The world’s largest bitcoin exchange in 2022, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange

The world’s largest bitcoin exchange in 2022, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, to say that bitcoin trading has become popular in the world, and there are thousands of bitcoin exchanges in the world. Now, so many newcomers to exchanges will definitely choose a good one. Let’s learn about the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in 2022 and the world’s largest bitcoin exchange.

By what method can the first place be selected from the 1000 bitcoin exchanges:

1, popularity

Is a trading platform good? In fact, it can be learned from its popularity, for example: when you see the chatting process of investing in bitcoin in some groups, you will talk about the top trading platform in the industry;

2, formal

Bitcoin trading platform must choose a formal platform, because an informal platform may cause you to lose your own funds. For example, some informal platforms may go bankrupt or fail to open within two days of opening. At this time If you still have coins on the platform or the funds have not been withdrawn, then this loss can only be borne by yourself.

3, fiat currency transactions

The first thing to consider when buying bitcoin is convenience.

Choose a good exchange from 3 directions, Minyi has sorted out the top three exchanges in the world:

[1] Binance Binance
Binance Binance It is a trading platform established by former okcoin co-founder Zhao Changpeng in 2017. Relatively speaking, it was established relatively late. Although it has not been established for a long time, after several years of development, with its excellent operation, it is a surging currency. The circle has gained a firm foothold and has become one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges at home and abroad. Whether it is a smooth trading experience, multi-language and multi-platform coverage, and powerful product experience, Binance has won a good reputation.
The 94 incident in 2017 hit Huobi and OKEx, and at the same time, Binance seized the opportunity. Since the USDT trading pair was already enabled at that time, Binance escaped the regulatory blow, resulting in a large number of domestic and overseas users who could not trade in the Binance market, laying the foundation for the direction of Binance’s international development. . Overall, Binance is a truly international exchange with users from all over the world. Moreover, whether it is black or red, it cannot be denied that Binance He Yi has done a good job in brand marketing.
Binance Spot Fee: 0.1% for pending orders, 0.1% for takers;
Binance Futures: 0.02% for pending orders, 0.04% for takers;
Maximum daily trading volume in January 2022: 300000000USDT

[2] Huobi
Huobi, founded by Li Lin in 2013, has always been one of the old exchanges in China, and there are still many loyal fans of Huobi. In 2016, together with Bitcoin China and Okcoin, it was called the three major Bitcoin exchanges, because it mainly trades Bitcoin and Litecoin, and there are no other altcoins. Also started trading various altcoins in 2017.
The top trading platform in the past two years has a relatively good brand maintenance, and there is little controversy in the circle. It is rumored that the relationship between Huobi and the official is relatively good among the three major exchanges. In 2019, the founder was invited to participate in the World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen as a blockchain representative. There are also more and more types of contract transactions, and basically one platform can meet almost all investment needs.
Huobi spot fees: 0.2% for pending orders, 0.2% for takers;
Huobi futures fees: 0.02% for pending orders, 0.03% for takers;
The highest daily trading volume in January 2022 : 200000000USDT

[3] Ouyi OKEx Exchange
The okcoin exchange established in 2013 is similar to Huobi, and belongs to an earlier group. The founder Xu Mingxing, okcoin was renamed Oubi in 2017 Easy OKEx, known for its contract trading in the early days, is the first among the three major exchanges to open contract trading, and is gradually moving closer to the direction of contracts in the development process. Now it is also a large-scale comprehensive trading model. trading platform.
In 2019, it settled in Hainan together with Huobi, becoming a member of the International Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone. Its strength should not be underestimated. But since “contract” is the main selling point of OKEx, the drawbacks are also obvious. One of the most criticized is the frequent occurrence of “pins”. At the same time, the platform has also been rumored many times because of the issue of “transaction rollback”, and the market is very controversial.
Ouyi Ouyi OKEx spot handling fee: 0.1% for pending orders, 0.15% for taker orders;
Ouyi OKex contract procedures.��: 0.02% for pending orders, 0.05% for taker orders;
The highest daily trading volume in January 2022: 2.60000000USDT

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