The Prospect of Blockchain Research Institute

1. What is the prospect of the blockchain and where is the future?

Prospect: A series of actions at the national level in China, it is enough to say that the global blockchain standard will be dominated by China in the future and become China’s very important A big goal is that after China has lost the right to speak on the Internet, it can no longer miss the right to speak of the blockchain. At present, apart from the United States, China has the most blockchain projects. As early as 2019, it was reported that China has mastered two-thirds of the world’s encryption computing power, and the “Cryptography Law” that China has voted on is also a careful layout of China’s mastery of blockchain standards. This is an inevitable outcome in the near future. This means that if Chinese college students participate in the construction of this field, they will be able to catch the ride of national policies, participate in the construction of the world’s top industries, and become the main force in the construction of this industry!
Future judgment: With the support of national policies, there is no doubt that the frenzied pursuit of the capital market will follow. In fact, this can refer to the development process of the Internet. Any emerging sunrise industry will become the object of capital pursuit. How capital competed for the Internet at the beginning, and now it will stage the same blockbuster drama.
It is widely recognized that the biggest application scenario of the blockchain is the financial industry, because with the birth of the blockchain, the biggest attribute is the financial attribute. The use of blockchain technology in the government affairs system can solve many difficulties in handling affairs, the information is not circulated, and it saves more costs and time. Therefore, the first pilot in these two industries is also in line with the characteristics and needs of the blockchain.
In addition, with the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, in addition to these two industries, blockchain will quickly penetrate into all walks of life and solve industry pain points, such as: game industry, solve the problem of game asset property rights; manufacturing industry, to solve the problem of supply of fake brands; medical industry, to solve the problem of medical file exchange; financial industry, to solve the problem of fast cross-border payment; students with a financial background will be the first group to enjoy the industry employment bonus, and then follow As the technology matures, students regardless of their professional background will be able to participate. However, students with traditional professional backgrounds also seriously lack the relevant knowledge of blockchain. If they want to enjoy the dividends, they must supplement the knowledge of blockchain.

2. What is the prospect of blockchain technology

What is the prospect of blockchain technology? The following content is only personal experience and opinion, for reference and learning only.

I have been in contact with the blockchain industry for many years, and have my own views and understanding from its ups and downs. I personally think that blockchain technology is still very good. The reasons are as follows:

1. Blockchain technology is a rookie after the Internet. The Internet is information transmission, while the blockchain is value exchange. The development trend of the blockchain is similar to the development of the Internet;

Second, the blockchain has experienced great winds and waves, and there are still many blockchain explorers and practitioners in the industry after being widely ambiguity Make continuous efforts and efforts;

Three, with the attention of the country and countries to the blockchain industry, governments all over the country have established blockchain development funds to promote the development of the local blockchain industry, thereby Occupy the high ground of the blockchain industry;

Fourth, the Internet of Everything is the future development trend. Facing the growing demand for the right of the Internet of Things ecosystem, the computing power of the central server is severely challenged, and decentralization has become a The key to cracking this puzzle.

The above content is only a point of view, and it still requires specific analysis of specific issues. After all, practice is the only criterion for testing truth.

3. What is the future development prospect of blockchain technology?

Blockchain is a technology, “the simplest and most popular, blockchain technology is everyone Bookkeeping, or distributed ledger.”
In the Internet era, behind every system there is a database, which can be regarded as a large ledger. In the past, the person who maintained the system was responsible for managing the database and recording users’ records. Behavior, that is, bookkeeping, and the blockchain is “decentralized”, which allows every member of the system to participate in it. Not only does everyone keep accounts, but through links, everyone can have a complete ledger.
“Blockchain is essentially a collective recording method. The special thing is that it uses a set of technologies ingeniously to realize the authenticity and reliability of the recorded results, which are difficult to destroy or tamper with.” Zhang Xiaorong said, ” First, everyone has the right to record and authenticate each other to distinguish between true and false, which is called a consensus mechanism; second, no one can tamper with records because they have cryptographic signatures; third, everyone has a copy, so even if there is a ledger If it is damaged, the whole will not be affected. This is called distributed storage. The information recorded in this way is presented in blocks according to the time chain, so it is called blockchain.”
Represented by Bitcoin.The various encrypted digital currencies of �� are originally an application of blockchain technology, which can be described as the 1.0 version of the blockchain. However, around 2014, the industry began to realize the important value of blockchain technology, and blockchain was gradually separated from digital currency and applied to various fields of economy and society other than digital currency.
Broad application prospects
Blockchain technology is considered to be a disruptive innovation after steam engines, electricity, and the Internet. If steam engines and electricity have liberated productivity, and the Internet has changed the way information is transmitted, then blockchain, as a machine for constructing trust, will likely change the way of value transmission.
For example, in the financial field, the cost of reconciliation, clearing, and settlement between financial institutions, especially cross-border financial institutions, has always been high, and there are complex manual processes. Blockchain technology has the ability of data immutability and traceability. Its application can help reduce the cost of reconciliation and dispute resolution between financial institutions, significantly improve the processing speed and efficiency of payment business, and make small cross-border payments possible. In December 2017, China Merchants Bank completed the transfer of RMB positions from Hong Kong Wing Lung Bank to Wing Lung Bank Shenzhen Branch. This is the world’s first inter-bank cross-border RMB clearing business based on blockchain technology.
In addition, according to the “China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper 2016” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the application of blockchain has been extended to medical and health, education, charity, social management and other fields. . From the perspective of the cultural industry, the protection of intellectual property rights has always been a pain point in the industry due to the low cost of reproduction, high cost of rights protection, and difficulty in producing evidence. With the blockchain, the records of the production, dissemination, and transactions of cultural products are authentic, transparent, credible and verifiable, and the problem is easily solved.
Zhang Xiaorong said that blockchain technology solves two major problems in the digital economy era: first, the flow direction is visible, and the second is zero trust cost. In the past, the circulation of physical banknotes was invisible, but the flow of all digital assets has a “chain” to check. Yang Yanchao, a researcher at the Intellectual Property Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, also believes that the biggest advantage of blockchain is that it truly completes the construction of credit in an anonymous society, bringing new opportunities to many fields, thus making various innovative applications possible.
A long way to go for future development
In terms of technology promotion, blockchain does not have too many barriers, which has been confirmed in the global Bitcoin practice, and its main resistance still comes from conceptual and implementation obstacles.
“On the one hand, society may be very concerned about the ‘naked’ state in the blockchain. The blockchain builds a ‘Skynet’ for the business community, and the company’s economic activities are all recorded, so there is no It is a secret, such business strategies may not be implemented under the blockchain.”
“On the other hand, the current legal system lags behind the development of information technology, how does the emerging blockchain technology place in the law Research needs to be carried out under the supervision of the government,” Duan Yongchao said.
The core of the blockchain is decentralization, which will have an impact on the central management model formed by the society for a long time. In addition to the law, how to establish a regulatory environment that can promote the application of blockchain technology, so that the technology can benefit the society and not be used for evil, is also an urgent problem to be solved.

4. What is the development prospect of the blockchain

The prospect of the blockchain is very good, one is supported by the state, you know about the projects planned by the state~ the other It is the needs of the society. For example, the blockchain is now used in many important fields such as justice and finance. The efficiency of work has been greatly improved, and it can also make up for previous loopholes. If you want to enter the blockchain enterprise, it is still very possible. You can pay more attention to this well-developed enterprise in China, such as Qulian Technology, which focuses on the research and development of the underlying basic platform. Hope it helps you.

5. What is the future development prospect of blockchain technology?

The five major aspects of the blockchain industry’s growth potential promote the healthy development of technology. Basic overview of blockchain analysis Blockchain (Blockchain) As a technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database in a decentralized manner, technology has the characteristics of decentralization, tamper-proof, and high scalability. It is becoming another technology after big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies Emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on the future are expected to drive mankind from the information Internet era to the value Internet era. Some countries and regions in the United States, Japan and the European Union have raised the development of blockchain as an important national development strategy, and vigorously promoted the research and development and application of blockchain technology. my country also attaches great importance to blockchain technology innovation and industrial development. With the joint participation of IT and other enterprises, a large number of new enterprises, new products, new models, and new applications have emerged. The application in other industries is gradually expanding and is becoming a driving force.�An important force for industry technology product innovation and industrial change. The development of blockchain is divided into three stages, namely, the encrypted digital currency represented by Bitcoin and the blockchain 1.0 of related financial infrastructure applications, and the blockchain 2.0 represented by smart contracts. The blockchain 3.0 stage of the in-depth application of blockchain technology and more complex smart contracts. Statistical analysis of blockchain investment and financing in the first half of the year Since 2016, the frequency and amount of investment and financing in my country’s blockchain field have increased sharply. According to the statistics of the “In-depth Analysis Report on Business Model Innovation and Investment Opportunities in the Blockchain Industry” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in the first half of 2018, the financing amount in the blockchain field was about 10.7 billion, a year-on-year growth rate of 1426 million over the same period in 2017. %; The number of investment and financing events in the blockchain field has reached 205, and it is expected that the investment in the blockchain field will usher in another peak this year. Judging from the distribution of investment and financing rounds in China’s blockchain field, the investment rounds in the start-up stage (before the B round) accounted for more than 95%. Many industry pioneers participated in the investment, and most companies are still racing. From 2014 to the first half of 2018, the blockchain investment and financing statistics and growth data source: Qianzhan Industry Research Institute compiled the statistical analysis of the establishment and registered capital of Chinese blockchain enterprises. In 2013 and before, the blockchain registered in my country There are only 26 related enterprises. In 2016, there were 116 registered blockchain companies, 158 in 2017, and 52 from January to the end of June 2018. In terms of registered capital, there are 26 blockchain enterprises in my country with registered capital of less than 1 million yuan, accounting for about 6%; 197 enterprises with registered capital between 1 million yuan and 9.99 million yuan, accounting for about 46% %; There are 171 companies with registered capital between 10 million yuan and 100 million yuan, accounting for about 40%; 31 companies with more than 100 million yuan, accounting for about 7%. 2013-2018 January-June 2018 China’s blockchain enterprises established enterprises and registered capital statistics Data source: Qianzhan Industry Research Institute sorted out the geographical distribution of China’s blockchain enterprises and field statistics. Among the chain enterprises, there are 385 enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Jiangsu, accounting for 90% of the total. Among them, Beijing has the largest number of enterprises, accounting for about 37% of the country. In terms of industry fields, my country’s blockchain enterprises are mainly distributed in the fields of finance, underlying public chains, enterprise services, technical solutions, data services, medical health, Internet of Things, transportation, and games. Among them, 91 companies are engaged in the financial field, accounting for more than 21%. China’s blockchain enterprise field distribution statistics Data source: Prospective Industry Research Institute organizes the development and application of blockchain technology that my country attaches great importance to. Driven by multiple forces such as policies, technologies, and markets, the pace of blockchain innovation has continued to accelerate, and it has been deeply integrated with technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. The scope of exploration and application has also shifted from digital assets to supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing, The industrial Internet, social welfare, copyright protection and other fields are extended and expanded. Five aspects to promote the healthy development of blockchain technology and promote the high-quality development of the digital economy 1. In-depth research and grasp of blockchain technology and industrial development trends. Pay close attention to the frontier trends of international development, jointly promote the research of blockchain-related technologies and industries, promote the standardization of industry behaviors for the development of blockchain, and create a favorable development environment. 2. Strengthen the construction of core technology capabilities of blockchain. Establish and improve the collaborative promotion mechanism between key enterprises, colleges and universities, and research institutions, guide IT enterprises to strengthen technical reserves, accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies, and improve blockchain performance, efficiency, and security. 3. Support entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of blockchain Encourage blockchain enterprises and user units to carry out cross-border integration, guide industry organizations to establish public service platforms, support third-party institutions to carry out blockchain service evaluation and testing, and promote the enrichment of blockchain. Industry applications, serving the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. 4. Actively build and improve the blockchain standard system, accelerate the development and application of key standards, and gradually build a perfect standard system. Actively connect with international standards organizations such as ITU and ISO, substantially participate in more international standardization work, and actively contribute more “Chinese power”. 5. Accelerate the improvement of the blockchain development policy environment to support qualified enterprises to carry out application innovation and model innovation, and guide and encourage enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to jointly cultivate professionals required for blockchain development. Support eligible blockchain enterprises to enjoy preferential tax policies for the development of the software industry and small and medium-sized enterprises. The industry scale is small but the growth potential is huge. The blockchain economy is currently on the eve of the outbreak. The financial industry has a relatively wide range of applications, and applications in other industries have also entered the stage of exploration and development. It is estimated that between 2017 and 2022, the direct market value of blockchain will grow from $410 million to $7.68 billion

6. What progress has Binance Blockchain Research made

2020 only Within a year, Binance Blockchain Research Institute has established close relationships with more than 20 partners andSet up projects. We have also seen many companies cooperate with Binance Blockchain Research Institute to jointly promote the progress of blockchain.

7. Where is the prospect of blockchain

If the 1.0 stage of blockchain application is the virtual currency represented by Bitcoin, and 2.0 is applied in the financial industry, Then the 3.0 stage will serve the real economy.

On April 11, at the Boao Forum for Asia, Yi Gang, governor of the People’s Bank of China, said that he is studying how to use the positive energy of digital currency to better serve the real economy. “Generally speaking, our supervision of virtual currency is very strict.” Yi Gang said.

A day ago, Sheng Songcheng, counselor of the People’s Bank of China and executive vice president of the China-Europe Lujiazui Institute of International Finance, also said that serving the real economy is the future of blockchain. “If the blockchain and virtual currency are combined, and the blockchain is mainly focused on virtual currency, I don’t think the blockchain will have a future.” Sheng Songcheng said.

Li Lihui, head of the blockchain research working group of China Mutual Finance Association and former president of Bank of China, believes that the future development direction of blockchain is large-scale application. In his view, how to achieve large-scale applications depends on four things: efficiency, cost, reliability and safety, and system.

Zhu Min, who used to be the deputy governor of the Bank of China, the central bank and the vice president of the IMF, and is currently the dean of the National Institute of Finance of Tsinghua University, said at the Boao Forum: “When talking about blockchain, we must first It is not a concept to separate blockchain and bitcoin. As a technology, I think blockchain is revolutionary and infinite in the future. Blockchain technology will have great application prospects in the future, and the future is very good. Yes.”

“The combination of blockchain and virtual currency has no future”

As early as 2014, Sheng Songcheng published an article in authoritative journals, from the origin and In essence, virtual currency is not currency in nature.

In his view, if virtual currency is inundated, monetary policy cannot be implemented, and monetary policy is one of the main means for macroeconomic regulation and control in countries around the world.

According to him, when virtual currency first came out, the attitudes of central banks around it were not uniform. “But until now, we have basically unified views, at least we don’t recognize it as a currency, because it will hinder the implementation of the entire monetary policy.” Sheng Songcheng said.

As early as November 20, 2013, Yi Gang, who was also the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China at the time, first talked about Bitcoin on a forum. At the time, he said that from the perspective of the central bank, it is impossible to recognize the legality of Bitcoin in the near future. However, he also believes that Bitcoin transactions, as a kind of buying and selling behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate.

At that time, Yi Gang’s statement was interpreted as good news by some bitcoin investors. They believed that although the regulatory authorities did not recognize the legality of bitcoin, they did not characterize it as illegal, and would not directly Interfere with Bitcoin transactions. But what is unexpected is that the price of Bitcoin once fell to 4,150 yuan the next day, almost halving.

8. What is the development of Binance Blockchain Research Institute?

In the field of real industry, Binance China Blockchain Research Institute cooperates with a number of listed companies, and it is reasonable Develop the application expansion of physical industry and the application of blockchain digitization in the industry, and reach a strategic cooperation with “China Business Beidou”, focusing on application research in supply chain + blockchain.

9. What is the future of blockchain

In December 2016, the State Council issued the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Informatization”, which included blockchain in the plan for the first time. To promote the development of blockchain technology in China. The country is currently affirming the blockchain technology itself, and it is developing vigorously. Some first-tier cities such as Beijing, Plaza, and Shenzhen also have strong support policies for individual blockchain projects. The maximum amount of support for a single project in Beijing is not more than 5 million yuan, Guangzhou is not more than 3 million yuan, and Shenzhen is not more than 2 million yuan. On April 9, the “China Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park” was officially launched, and the first batch of ten blockchain technology-based projects were successfully signed collectively. The meeting also announced the establishment of the “Xiong’an Global Blockchain Ten Billion Innovation Fund” and the establishment of the “Zhejiang Xiong’an Blockchain Strategic Development Research Institute”.


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