The influence of the metaverse on people’s healthy life

⑴What is contained in the concept of the metaverse and how does it affect ordinary people?

The metaverse is the technology that connects the virtual and the real, and it can change the way we live.
The term metaverse comes from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”. It is a brand-new technology that uses VR, AR, MR and other modern technology to create a virtual, digital digital integrated with the real world. platform. In it people can disconnect from reality and do anything that cannot be done in reality. With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the concept of Metaverse is gradually being understood by people. Facebook, a famous social platform company, has also changed its name to Meta, hoping to complete the transformation from a social company to a Metaverse company.

1. The influence of the metaverse on people.

The emergence of the metaverse gives us more hope for future life. Although this technology is still far from success, human beings are always in the process of continuous exploration and feel the beauty of the world.

2 Talk about the metaverse you understand

First of all, we need to understand what the concept of the metaverse is. Metaverse is a collection of virtual time and space. It is a virtual world that is linked and created by scientific and technological means, mapping and interacting with the real world, and a digital living space with a new social system. So let me talk about what I know about the metaverse.

First, the source of the concept of the metaverse.

Eight key features of the metaverse: Identity, Friends, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety ), Anywhere (anywhere), Economy (economy), Civility (civilization).

Each feature has a path that it can implement. There are three realization paths: ① Immersion and superposition. The representative of the immersive path is VR technology; ② Radical and progressive. The path to the metaverse has always been radical and gradual; ③ open and closed. The path of the metaverse also has two relationships, open and closed.

Summary: This is all my understanding of the metaverse. In the real world, most of us work and are called laborers. With the entry into the metaverse era, most people are not working, and a small number of people are doing the work of innovating, creating and commanding robots, so most people will change from laborers to play workers in the metaverse era, and have entertainment in the metaverse. play to further generate economic value. This is the logic of capitalization in the metaverse. So the development of the metaverse is very necessary.

⑶ What does Metaverse mean

Metaverse means:

The term Metaverse was born in 1992 The science-fiction novel “Avalanche,” which depicts a sprawling virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status, still describes a world ahead of its time.

A more recognized source of thought about the “metaverse” is the American mathematician and computer expert Professor Verno Vinge, who creatively conceived the idea in his novel “Real Names” published in 1981. A virtual world where you can enter and gain sensory experience through a brain-computer interface.

Related industries:

From the perspective of enterprises, Metaverse is still in the initial stage of industry development, whether it is the underlying technology or application scenarios , there is still a big gap compared with the mature form in the future, but this also means that the metaverse-related industries have a huge space for expansion.

Therefore, digital technology giants with multiple advantages want to hold on to the market, and start-ups in the digital technology field must make arrangements in advance to gain the opportunity to overtake in corners, or even add code yuan universe track.

⑷ How will the metaverse change our lives? What should ordinary people prepare for?

How will the metaverse change our lives? What should we do? In fact, there are still a small number of people who understand the metaverse, but I don’t know why the concept of the metaverse suddenly became popular. In the face of a relatively futuristic metaverse, perhaps technology is the main driving force. Next, let’s introduce the metaverse. !

  • I. The concept of the metaverse

In view of the fact that many people do not know much about the metaverse, the concept of the metaverse comes from a novel, it means The extended version of virtual reality, that is, as an interface connecting the real and virtual worlds, is more advanced than AR. Later, the concept of the metaverse was also mentioned in the movie. Even the founder of Facebook was very interested in the metaverse, and firmly believed that the potential of the future metaverse was infinite.


How do you all view the concept of the metaverse? Feel free to leave a message in the comment area at any time!

⑸ The mighty Metaverse, what exactly is it?

The most popular topic on the Internet recently is the Metaverse, so this mightyThe big metaverse, what is it?

Not only some technology companies have deployed the Metaverse, but Barbados has also become the first country in the Metaverse to have an embassy.

The current wind direction of the metaverse is very big, but this stage is like a cake, and major technology companies are trying to get a piece of the pie. For ordinary people, the metaverse doesn’t have any impact on our lives, and it won’t have any impact on our lives.

Said at the end

Some people regard the Metaverse as a cake, some people think that the Metaverse is evil, and for ordinary people, they are carefully cut leeks. No matter how this era develops or develops, we are all part of it.

⑹ What is the explanation of the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is essentially the process of virtualizing and digitizing the real world, which requires content production, economic system, user experience And the physical world content has undergone a lot of transformation.

The term metaverse originated in the 1992 science fiction novel Avalanche, which depicted a sprawling virtual reality world where people were controlled by digital avatars and competed with each other to improve their status , Up to now, the description is still ahead of the future world.

Characteristic attributes

The metaverse given by Roblox contains eight elements: identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversity, anytime, anywhere, economy systems and civilizations. There are many elements, and behind each element, there is a series of explanations. In short, one sentence is not clear, which just shows the ambiguity of this concept.

Professor Shen Yang from the School of Journalism, Tsinghua University pointed out that, on the one hand, what is lacking in reality needs to be filled in the virtual world; on the other hand, what do people do in the virtual world have any effect on the real world? Feedback effect. However, from the perspective of human development history, the balance between the virtual and the real will become more and more difficult.

⑺ Will the metaverse have an impact on real life?

It will have an impact on real life. In the next few years, it may not be necessary to do offline work. Anything, normal life can be accomplished through the Metaverse.

People today don’t have a very clear understanding of the metaverse, and some people don’t even agree with the business model of the metaverse, but in fact the metaverse not only contains buildings and roads around the world, even objects, but also Contains the human way of thinking.

1. Features of the Metaverse

With the help of the network and artificial intelligence, human identities can be virtualized, and some game scenarios can also be based on human choices And changes, the plot and the ending will also change according to people’s consciousness, people can fully integrate into the plot, and in the world of the metaverse, there can be an economic system corresponding to each person.

We hope that in the next few years, Metaverse can really bring convenience to people, and at the same time of updating, it can bring consumers a better experience and change people’s daily life. Life.

⑻ How does the People’s Daily comment on the “Metaverse”

The People’s Daily hopes that everyone can view the Metaverse with a more rational attitude.

While everyone is discussing the metaverse, many deceptions based on the concept of the metaverse have actually been bred. It is precisely for this reason that the People’s Daily will comment on the Metaverse, and I hope everyone can increase their awareness of fraud prevention and try not to blindly trace the so-called Metaverse.

1. People’s Daily commented on Metaverse.

The concept of the metaverse has spread to the ears of many people. For those who like to accept new things, many people may already know the metaverse in advance. At the same time, it is precisely because the concept of the metaverse is very popular that the People’s Daily also commented on the metaverse, saying that although the concept of the metaverse is very good, the current technical conditions are not mature. People’s Daily also calls on everyone to look at the metaverse objectively. The development of the universe, it is best not to blindly hype the concept of the metaverse.


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