The mini world lets villagers work and mine

❶ How to turn villagers into miners in mini worlds

[Preparation materials]

Witchcraft bone hammer, bonfire, torch , raw meat (raw chicken leg, raw pork, raw steak, raw lamb leg), bread

Get a savage companion

Okay, the above is how to tame savages in the mini world, I hope it can help everyone.

❷ How to mine the diamond mine in the mini world.

First of all, by switching the angle of view, it is found that there is a diamond in the magma! ! !
First lay a walkable path on the magma around the diamond, then find the corresponding position, take out the prepared push-pull mechanical arm and switch and place it on the top of the hole directly above the diamond mine (as shown in the picture)
/>ps: Use the “wrench” to light up the five-pointed star on the robotic arm (as shown in the picture)
Then turn on the switch, and push and pull the robotic arm to catch the diamond mine! This step is a bit difficult, because the location of the diamond mine is not so good for me, and I usually have to fish several times to fish up the diamond in this way of survival. Be patient~
Turn off the switch, and the diamond mine will be fished. Get up! Collect it with a drill!
It can not only save the beloved diamond, but also experience the feeling of a “monopoly” in the mine, isn’t it cool~ From now on, mining is no longer boring~

❸ Pay attention to these points in the mini world mining strategy

Bring good tools, weapons, torches, pay attention to the magma, you can hear the sound of magma nearby

❹ 《 How to mine in Mini World?

The picture below shows the 7 most basic ores in the mini world, as shown in the picture below, from left to right are Coal→Iron→Gold→Aquamarine→ Malachite → calcium carbide → diamond A better posture is to dig a trapezoid, which is convenient for going up and down. While digging, you may encounter magma. If you accidentally fall into the magma, it will be oufe. Now we introduce another faster way.

First prepare the tools: a bucket of water, a mining tool, and a torch. Mini World Quick Mining Details

Find the place you want to dig, first dig a block, and then fill with water.

❻ How the Farmer Works in the latest version of Mini World

It can now be set to work automatically, so you don’t need to do it manually, bring him to the territory Over there, then yes, it can automatically go to work. , if you are satisfied with the answer? Accept the words, and wish you a happy life!

❼ How to let villagers go home by themselves and mining problems in minecraft

Villagers are just NPCs, all actions are automatically encountered without mods The kind of zombies that run away when they encounter danger is like running in the house and can’t control it. If they don’t go back, it means that there is something blocking or the ground of the house is more than two blocks above the ground. If you play Survival for a long time, it is normal for the villagers to die. The way to prevent the villagers from dying is to not live with the villagers, build a house next to the village, and don’t get too close to the village and the villagers will not die.
As for mining, you can just dig it yourself after you find the mine. As for minecarts, it is a tasteless item in survival mode. A minecart needs a lot of iron, and if you don’t use redstone, the speed of the minecart is still low. It’s not walking fast, so I don’t recommend making minecart railways or something, unless there is too much iron to run out, you can build it for fun.
Also, when mining, you can press f3 at home and remember the coordinates. After mining, you will not get lost when you go to the coordinates.

It’s pure hand play, hope to accept it! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

❽ How to mine in the mini world

There are many important minerals in the mini world, so how to mine quickly? Iron Bone Net brings you fast mining in the mini world, let’s take a look~

How to mine fast in the mini world

First, prepare the tools: a bucket of water, A mining tool, torch

Find where you want to dig, dig a block first, then fill it with water.

Continue to dig down. When the digging is almost out of oxygen, dig two squares in any direction forward, backward, left, right, and replenish the oxygen.

If it is dark, you can also place a torch above the two squares for lighting.

Until you reach the bottom, or reach the destination (such as finding a dungeon). When the water encounters the mine, it will continue to flow down, and the water column will flow and spread around the place where the water contacts.

If you want to go up, just swim up directly, but the process may be a little slow, but when you want to go down next time, you are not afraid of falling to your death.

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