The TRON project party locks up the fund pool trx coins

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Do not make a lot of money, or make a big loss
Will TRON make money and the second largest ether in market value (ETH) fell 15% to a price of $1,119 at press time, leaving a market cap of only $12.8 billion.
The logic of the TRON chain is to earn revenue coins in the intraday market, lock the contract address, the off-market circulation is greatly reduced, the supply and demand continue to rise, and the currency price will definitely rise. The secondary market is a hematopoietic bank and does not participate in the TRON chain. Just go to the secondary market and give it to those who participate in the TRON chain.
The number of coins entered into trx: 1% daily, except for the 10% direct push and the 5% flat tai management fee, the rest are deposited in the contract address, this model shatters all the funds Put it in the market and distribute it slowly, including the time of dividends for each person is different, there is no return mechanism, there will be no centralized run, and the strong inner loop locks every participant.
There are many ways to earn income from long-term investments in TRON, and there are several reasons why TRON is valuable. First of all, the main problem that TRON is solving has the potential to become a huge industry, in addition to that, the team behind the TRON chain is very famous, and the team is good at promotion and marketing. TRON is also technically very powerful and can provide practical solutions for large-scale commercial applications.

❷ What currency is trx

Trx is the TRON currency and the official token that drives the TRON network. TRON will be used as a universal currency for the global entertainment network. The credit platform marks the entertainment behavior of users through trx, and finally shares the credit data to the applications of the entire TRON network.

Trx (Tronix) is the official legal token of TRON, responsible for the communication and circulation of all virtual currencies in the world in TRON.

TRON is an open source decentralized content entertainment protocol based on blockchain. TRON is committed to using blockchain and distributed storage technology to build a global free content entertainment system. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data, and through the form of decentralized autonomy, the distribution, subscription, and push of digital assets determine the distribution, subscription, and push of digital assets to empower content creators, forming a decentralized content entertainment ecology.

Expansion information
The characteristics of TRON include that the content is not constrained by the platform, and has absolute ownership of the content created by itself; the current decentralized content publishing is changed to distributed content publishing; it has a large number of active People are a product that can meet the needs of a specific group of people.

1. In fact, everyone is familiar with bitcoin in virtual currency. The concept of bitcoin was first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 on November 1, 2000, and on January 3, 2009. officially born. Bitcoin is not issued by a specific monetary institution, but is generated by a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm.
There are only 21 million bitcoins that can be circulated around the world, bought and sold on any computer connected to the internet. Anyone can mine, buy, sell or collect bitcoins, no matter where you are. However, Bitcoin is not allowed to be traded in China, and its price is very high, around $10,000 a single.
RX, as a rising star, is being recognized by more institutions and individuals, and TRON’s strategic direction of building a decentralized ecosystem also highlights its advantages in the bear market.

2. On July 18, 2019, the first-tier exchange Huobi Global opened the ALTS ? trading area and launched the BTT/TRX trading pair. TRX is the first encrypted digital currency trading area after BTC and ETH (in addition to platform ecological tokens and stable currencies).
Subsequently, on September 4, 2019, Binance, the main exchange announced the addition of TRX-based trading pairs in the ALTS market, and opened BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX on September 4, 2019 at 18336000 (Hong Kong time) trading pair.

3. The opening of the trading area not only means that the liquidity of TRX is further improved, but also means that TRX with currency attributes is being accepted and recognized by more people as a hard currency in the encrypted world.

In addition, the main projects of BTT and trading zone TRX ?WIN are decentralized DApps developed based on TRON DApps. Those developed by TRON public chain can not only enjoy technical support, but also open up the TRX ecosystem, which will help Improve the liquidity of DapToken and form an ecological synergy based on TRX and TRX. It is conceivable that in the future, better DApps based on the TRON network will be registered in the secondary market, and the intrinsic value of TRON’s token TRX will continue to increase with the growth of the ecosystem. It remains to be seen whether TRX will become the next hard currency for digital assets.

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