The Elder Scrolls 5 perspective cannot be zoomed for mining

A. The Elder Scrolls 5 battle status cannot be removed. Can’t mine, can’t use smithy, etc. The system prompts: it cannot be used in battle.

There is a dragon in the sky but it doesn’t fly down. The whole town will not pay attention to you until the dragon is killed or the dragon flies away. Or you have brought some wild monsters nearby, and the monsters are stuck in the stone pile and can’t move, then this is also the case. Look for Sao Nian and kill it.

B. The Elder Scrolls 5 has a problem with the angle of view

It’s very simple, the action is stuck, you probably have installed some camera mods, butt-twisting mods, dancing mods or something. The actions you download do not have the special actions required by the game, such as the stabbing action of the Dawnguard and the upstairs action of the Dragonborn Mushroom House. If there is no action, you will be stuck like this.
If you want to be normal, delete the files in date/maches/achive and make a backup.

C. The Elder Scrolls 5 perspective cannot be switched.

Is there any display hand It is tied up, and some cannot switch the perspective. If not, it may be a game bug, try re-installation or re-download the game

D. The Elder Scrolls 5 cannot be mined

You can go out to Skyrim and then go back to the place where you mine, then go out again.

E. The Elder Scrolls 5 suddenly can’t mine, just tap the E key to mine source, and then how about E mine source There is no response.

Try to dig another mine?
Sometimes I try to mine in a battle state, but I can’t mine, and I still can’t mine after the battle; Also fixed

F. The Elder Scrolls 5 camera angle issue. After completing the mission of Awakening from a Nightmare, the camera angle changes to the first person, and no matter you press f or the mouse wheel, you cannot switch to the third one.

Did you become a werewolf in the comrade-in-arms group before doing this mission? Task? And the first person can’t see the weapon that he has drawn? If so, just change the bloodline to Vampire Lord.

G. The Elder Scrolls 5 camera can’t zoom anymore! !

Try this
1. Go dig a mine (yes, you heard that right, remember to bring a hoe)
2. Console TFC when mining
3. TFC after digging is finished

H. The Elder Scrolls 5 cannot adjust the viewing angle after using sexlab

to mine, the console tfc during mining and then tfc will be OK . () Just learned, now share

I. The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim cannot adjust the viewing angle

It is a bug, very simple, you can try to open the backpack and read the Elder Scrolls (blood ) or look at the book of black, (provided you have it), the perspective will be solved, if not, just read the file repeatedly and use various codes (related to the perspective).

The background time of the game is set 200 years after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in the Skyrim province of the Empire of Man. Players will take on the role of the legendary Dragonborn and embark on a journey against Alduin, the world-eater dragon. In addition, there are various branch lines and hidden tasks such as the civil war in the sky, the magic artifact, the underground relics, and the organization of forces, with a huge world view and a high degree of freedom.

There are four basic career settings in the game: Warrior, Assassin, Archer and Mage. The career setting does not limit the player’s protagonist training direction. In the game, soldiers can cast magic, and assassins can also dance their hands. Axe, mage can also hold a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, and there are also cases of double repairs or even more repairs in the game. At the beginning of the game, after choosing to activate the Runestone Totem, one of the four major occupations, the related skills can be improved by 20% faster.

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