The big guy in the currency circle

(1) The real name of the currency circle boss reports tens of billions of bull stocks suspected of financial fraud, what legal responsibility does the company need to take for fraud

Then we all know that the reason why all companies can be in the society If they have existed for so long, they must be able to obtain greater profits, so that they can afford some of the social expenses or some investment of this enterprise. Then the real-name report of the tens of billions of bull stocks in the currency circle is suspected of financial fraud, then we all know that finance can be said to be a very important department of a company. Because it is related to profit settlement and taxation, what we are going to talk about today is what legal responsibility does a company need to bear if it is fraudulent?

Causes a very serious impact

Therefore, the responsibilities of the company’s fraud are actually very large, and in some cases, if it constitutes a crime, it will cause very serious consequences for people’s life. influence. Therefore, when we work under a company, or we are shareholders of this company, we must do things that are beneficial to our own company. It cannot be said that for the sake of a little profit, it will cause some damage to its own company, or even cause losses to the interests of other shareholders.

(2) Who invested in the GOKO exchange and which currency circles

The specifics are not clear, it is just a guess. At present, as a new exchange, according to the announcement on its official website, it has a strategic partnership with Golden Finance, Women’s Hero Blockchain, and Dimensionality Reduction Security when it debuted, and the first three all have the same figure in the currency circle, said Maybe this one is also invested by the same person.

(iii) The richest man in the currency circle invests 100 times in bitcoin. Bitcoin is like a stock. How does an ordinary person become a big man in the currency circle?

I think as an ordinary person, Don’t think about how to become a big boss in the currency circle, let alone invest in Bitcoin, because this is a very risky thing, and there is no need to put yourself into financial risks because of such a thing.

Many people will envy the skyrocketing rise of bitcoin, thinking that if they bought bitcoin, they would be a millionaire now, but there is no if in life, and there is no so-called regret medicine. The current price is very high, so just thinking about the future price of Bitcoin is a very immature investment concept.

Bitcoin down payment investment Bitcoin has benefited 100 times.

This news makes many people feel particularly excited. Many people will think that if they bought bitcoin at the beginning, they would have become a multi-millionaire now, but I think this kind of thinking is very naive, in other words , There are very few people who can achieve such achievements. What you don’t see are some very miserable people. They have failed to invest in Bitcoin and have caused financial crisis. At this time, you should also consider it.

㈣ Many bitcoin “mining farms” are shut down, whether the big guys in the currency circle are “doomed” or “reborn”

I personally think it is Doomed because Bitcoin mining is a very non-energy thing.

Because I have a certain understanding of digital currency before, and I have also participated in some digital currency speculation. Therefore, regarding the issue of bitcoin mining, I myself have a relatively neutral view. I will not forcibly oppose bitcoin mining, but such large-scale bitcoin mining will definitely affect our social development. The existence of such a mine is not supported.

There are basically no bitcoin mining farms in the country.

We can interpret this behavior as a one-size-fits-all measure, or as a very strict measure, although many people think this kind of measure is a bit reckless, but in my personal opinion, I think this kind of measure is very good , because Bitcoin mining itself is very power-intensive, it is difficult for us to imagine that the power consumption of Bitcoin mining for one year can reach the total annual power level of a medium country.

㈤ Who are the big guys in the garage coffee coin circle

Bao Erye’s real name Guo Hong is the leader of the garage coffee coin circle, and he leads a large number of Internet entrepreneurs from Zhongguancun are the mentors who entered the currency circle. In 2012 and 2013, Mr. Bao was drinking coffee in the garage every day in Zhongguancun Chuangye Street to make a precipitation for his own business. At that time, he assembled, Li Lin, Xu Mingxing, Li Xiaolai , Cai Wensheng, Xue Manzi, Zhao Dong, Du Jun, Ji Xiaowu, Ling Lianwei, Hu Zhensheng, Liu Hui, Fan Tianjiang, Zhao Guofeng, Peng Song, Shen Dahai, Tian Jia, Duan Lijun, etc., they are actually a bunch of people. Behind you are Liu Song, the CTO of YOU+, Wu Xing, the CEO of, Zhao Changyu, the investment VP of Tiantiantou, and Liu Junyan, the CEO of Huanxinyun, who all entered the currency circle in 2017 under the leadership of Bao Erye. Today is a legend.

㈥ Bitcoin’s market is not bad, do you have a senior currency circle, recommend a safe and reliable transaction?�Taiwan

I personally feel that Bixin Wallet is convenient to operate, and it is very suitable for exchanging experiences with other people.

㈦ Regarding the remarks that the post-90s bigwigs in the currency circle were investigated, what is Justin Sun’s response to this?

Justin Sun said that these contents are all lies of reporters, At the same time, it is believed that such behavior is non-existent.

Justin Sun is a very legendary figure, and everyone’s comments on Justin Sun are mixed. Some people will think that Justin Sun has made innovations in finance, and some people will think that Justin Sun is an out-and-out liar. To a certain extent, the character of Justin Sun itself is very controversial, and many people also think that the Tron operated by Justin Sun is a scam itself.

I. What’s going on here?

This matter is news about Justin Sun. Some netizens broke the news that Justin Sun is being investigated by the FBI, and the IRS is also conducting a series of investigations on Justin Sun’s tax information. After the news came out, many netizens were discussing various investment behaviors about Justin Sun. Everyone believes that Justin Sun does have a certain degree of fraud in various transactions, and he may even be suspected of money laundering.

㈧ Why do the big guys in the currency circle choose Japan?

On February 24, Xue Manzi mentioned it again in the “Three o’clock Mars Finance Learning and Growth Community” The Barbarian Coin will be issued, indicating that its Barbarian B&B will be made into a valuable distributed AirBnb.

This Barbarian B&B is located in Kyoto, Japan. It is said that 100 B&Bs have been purchased in four months, and the new target is 200. It is going to enter Osaka and Tokyo. This posture seems to be permanent in Japan.

Duanzishou said that Sanya was brought to a climax by the border control bosses, I don’t believe it; but I believe that Japan was brought to the climax by the currency circle, after all, they are experts. But what happens after the climax?

Maybe the ultimate answer can only be found in the three o’clock blockchain group who are proficient in history and philosophy.

㈨ What happened to the big guys in the currency circle

The blockchain, which is escorted by history and philosophy, has not subverted other industries, and its own Habitat has been the first to subvert.

The flag-bearers in the currency circle have already “transferred” to foreign countries one after another – just like the founder of Binance Zhao Changpeng, the first sister of the currency circle, He Yi, Xue Manzi, Bao Erye, etc.

And the best destination is Japan. At the same time, a news that dozens of people in the currency circle have been detained by the border began to circulate among people in the circle.

The next resident in Japan is Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance – Xue Manzi also visited his office.


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