The cold wallet server cannot be connected

1. What’s the matter with the server unable to connect?

You can contact anyone who buys the server, and this service is free

2. What happened when the Jingdong wallet showed that it could not connect to the server?

If it is definitely a bank payment problem, you can re-pay, and there is another case where the bank payment is successful, and the amount is actually in the balance of the Jingdong wallet. Now, just pay with the package balance. See more answers

3. What’s the matter with the inability to connect to the server

1. The problem of network settings

This kind of reason more often occurs in the need to manually specify the IP, gateway, DNS server networking mode, and use a proxy server to access the Internet. Double-check your computer’s network settings.

Second, the problem of the DNS server

When IE cannot browse the web page, you can try to use the IP address to access it first. If it can be accessed, it should be the problem of DNS, causing The problem of DNS may be an error in obtaining DNS when connecting to the Internet or the problem of the DNS server itself. At this time, you can manually specify the DNS service (the address can be the DNS server address provided by your local ISP, or you can use the DNS server address that can be used normally in other places. ) in the properties of the network, (Control Panel – Network and Dial-Up Connection – Local Area Connection – Right-click Properties – TCP/IP Protocol – Properties – Use the following DNS server address). Different ISPs have different DNS addresses. Sometimes it is a problem with the router or network card, which cannot connect to the DNS service of the ISP. In this case, you can turn off the router for a while and then turn it on again, or reset the router.

4. Unable to connect to the server, how to solve it

Ping the server first to see if it can be connected. If there is no interception and no PING, the network problem, check each network connection link; if it passes, it is a system problem or an anti-virus software or firewall setting problem.

5. What should I do if the server cannot be connected?

Find the IDC service provider or contact the computer room to solve the problem. The server cannot be modified by remote users. It can only be operated if the server is configured with ipmi and other consoles. The authority of this kind of console is generally in the hands of the IDC service provider.
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6. Why can’t connect to the server, and how to solve it

This is Server problems, occasionally appear, you use the task manager to close the three files of LOL. Then log in to other regions, you will find that you can log in, and then log in to your own region.

7. Why does Huawei Wallet keep showing that it cannot connect to the server when adding a QuickPass card?

Reason: The signal is not good and network data cannot be obtained. Solution: 1. Use a nearby wifi to surf the Internet, and it will no longer be displayed. 2. Turn on the airplane mode, turn it off after a period of time, and then you can use it online. This problem is a network signal problem, not a hardware problem, so don’t worry. It’s not easy to answer, I hope it can help you, please accept it if you are satisfied, thank you

8. What is the reason for “Unable to connect to the server” or “Communication failed”

If the mobile phone surfs the Internet normally, and the mobile phone has not changed other settings, then this prompt should be a network problem. Please try the following:

1. Enter the mobile network settings–access point name- -Press the function key–reset to default settings
2. Check the network status, find an area with better network signal, and log in to Renren software again.
3. Enter the personal phone settings, and try to clear the Internet cache data .Part of the reason is that too much cached data on the mobile phone affects the network speed and causes the connection to the server to time out.
4. If you still cannot connect to the server, it is a local network problem, please try again later.

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