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A. Which is the best EMBA executive class and how to choose it

I. Look at the course content

The executive class should choose the course that suits you, and choose the training that is conducive to the development of the enterprise Classes, targeted selection can better refine the experience of absorbing the teacher’s point of view, so as to apply it in business management.

Second, look at the strength of the teachers

The quality of the president’s class depends on the teachers, the service of the institution, and the level of the students. These are all very important. Good directly affects what you absorb is just whether the knowledge is good or not. Whether the service of the institution is good or not directly affects your experience of the service in the course of the class, and the arrangement of the curriculum system is just inappropriate.

Three, network resources

The level of the students directly determines whether the resources shared by the class are good or not. So it is very important to choose the right president class.

B. What is the Tsingtao emba president class

Tsingtao emba president class is Tsingtao edp training class, edp (Executive Development Programs), the senior manager development course, Chinese Means Senior Manager Training and Development Center. It is a set of targeted short-term intensive courses based on the specific characteristics of modern companies and enterprises, aiming to meet the learning needs of corporate senior managers for shorter and more targeted management courses.

The training time and course content of this project are determined according to specific needs. The content can focus on general management skills or knowledge and skills in a specific management field, such as business strategy, financial management, leadership Art, development and management of human resources, production and operation management, international marketing management, etc.


Tsinghua University President Class is a management training program for senior managers such as presidents, directors, and general managers of major enterprises across the country. Inviting well-known experts in the industry to give lectures will combine theory and practice. If you want to improve your quality and quickly learn the essence, the President’s Class will be a good place for you. Now many well-known universities in China choose to offer such a class. of a training course.

Of course, the Tsinghua University President’s Class has different positions, industries, and course settings for different students, and the tuition fees are naturally different. Therefore, those who want to apply for the President’s class must choose the most suitable course according to their own situation, and don’t be greedy for the cheap, so that the maximum effect of the President’s class can be exerted, and you can also get the benefits you expect.

C. What is the tuition fee for the EMBA executive class

The EMBA executive class can be said to be very cost-effective. Compared with the EMBA degree class, it enjoys basically the same learning modules, roughly the same teaching staff, and has The same high-end network resources, but the tuition fee is one-sixth or even one-tenth of the EMBA degree class.

Advantages of the EMBA President’s Class:

First, high-end contacts

The President’s class can be said to be a course specially aimed at corporate presidents, managers and other senior executives, bringing together all over the world Industry elites who have become lifelong friends while learning.

Second, learning knowledge

The course usually invites industry leaders and experts to give lectures, or its curriculum is unique.

Three, famous school resources

Strong famous school brand effect, high social recognition. For example, the President’s Class of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University’s President’s Class, Shanghai Jiaotong University’s President’s Class, etc. While studying, you can also experience the profound cultural heritage of the school, which is also a precious and rare cultural resource .

Fourth, mentors and friends

Professors and industry professionals have rich knowledge and can answer questions. Not only to break through their own limitations in the academic field, but also to use scientific methods to improve themselves.

V. Charging

Time is a big cost. The EMBA President Class condenses the essence of the EMBA course, analyzes actual cases, and focuses on powerful practical courses. The EMBA President’s Class is a good place to recharge for those who are short on time.

Times Huashang upgraded the Mba training class to “Excellent Management MBA Class”, creating a dual growth line growth model for managers: using management to improve professional lines, creating comprehensive management talents, and improving management rank; using management tools and application lines , to create high-quality management talents who apply what they have learned and integrate knowledge and action.

D. How about the EMBA executive class of Jiaotong University, it is said to be good, but I see that there are a lot of executive classes of Jiaotong University on the Internet, but I don’t know which one is.

Shanghai Jiaotong University is not bad, you have to check it on the official website.
EMBA stands for Executive Master of Business Administration. It is generally regarded in the business world as a stepping stone for promotion to the management level. At present, many world-renowned universities have established business schools to provide relevant courses for professionals. The main goal of EMBA education is to comprehensively cultivate the entrepreneurial quality of the in-service senior management personnel of the enterprise, and improve the in-service senior management of the enterprise.�The decision-making ability of personnel to formulate long-term plans, coordinate the overall situation, and comprehensively solve problems.
EMBA application requirements
Have a bachelor’s degree or above in the national education sequence, and have eight or more years of full-time work experience after graduation, including 4 or more years of management work experience. Current senior managers of large-scale enterprises.
EMBA application process
Applicants must submit complete application materials (including application form and relevant certificates, recommendation letters from two experts or unit supervisors, and an essay discussing business management issues based on the situation of the company For self-proposed papers, students should provide the organizational chart of their company when applying for the exam, so that the college can clearly understand the position level and management authority of the students). Admissions institutions form examination committees to conduct qualification review and examinations, and select the best for admission.
EMBA entrance examination is a combination of written test and interview. Both the written test and the interview are organized by each training unit.

E. How/reliable is the EMBA President Class of Times Huashang

I personally feel that it is reliable, and systematic study can master the advanced management decisions and methods at home and abroad in a short period of time. Modern enterprise strategic management, with the ability to formulate enterprise development strategies in domestic and foreign economic and social environments. You can also participate in class development activities, learn more practical and practical methods and tools to use, and solve the management problems of small and medium-sized private enterprises. All in all, the harvest is not bad!

F. How to choose the Shanghai EMBA Presidential Executive Class

There are many choices for the Shanghai EMBA Presidential Class, I can share with you some.
First of all, you need to look at the brand, whether it has word of mouth and has a degree of trust
Secondly, whether it is a real brand, there are many brands in the society but not in reality, the easiest way is to see if they are directly to this school.
The third is the teachers, whether there are strong teachers
The fourth is the reputation of the previous students.
I personally think that the Shanghai Jiaotong University EMBA President’s Class is not bad, and the time is relatively long. It has been held since 2008.
021-60649766, Mr. Wen.
I have been studying for 12 years, and it has been several years. At that time, this teacher helped to introduce the course, which was very good.

How to choose the G. emba president class

Who is the president class for?

Business managers who are busy and have precious time, but pay attention to learning efficiency!

For entrepreneurs with lofty ambitions and willing to accept challenges!

For passionate innovators with entrepreneurial ideals!

Small and medium-sized private enterprises in southern China can learn a lot of business case analysis, actual combat simulation, teamwork and actual combat inspection through the course of “Times Huashang President’s Senior MBA Course Seminar”, so as to improve their performance. Management level and comprehensive quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and calmly face the opportunities and challenges brought by the economy.

Course arrangement:

  • Enterprise Strategic Management——[Enterprise Strategic Management, Business Model Design and Innovation, Enterprise Change and Management Innovation, Company Governance and Equity Incentive]

  • talent strategic planning——[human capital development and corporate talent strategy, building high-performance teams, corporate culture construction, and the way companies recognize and employ people]

  • Financial management and capital strategy – [financial management for decision makers, investment and financing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises, investment and financial planning]

  • Marketing Management and Competitive Strategy——[Marketing Management, Internet Marketing Winning Thinking, Brand Strategy——Brand Management Model in the Capital Age]

  • Promotion of Excellent Leadership——【 Win-win leadership, the art of entrepreneurial communication and management]

  • Comprehensive operation and management——[Using process replication, a new model of enterprise management in the Internet era, and the management of enterprise project management Tao, business decision-making sand table simulation]

Teacher introduction:

  • Zhang Yiwu: management training expert, China’s top ten outstanding training Teacher

  • Dong Quan: Visiting Scholar of Peking University, Senior Researcher of Institute of Contemporary Corporate Culture, Peking University

  • Huo Zhenxian: Tsinghua University Distinguished lecturer of the president class of many colleges and universities, member of Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants

  • Pan Cheng: Enterprise Research Expert, International Certified Management Consultant

  • Liang Yajie: Famous human resources management expert, Vice President of Human Resources Asia Pacific of Johnson Controls, a Fortune 500 company

  • Qiu Hongchang: Professor of the Institute of Technology Management, Tsinghua University, Hsinchu, Executive Chairman of China Marketing Science Annual Conference (Beijing)

  • Liu Yuesong: Senior Practical Trainer, Sand Table Training Expert

  • Ding Zhiguo: Professor of Finance at the Business School of Jilin University, Keynote Speaker of “Finance Classroom” of CCTV Economic Channel (CCTV-2)

  • Zhang Jiawei: Master of Business Administration, Renmin University of China, Psychology PhD, independent studiesAuthor

  • Wang Hanjun: Founder of Chinese Enterprise Balance Quantitative Management Theory, Chinese Consumer Research/Brand Building Expert

  • Fang Yongfei: Founder of Co-Creation Association, Times Guanghua, Chairman of Co-Creation Capital

  • Cui Kai: Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Management, Partner of Peking University Zongheng Management Consulting Group

  • Ma Yongbin: a famous expert in corporate governance and equity incentives, an expert in mergers and acquisitions and business models

  • Zhang Li: a well-known expert in strategic marketing, business model Research Expert

  • Yu Hongbo: Researcher of Peking University Traditional Culture and Modern Management Research Office, Distinguished Professor of Peking University School of Economics

Forum Mentors: Ma Yun, Yu Minhong, Li Zhaoxing, Zhou Guoping, Fan Gang, Bi Shumin, Wei Jianguo, Lang Xianping, Feng Lun, Xiang Songzuo, Fan Deng, Han Sheng

Learning Course: Opening Ceremony, Expansion Melting, Classroom Learning, Entrepreneur Success Forum, Happy Reading Club, Speech Club, Private Board of Directors, Dialogue with Famous Enterprises, Study Tour at Home and Abroad, Mutual Visits of Classmates and Enterprises, Sports Meeting, New Year’s Party, Closing Tour, Closing Ceremony

Each There are a small number of free trial courses for masters every month. For more details, please click: web link

How long does the H. EMBA President’s Class take?

This is a degree-scoring class and a training class. Degree Classes are basically two and a half years.

I. What are the admission requirements for the EMBA Executive Class? What are the tuition fees?

The key themes of different institutions are different. The number of applicants and the registration time vary for different courses. This is not a degree education. Candidates do not have to go through a hard study preparation process. Candidates who meet the admission criteria can study directly. knowledge, the school will notify those candidates who have been admitted.

The requirements for enrolling in the EMBA Executive Class are as follows:

First of all, you need to have a college degree (including a big book) or above, and have more than 5 years of senior management experience in companies.

Second, obtain a college degree or above (including college degree or above), and have more than eight years of business management experience; or hold a senior management position in the company, with outstanding performance and relevant personnel recognized by the society.

Third, third corporate and institutional managers with a certificate of completion or a master’s degree from a prestigious university (EMBA, MBA) are preferred.

The main course of the EMBA Executive Class is that the course is very targeted and practical. How to manage your business, how to empower yourself, learning is not boring. The way of class is basically on-the-job learning for 12-18 months, 2 days per month, and concentrated on weekends (in principle, two lectures or activities are arranged per month);

The tuition fee for the EMBA President’s class is generally 50,000 to 500,000 between yuan. Prices vary for each institution.

Times Huashang upgraded the EMBA president class to “super president class”, focusing on business, management, operation, organization and future insights, and condensed the five directions of entrepreneurial ability improvement, half of which Courses are taught in the “training workshop” mode, and application solutions are produced while learning.

J. Which is the best EMBA class?

The EMBA classes in schools like Renmin University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, etc. are all very good. Among them, the Renmin University EMBA is the most recognized, because they are first-class in terms of teachers, alumni resources, courses, services, etc., and the price is very affordable! I heard that you can get a 100,000 scholarship by studying in Bo&#8205 business recently! 100,000!


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