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『One』Which stand-alone mobile phone games are more fun

Since work, I have rarely had time to sit down and play games for a few hours in peace. The stand-alone games on my phone Save more. The advantage of single-player games is that each game is not long, from a few minutes to ten minutes, and can be paused at any time. If you lose, you will not be very depressed. You can quickly invest in the next game to make up for the loss. After that, I felt unhappy for a while, so it is very suitable for office workers to fish.

Crowded City

This is a sailing game where an ambitious captain wants to challenge the whole world rules, set out to the Caribbean in search of treasure. In the process of finding treasure, on the one hand, you need to attack to expand the team, and on the other hand, you need to defend, which is lower than invasion. Therefore, the whole game revolves around the crew and equipment. In addition, the game also supports the war system, which is very interesting.

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