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⑴Terraria mining skills summary how to quickly find ore veins

It is best to be underground in ordinary terrain, the monsters in ordinary terrain are slightly weaker, the turtles and shooters in the snow are a bit painful, and the jungle The turtles and hunters and poisonous bees are very annoying, ordinary terrain appears a little, bats, skeletons, skeleton shooters, etc., the danger of rot, bloody, sacred land!

⑵ How to mine fast in Terraria qe

Drinking this potion also helps to select ore veins before mining
First, drink a bottle of prospecting potion, then Let’s go, and then explore the map as much as possible before the effect of the medicine disappears, and find more mineral vein locations.
If you are too lazy to find it, just drink a bottle of medicine and jump straight to the passage to hell (LZ tried it just now and found it A lot of gem mines that haven’t been explored before).
Or when you open up wasteland on a new map, it is also possible to directly explore the cave.
Once the effect of the medicine wears off, you can start at a comfortable pace Mining, drink potion if you need it (Dad, where do you get so many materials).
This method is especially useful after Roshan. It is difficult to find high-level ores. This method can greatly improve the speed of searching for ores. .

⑶ Terraria Mining Strategy

Summary 1. Hook Claw Shaft Mining Method

⑷ Terraria how to mine mining skills sharing

Terraria mining skills experience, good resources need to be found carefully. Whether it is the initial house or the upgrade of the weapon, it needs to be built on the basis of finding resources. Only when there are more resources can these things be built. So what should we pay attention to when mining, and how can we find them? resources, take a look at the introduction below.

Claw shaft digging method
Necessary tools
Vine whip (that is, ivy hook) or double hook
Any kind of pickaxe Or drills
Lots of wood or wooden platforms
Light sources
Wooden doors
Dig down a tunnel two or three blocks wide, laying a layer of wood at intervals Platforms, usually the next layer is laid when the previous layer of wooden platform just disappears off the screen. (It turns out to be unreliable, unless you have a lucky horseshoe to ignore the fall damage, otherwise it is better to be safe.)
This This dig method is very useful when searching for caves and underground jungles, as well as digging hells.
If you click fast enough, you can use inertia to climb quickly, but you need a lot of wood. (After 1.2 upgrade the rope looks like It is more effective in fast up and down)
If you want to reduce the use of wood and increase the digging speed, you can avoid laying wooden platforms, use lucky horseshoes to avoid falling damage, or bring a few buckets to make a two-block deep pool, fall into There will be no harm.
However, the pool must be opened above the hell layer, because the water in hell will evaporate
My dear, if you are satisfied with my answer, please accept it. If there is still something unclear, you can continue to communicate with me.

⑸ How does Terraria mine continuously automatically select the nearest block to mine, and the block to be dug must have a colored border.

The smart cursor in the game is turned on/off by the Ctrl key by default. In addition, the mode can be changed in the settings. After turning it on, it can automatically operate to mine blocks, chop down trees, remove walls, and place objects. block, etc. Terraria Raiders Station

⑹ Terraria how to discover ore veins and mining skills and practical techniques

Terraria mining/mining skills strategy detailed explanation http://news.4399 .com/gonglue/tailaruiya/xinde/m/517716.html

⑺ All Terraria ore maps and required pickaxes

Ores level order: Copper Ore- Tin Ore-Iron Ore-Lead Ore-Silver Ore-Urjin Ore-Gold Ore-Platinum Ore-Magic Ore-Blood Gold Ore-Meteorite Ore-Hellstone Ore-Cobalt Blue Ore-Palladium Ore-Mythril Ore -Orichalcum Ore (Vosteel)-Adamantite Ore-Titanium Ore-Chlorophyte Ore

The following is the ore illustration and price list:

(7) Terraria mining strategy pc extended reading:

“Terraria” game equipment prefix:

All in “Terraria” Weapons and trinkets for ‘s have random prefixes (or suffixes) when they are crafted, bought from NPCs, spawned in chests, or dropped. In the game, the grade and rarity (color) of the equipment are also expressed through the equipment prefix text. Players can change the prefix (rarity) of the equipment by reforging at the Goblin Tinkerer, and the color of the attributes of the equipment will also change accordingly.

The order of equipment levels from common to artifact is: gray, white, blue, green, orange, red, magenta, purple, light green, yellow, cyan.

Accessories reforging can increase defense, movement speed, and maximum mana.

Weapon Reforging has positive and negative effects. Up to 5 positive effects or 3 negative effects.

There are a total of 112 prefixes in the game that randomly appear during reforging.

parametersTest material: “Terraria” – Internet

⑻ Terraria Digging Skills How to Dig Fast in Terraria

1. Claw Shaft Digging Fatalaria Quick digging methods

Necessary tools: hooks, vine whips (that is, ivy hooks) or double hooks, any kind of pickaxe or drill, a lot of wood or wooden platforms, light sources, wooden doors

Dig down a tunnel two or three blocks wide, and lay down a layer of wooden platforms at intervals, usually the next layer just after the previous wooden platform disappears from the screen. (Facts It’s not very reliable, unless you have a lucky horseshoe to ignore the fall damage, otherwise it’s better to be safe.)

This dig method is very useful when searching for caves and underground jungles, and can also dig hell high speed.

If you click fast enough, you can use inertia to climb quickly, but you need a lot of wood. (The rope seems to be more effective in fast up and down after 1.2 upgrade)

⑼ How to get ore in “Terraria” Every character comes with a pickaxe, the weakest, of course you can mine good ore to make a better pickaxe. Mines are divided into several grades, according to their value. First, copper, iron, silver and gold (tin, lead, tungsten, and platinum), then meteorite, then magic gold (blood ore), then netherite (with netherite ore {can be mined from hell} and obsidian (water and lava), There is also a hell furnace, which can be found in hell,), followed by the new three ore (the new three ore needs to be mined at the first level, the first-level ore is synthesized as a drill bit, and the second-level ore is collected, and the second-level ore is collected and synthesized. The new anvil can be used as the next tool. After the second-level mining tool is completed, the third-level ore can be mined. After digging, a new furnace can be combined with the original furnace to synthesize the later ingots) and then the new three kings are dropped. Falling sacred ingots, synthetic drills go to the underground jungle to mine chlorophyll ingots, chlorogreen ingots can be combined with star souls (after Roshan {I don’t know if it is dropped after Plantera, forget} dungeon monsters drop) to synthesize ghost ingots, After synthesizing mushroom ingots with Luminous Mushrooms (you need special tools, you can buy them from Mushroom People), and then you will get Luminous Ingots dropped by Yuezong, which can be combined with the things dropped by the four pillars to synthesize tools for four occupations (in fact, they are all the same, but the shape is different.) Same). When mining, you can mine with a mining potion (that’s what it’s called) to let you know where the ore is. There are three levels of furnaces, the first level is the stone furnace, then the hell furnace, and then the one from the new three mines. There are still some big details that I don’t know.

⑽ How to mine fast in Terraria

If you are a novice, you usually have a mining potion [the pickaxe-shaped potion]
In the later stage , wouldn’t it be enough to be a Lanxiang excavator?


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