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Ⅰ Are there any easy-to-understand books or articles about blockchain?

Blockchain and blockchain technology have been accepted and used by a wide range of people, but for blockchain And blockchain technology has always been half-understood, and even more ignorant of the working principle and operation of the blockchain. Maybe you have seen a lot of related reports, there are a lot of professional terms and terminology, but you are still not very clear. Here, Bit Window will explain it for you in a popular way.
Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm.
This is usually a summary of the profession we see in the reports, but what is the specific form?
First of all, no matter how big the system or how small the website is, there is usually a database behind it. So who maintains this database? In general, whoever is in charge of operating the network or system will maintain it.
If it is the WeChat database, it must be maintained by the Tencent team, and the Taobao database is maintained by the Ali team. Everyone must think that this method is justified, but blockchain technology is not the case.
Second, blockchain technology is also known as distributed ledger technology. That is, if we think of the database as a ledger: for example, Alipay is a typical ledger, and any data changes are ledger-based. The maintenance of the database can be considered as a very simple accounting method.
The same is true in the world of blockchain. Everyone in the blockchain system has the opportunity to participate in bookkeeping. The system will select the fastest and best person to book within ten seconds or ten minutes. This person will record the changes in the database and account books during this period. recorded in a block.
We can think of this block as a piece of paper. After the system confirms that the records are correct, it will link the data fingerprints of the past ledger to this piece of paper, and then send this piece of paper to everyone else in the system. . And then over and over again, the system looks for the next person to keep their books fast and well, and everyone else in the system gets a copy of the entire ledger.

Finally, since everyone (computer) has exactly the same ledger, and everyone (computer) has exactly equal rights, there will be no loss of contact or downtime due to a single person (computer), And cause the whole system to crash.
Since there is an identical ledger, it means that all data is open and transparent, and everyone can see what digital changes are on each account. Its very interesting feature is that the data in it cannot be tampered with. Because the system will automatically compare, it will consider that the account book with the same number and the largest number is the real account book, and a small number of account books with a different number from others are false books.
In this case, it doesn’t make sense for anyone to tamper with their own ledger, because unless you can tamper with most of the nodes in the entire system. If the entire system has only a few nodes, it may be easy to do, but if it is thousands of hundreds of thousands, and it is distributed anywhere on the Internet, unless one person can control most of the computers in the world, it is not very good. It is possible to tamper with such a large blockchain.
I don’t know if I can understand such a popular explanation?
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Ⅱ “Blockchain Encyclopedia: An Introduction to Bitcoin and Other Digital Currencies that Everyone Can Understand” epub Download online reading, ask for Baidu network disk cloud resources

“Blockchain Network Encyclopedia” (Sun Jian) ​​e-book online disk download free online reading

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Title: The Complete Book of Blockchain Network

Author: Sun Jian

Douban Score: 7.3

Publisher: Electronic Industry Press

Publication Year: 2018-8

Pages: 289

Content introduction:

The content structure of the whole book on the Internet, vivid cases and explanations, are enough to allow every reader to quickly and comprehensively understand the knowledge related to digital currencies such as blockchain and Bitcoin. A complete survival manual for blockchain and currency circles. The epee-free digital currency investment idea is also a guidebook for the Nuggets in the currency circle.

This book expounds the “past and present” of blockchain technology in simple and vivid language, and points out the inherent relationship between bitcoin and currency, including the development history of digital currency, blockchain technology and application solutions.Basic knowledge such as reading, the secrets of the blockchain communication circle, and managing your own digital wallet. In addition, it also fully disclosed the entire process of digital currency “mining” from the principle to the purchase and setup of mining machines, detailed the process and common sense of digital currency transactions, and demonstrated all the steps of a digital currency from generation to exchange. The process and details reveal various routines and scams in the name of digital currency.

This book hopes to allow more ordinary users to recognize the blockchain in a faster way. After reading this book, you will have a comprehensive understanding of blockchain and digital currencies such as Bitcoin, master basic investment concepts, identify common routines and scams, and stand at a higher cognitive starting point in the blockchain game. Find your place in the feast of technology and wealth.

About the author:

Sun Jian, a native of Nanjing, is a currency player. Good at community marketing, training, content dissemination and other fields. In 2015, he published the book “WeChat Marketing and Operation: Public Accounts, Wechat Business and We-Media Actual Combat Secrets”, which was well received. Currently devoted to the research and investment of blockchain and digital currency.

Ⅲ Virtual currency, blockchain, bitcoin, what is the routine in it?

Blockchain belongs to the underlying technology of bitcoin The sought-after features of “decentralization and non-tampering”,
Bitcoin is a digital currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, known as digital currency gold
Virtual currency is a currency without physical mapping, or it is not called Because currency has no purchasing power,

IV is learning about Bitcoin, but the blockchain does not understand, who can explain it in a simple way

The basic technology of Bitcoin is the block used The most successful application example of blockchain is Bitcoin. Blockchain is a technology and Bitcoin is a digital currency. This digital currency is implemented using blockchain technology. If you want to get bitcoin, you can mine or trade directly on the OKEx platform. If you still don’t understand, please feel free to ask questions.

Ⅳ Can you introduce some books about bitcoin and blockchain?

1. “Bitcoin White Paper: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic The Cash System,” by Satoshi Nakamoto. Read this white paper first and then consider other content.
2 “Fortran95 programming”, the author is Peng Guolun.
3 “Introduction to Fortran77 and 90/95 Programming”, the author is Ding Zejun.
4. “Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Society, and Economy”
5. “Inevitability,” by Kevin Kelly, mentions 12 inevitable trends for the next 20 years.
6. “Mastering Bitcoin”, this book will provide you with the necessary knowledge and guide you into the world of Bitcoin.
7. “Blockchain Revolution”, about how the underlying technology of Bitcoin changes currency, business and the world, by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott
8 .”Blockchain New Economic Blueprint and Introduction”, author Melanie Swan
9. “Blockchain: Quantum Wealth View”, author Han Feng/Zhang Xiaomei
10. “The Logic of Finance” “, by Chen Zhiwu. The work talks about the cultural and institutional genes of wealth in a simple way, so as to tell readers what the logic of finance is.
Related books include “Principles of Economics”, “Blockchain: Technology Drives Finance”, “Blockchain Revolution: How Bitcoin’s Underlying Technology Changes Currency, Business and the World”, “Blockchain Technology Guide”, “Illustration Zone” “Blockchain”, “How Blockchain Will Redefine the World”, “Digital Currency: Bitcoin Data Reporting and Operation Guide”, “Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society”, “The Age of Intelligence”, etc. To be honest, blockchain As a hot resource, there are still more. It is mainly about judgment (whether it is worthwhile) and action (to enter early).
Let’s recommend another blockchain-related APP, called Golden Finance, and recommend a public account, called Quante Online. The article is rich in information;

Ⅵ How to explain what is blockchain and what is bitcoin in a simple and easy-to-understand way

Tell me about the social or economic significance of blockchain. Many previous technologies were actually devoted to “productivity”, such as artificial intelligence, which is an improvement in productivity. The blockchain, on the other hand, has greatly improved the relationship of production, and it is dedicated to the relationship of production. So why do you say that?
Because the so-called production relationship is actually how to do business between people and business partners. And these things are originally in the process of people’s cognition of each other, and there is no special program to program or quantify it.
For example, if you and I are good friends now, we can do business. If someone provokes our relationship and we are not good friends, we will not do business. Even if we can make money in business, we will not do it. , because we no longer have any trust in each other.
As for the blockchain, it is actually because the data has been authenticated by various nodes and backed up at the same time, so my data,It is as real as possible and must not be tampered with, so in this case, if you trust my data, you can program a program on this basis, and then use these data to make business contracts and business cooperation. This “relationship of production” is programmed. In this way, everyone believes in the data and the program compiled by the algorithm, and because you believe in the data and the program, you can develop various APPs in this program. These APPs are the production relationship, which is what business you do. This is: the blockchain is actually a reconstruction of “production relations”.

VII What exactly is blockchain and how is it related to Bitcoin

Laikelib’s blockchain infrastructure operation team believes that blockchain technology can It is understood as a public accounting mechanism, which is more of a technical solution than a specific product. The basic idea is to establish a set of public ledgers on the Internet, and all users in the network jointly record and check accounts on the ledgers to ensure the authenticity and immutability of information. The reason why it is called the “block” chain is because the structure of the block chain to store data is a chain composed of “storage blocks” on the network, and each block contains all the information in the network within a certain period of time. Exchange data, the chain grows over time.
Blockchain and Bitcoin relationship: Bitcoin was once one of the most successful applications of blockchain technology. Specifically, the blockchain is a series of data blocks that are associated with cryptography, and each data block contains the information that multiple Bitcoin network transactions are validly confirmed. It can be said that Bitcoin is a “killer application” of blockchain ideas. Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, but its role is by no means limited to Bitcoin.

VIII Explain in detail what is “blockchain” and “bitcoin”

First of all, let me talk about my previous understanding of blockchain
For example, in a village I borrow money from you. Normally, if I am afraid that you will not repay the loan, I can find a middleman recognized by everyone, such as the village chief, as a guarantor and sign an IOU, so that if you default on your debt, I can find a The middleman proves that you really owe me money to ask for money, but there are 2 problems: 1. What if the village chief finds out that his long-lost son is colluding to cheat you for money, 2. What if the middleman dies on the spot the next day? manage! This involves issues of trust and security. If you use the blockchain method, it is the whole village (distributed) who will be the certifier for you, so that everyone knows about it, and the other party cannot default, and secondly, even if there are a small number of people or the village chief who deny it (some nodes do evil ) If you lose the IOU or tamper with the content, there will still be other people to use as a basis.
In the end, Bitcoin is the reward for recording this distributed ledger, and whoever is the first to help me record the ledger data will be rewarded with a Bitcoin


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