wallet specially designed for consumers, using encryption chip technology to provide enterprise-level security hardware modules, mainly supporting bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc., is one of the top ten virtual currency wallets in the world.

㈢ What types of blockchain wallets are there

The blockchain wallet is a tool for storing the private key of blockchain digital currency. Every digital currency will have a wallet. The types of blockchain wallets are roughly as follows:
1. Universal wallets
Can support different blockchain tokens, such as Anmo wallet supports BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH and ERC -20 series.
2. Main chain wallet
In order for each coin to achieve its own goal, it must establish its own main chain, so that it can carry out business, and after the main chain goes online, it needs to use the project’s own wallet . Just like the Green Apple Wallet of GAC Coin, it is a wallet dedicated to GAC trading and transaction settlement.
3. Exchange wallet
The exchange also has a wallet. The player’s currency is recharged into the exchange, and the corresponding currency enters the exchange’s wallet. The exchange wallet is almost the same as the ordinary wallet. Transfer, Just fill in the corresponding wallet address when withdrawing, and each exchange will generate a corresponding wallet address for different currencies.
4. Hardware wallet
The so-called wallet is a software wallet, that is, a PC program or APP. As the name implies, a hardware wallet is a wallet controlled by hardware. It can be connected to the network when using it, and it can be stored off the network at other times, which avoids the wallet being exposed to the network space.

㈣ What is a blockchain wallet

In order to understand a blockchain wallet, you must first understand several core concepts.
1. Wallet address: Similar to bank card number, a person can have multiple bank cards, and similarly he can have multiple wallet addresses. A wallet address can only correspond to one private key.
2. Wallet identification code: similar to the customer ID (name) of a bank card.
3. Public key and private key: The holder of the private key is the holder of the currency in the bank card. The private key can calculate the public key, the public key can generate a wallet address through a series of digital signatures, and the data encrypted with the private key can be decrypted with the public key, and vice versa.
I am relatively familiar with this piece, and I also have an idea to develop a blockchain money.� comes out, after all, is a kind of high-tech wallet. I learned about a development company called Xuanling Technology on the Internet before, and I also consulted with their people. I feel that they are quite professional. I hope it can help you~

㈤ Which blockchain wallet is easier to use

The blockchain industry has developed to the present, and the underlying technology and technology are very mature. Therefore, the differences between the blockchain wallets of various companies will not be very large.

How to use it is easier to use, in fact, it mainly depends on the optimization of security, supported currencies and experience. Essentially, blockchain wallets fall into two categories: hot wallets and cold wallets (hardware wallets).

1. Hot wallets can be equivalent to software wallets to a certain extent.

The advantage is that it is simple to operate, easy to manage, and more suitable for entry-level users.

But the disadvantages are also obvious. Every transaction needs to be verified online, and data security cannot be guaranteed.

The well-known hot wallets in the market such as imToken, Maizi wallet, etc.

2, cold wallets generally refer to hardware wallets.

The private key of the cold wallet will never touch the network, and the private key will never enter the network. A hardware wallet is a special electronic device used to store encrypted assets. Its function is to store the private key in the internal chip. The private key never leaves the device, so it is very safe. Therefore, general hardware wallets are cold wallets.

Advantages: The private key is generated through the mnemonic, and is permanently retained inside the hardware wallet, so it will not be leaked, so the security is high.

Insufficient: It is not very convenient to use, it doesn’t matter if you receive it, as long as you provide an address. If so, connect the device to a computer or mobile phone. So it is not as convenient to use as a hot wallet.

The primary consideration when choosing to use a hardware wallet is security, so in general, if you want to truly protect your assets, you must prepare a hardware wallet.

At present, there is no hardware wallet with complete coverage of currencies in the market, but there is a blockchain wallet called TJ Wallet, which is the first safe and reliable Filecoin-supported software and hardware ecological wallet in China. Triple hardware encryption, supports mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, Filecoin, etc., and supports the expansion of all currencies, while taking into account convenience and security, it is a good blockchain wallet. The topic owner can pay attention to it~

㈥ Top 10 most secure blockchain wallets

With the rise of blockchain technology, various digital currencies have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. After seeing the popularity of Bitcoin, many investors also turned to the currency circle from the stock market and the real estate market. Playing coins and speculating coins are inseparable from blockchain wallets. To evaluate the quality of a blockchain wallet, the first and foremost is security. Nothing is more important than account security. The products in the top 10 most secure blockchain wallets list do just that, and convenience and speed are meaningless without security.
The most secure blockchain wallet list
1.Bitcoin core
4.Bitcoin wallet
5.Quick wallet
6 .Sia UI
7.Ledger Nano S
8.IDC Wallet
Bitcoin core is one of the earliest wallets and is currently the most mainstream wallet. Almost everyone who plays Bitcoin uses it. It is very functional and can query information such as blocks, transactions, public and private keys, etc. Moreover, Bitcoin core can also encrypt the wallet, which is very secure. However, Bitcoin core only supports the PC side, and it is a full-node wallet with a node size of 150GB, which requires high computer hard disk space.
Blockchain is also a wallet dedicated to Bitcoin. Its size is only 50M. Although it is a light wallet, it has many functions. It not only supports the storage of Ethereum and Bitcoin, but also comes with a mnemonic. Even if you forget all the ID and password, you can restore funds and transaction information through the mnemonic. However, Blockchain only supports ios devices on the mobile side, and users using Android or PC can only log in to the web version.
SafeWallet is the latest wallet launched in 2018, from the domestic Internet company Cheetah Mobile. The features of SafeWallet are the same as its name, with a three-layer solid defense system to protect your digital currency assets at all times. SafeWallet supports a lot of currencies, and it can be used by both ios and android users. However, this is only released overseas, and domestic users need “micro-approval” to use it.
Although the interface of Bitai Wallet is a little simple and has less functions, it combines the characteristics of cold wallet and hot wallet. It can not only be isolated from the network, but also perfectly protect the security of the private key, and it takes up less space and can be operated on the mobile phone. The cold mode protects the private key, and the hot mode sends and receives transactions, taking into account both security and convenience. Moreover, the development team of BitWallet attaches great importance to the user experience. As long as you give them feedback, they will be answered and solved.

㈦ Which blockchain wallet is the best and safest to use

I always use TokenPocket, safeThe performance is OK, it supports eleven bottom layers such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, eos, iost, Binance, etc., and the DApp in it should be the most abundant in the wallet. I can solve many problems with this wallet

(viii) How many kinds of blockchain wallets are there?

There are many kinds of wallets in the market. According to the platform, they can be divided into desktop wallets, mobile wallets, online wallets, hardware wallets and paper wallets; Divided into cold wallet and hot wallet; according to the degree of autonomy and interaction with the network, it can be divided into full node wallet, SPV light wallet and third-party wallet.
About the blockchain wallet, if it is specific to the tutorial introduction, you can check the wallet evaluation on Crypto Finance.

㈨ How much does it cost to develop a blockchain wallet

How much and how many days to develop a product depends on what kind of product you want to develop.
Product type: website, mobile APP, WeChat service account, WeChat applet, etc.
Product function: users log in to register, purchase and place an order
Only you can determine how much money and how much time you need if you plan the function details yourself.
Customized development is generally between one month and three months. complicated over 6 months.
The cost is also based on the development time. Simple thousands, expensive hundreds of thousands or millions, all depend on the complexity of your business functions.

㈩ What is the function of the blockchain wallet? Can you explain it?

The essence of the blockchain wallet is a private key, which is a random hash value character If you have the private key, you have the right to use the wallet. According to the private key storage method, it can be divided into: cold wallet and hot wallet
Cold wallet refers to the wallet that the network cannot access your private key, and it is usually recorded in a notebook, although the risk of hackers stealing the private key is avoided. , but may also be lost.
A hot wallet is a wallet that can be purchased on the Internet to access your private key. Hot wallets are often in the form of online wallets, which are not easy to lose, but are also risky.


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