The reason for the doge fire

A. What does the doge emoji mean

Doge is used to mean funny in chat.

Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, the dog is called “doge”. Since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and emoticons to express “” Funny” means.

In April 2013, doge became popular after appearing on 4chan. The reason for its popularity is also very simple: doge combines the cute image of the cute Shiba Inu with a deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjection.

At the end of 2013, this picture of Shiba Inu was widely circulated, and doge unexpectedly reposted it on Reddit (the largest online community in the United States) and Tumblr (light blog). It became popular and eventually appeared on the blog “Shiba Confessions”, which is this Shiba with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

The popular pictures on the Internet are mostly simple English with pictures of Shiba Inu and Comic Sans font, often appearing with representative words such as “very”, “so”, “wow”, or PS of Shiba Inu’s facial features. On other objects, sometimes the Shiba Inu’s face is changed with PS to make it look more like a human expression to achieve the effect of “contrasting cuteness”.

The video site YouTube has also followed this trend and made an Easter egg specially for doge. When you search for doge meme on YouTube, the search result page will turn into Comic sans font and the text will turn into color.

What does B. doge mean

(Western America) solitary calf, no calf

C. Is the doge still hot?

Dodge is still hot in the US and Europe. Almost in China.

D. What is the terrier of this dog and how did it become popular

This dog is the legendary dog, and doge
is Japanese A Shiba Inu, because many people think this dog’s expression is very annoying and spiritual, so many people ps it, those p pictures are the reason why the annoying dog is popular

E. Why is Dogecoin translated as “Dogecoin”

First of all this word is composed of three acronyms
e…electronic electronic
is a kind of electronic virtual currency.
As for the translation into Dogecoin, I guess one is the reason why it should be a dog, and the other is because Chinese culture likes to use redundancies, which are cute and easy to remember

F. What does “/doge” mean in QQ?

This emoticon is adapted from the god annoying dog doge (although doge means the governor of the republic, it is not here).

Dogecoin has its own set of strategies. It does not follow the path of making money in Bitcoin, but makes good use of the “tipping culture” in the United States. Dogecoin quickly became popular, surging to $8 million in market cap within two weeks. According to data from Coinmarketcap, Dogecoin has jumped to the seventh largest electronic currency in the world.

(6) Reasons for doge’s fire Extended reading:

Australian marketer Jackson Palmer imitated Bitcoin and launched “Dogecoin” (Dogecoin), And use doge’s dog head as a logo. In just a few weeks, the encrypted electronic currency “Dogecoin” with the image of this cute Shiba Inu has also become an instant hit, and has developed from an accidental joke to one of the virtual currencies that cannot be underestimated on the Internet.

Different from the traditional currency with the image of the queen or the late president, Dogecoin has the image of the Shiba Inu printed on the currency, and the image is very funny. Dogecoin not only frequently appears in mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Business Week, Business Insider, and Washington Business Journal, but also has a group of users who are optimistic about its value.

G. What does doge in the bullet screen mean

” is just an emoji, you can search for it. This emoji is popular because many netizens keep The expression of this Shiba Inu, referred to as mental pollution, everyone thought it was very interesting and used it”
Simply put, it is the expression pack of that Shiba Inu

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