The stable currency USDN on the Waves chain has suffered a serious de-anchor, and has fallen by 15% in the last 24 hours

On April 4th, according to Chainlink data, USDN, the stable currency on the Waves chain, suffered a severe de-anchor, and fell by 15% in the last 24 hours. The fuse may be derived from a new proposal on Vires Finance that proposes to temporarily lower the liquidation threshold for Waves and USDN lending to 0.1%, and proposes to limit the maximum borrowing APR to 40%. It is understood that if the proposal passes, basically every user needs to repay with WAVES, USDN and EURN within 7 days, otherwise they will face liquidation. Its founder, Sasha Ivanov, blamed Alamenda for shorting, and said that Alamenda’s account had asked them to lend 1 million Waves for shorting, and FTX asked for $1.5 million for native Token integration. SBF responded that it was a fabrication. (coindesk)

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