The graphics card after mining occasionally does not respond

① Why does the graphics card mining always stop?

Mining is to use a computer assembled with an AMD graphics card, download a dedicated bitcoin computing tool, and then register various cooperative websites to transfer registered users Fill in the name and password into the calculation program, and then click the calculation to officially start. An act of mining bitcoins in this way.
Bitcoin™ (BitCoin) is a virtual currency in the form of P2P, which is generated by a large number of calculations of a specific algorithm, and is not a currency in circulation in the traditional sense.

At the beginning, Jingying’s HD7870 went crazy when it was mining Bitcoin.

② The graphics card is not responding, and it will show that it has been repaired again in the lower right corner. Seek a solution

This is a problem with the operating system and a setting problem. Win7 system will automatically convert between 2D and 3D to save energy and reduce power consumption. It can be solved by setting it in the NV graphics console. Don’t worry, it is definitely not a hardware problem, nor is it a graphics card driver problem. This is how my computer solved it. But I forgot the exact steps. That computer is in the unit and can tell you the specific steps on Monday at the latest.
Probably the setting method is: you open the console of the NV graphics card, set it in the 3D options, and set the software or game running when the problem occurs to “maximum performance” or “minimum power management” (remember Can’t remember), or set everything to “maximum performance” or “least power management” (can’t remember), I just set everything. This may cost a little electricity.

③ Win7 often shows the words “The graphics card driver is not responding and has been successfully restored”

What is going wrong? This is not the case, this is the phenomenon of losing the driver. In other words, some new cards also have this phenomenon. This is generally a card problem. Sometimes it can be solved by changing the driver. If it cannot be solved, it is better to plan the next graphics card.

④ Has the graphics card miner ever crashed, dropped calls, etc.

In general, press the three keys ctrl+alt+delete.
The specific operation method is as follows:
1. Determine that the machine is in a crash state. The state method is the NumLock key of the key, and see if the Num light will change state as the key is pressed. If it does not change, then it is in a dead state.
2. If it is already in a crash state, press the ctrl and alt keys with your left hand, and then press the delete key with your right hand while keeping it pressed.
3. The system will restart at this time.

⑤ The graphics card driver stops working after mining. Is this normal?

1. Uninstall the graphics card driver, download and install it from the official website again
2. Reinstall the system After the motherboard driver is good, go to the official website to download the corresponding graphics card driver
3. Replace the power supply with high rated power consumption or other power supply
4. It is very likely that the graphics card is broken, it is recommended to contact the seller or after-sales personnel for testing Repair

⑥ The graphics card driver is always unresponsive, which leads to the crash.

Hello, I will give you a simple solution
Install and open “Driver Life 2012” on the computer Click Driver-Driver Management-Driver Uninstall-Uninstall the graphics card driver- and then restart
(or manually delete all graphics card drivers and files on the current computer, as well as the universal driver, be sure to delete it first)
Restart If the system prompts you to install the graphics card driver, you can click Driver Life to update and install the driver.
The main driver conflict causes
If the cleaning and updating does not solve the problem, try changing a few more drivers.

Open Driver Life 2012 Driver-Driver Management-Driver Update-Graphics Driver-
There are drivers of different dates and versions, you can try a few more by yourself, there will always be a suitable one for your computer

If it still doesn’t work, click “Driver Life 2012” – repair the computer – have a special person to remotely repair it I know, what should I do if mining with 6 graphics cards is unstable and often crashes?

I feel that the power supply is small. Do you have 6 same graphics cards? According to the full negative 350w, 6 should be more than 2000w power supply. The crash is the performance of insufficient power.

⑧ The graphics card driver does not respond. Seek solutions

Have you watched videos online such as Youku? If yes, then it is useless to reinstall the driver. This is because the plug-in of the flash player conflicts with the new driver of the NVIDIA graphics card. The symptom is that the video is green screen or the graphics card does not respond when playing the video. The solution is to install a software such as The 10-year-old version of the driver, your graphics card is not too new, just use the old driver

⑨ A few days ago, I took the graphics card to mine and dig it for a night, and it didn’t work. Is the graphics card with the screen black and bright for a while broken?

The memory card exploded, the temperature was too high, and there was wear and tear?

⑩ Ask for advice on graphics cards that have not been affected by miners recently

Almost all high-end graphics cards are affected. GTX1060, 1070, 1080, 1080TI have been takengo mining.
Only the new GTX1070TI, gtx1050 series, gt1030 and older GTX900 GTX700 or earlier graphics cards are not affected, because these cards are too inefficient for mining. . .
A card is basically affected, all RX400 series, all RX500 series (except RX550), R9 290 series, R9 380 series, R9 280 series and earlier HD7900 series. The older cards were the last time, around 2012, when there was a mining turmoil, which involved HD7900 HD6900 HD5970 5800 series cards. The new RX VEGA series has little impact.


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