The Orcs :Orc themed NFTs

About The Project

THE ORCS is a collection of 8888 unique hand-drawn Orcs with 500+ attributes living on Solana Blockchain.

Each artwork is original, highly detailed, and carries a piece of our own artist. Our artist is obsessed with fantasy-themed
ideas and his imagination simply exceeds any praise.

Each Orc is unique and holding one or more grants you access to many privileges and rewards.

They getting ready to conquer the Earth. Will they succeed?

Play-to-earn Trading Card Game

Collect NFT and TOKENS to unlock rewards.
You will have the option to fight alone or with a team during scheduled battles and contests with prizes.
Connect your Phantom wallet and enter into the game. Choose your Orc and pick the preferred battle mode.
You will be able to access the lair and check your Orcs collection.

The Legendary Orcs

20 Legendary Orcs will be minted randomly, any Holders of the Legendary Orcs will get $500 monthly for
one year! But that’s not all. Each of them has privileges and rewards. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

The Holder of the ORC ELON MUSK will get the keys to a Tesla Plaid
The Holder of the ORC SOL WHALE with the symbols of SOL will receive 100 SOL
The Holder of the ORC ETH WHALE with the symbols of ETH will receive 1 ETH
The Holder of the ORC BTC WHALE with the symbols of BTC will receive 0.1 BTC

Other privileges and rewards will be revealed later


For the first time, a secret laboratory was able to conduct an experiment that lasted 120 years.
Scientists were able to implant the DNA of four species of ancient humans:
Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon, Australopithecus and Flores man into a mutated genome.

The result was surprisingly solid, giant creatures were born with strong abilities to do hard work and run for beer.
Laboratory scientists labeled them Orcs and were already anticipating huge profits from these creatures.
But something went wrong.

Because of a mistake made by a young lab technician, 8.888 Orcs broke free, furiously destroying the lab, their
creators, and the liquor supply in the basement. For a long time, Orcs lived in underground catacombs and evolved,
adopting from humans their worst habits: alcoholism, indifference, and mortgage lending.

Orcs founded their own metropolis and named it OrcLand.
The colony has then divided into four Factions.

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