The worst official doge in history

❶What is doge?

In the second half of 2013, “dog jokes” appeared on the Internet in the United States, which nonsensically hit some Americans with very low and strange laughter, And some boring people also specially concocted the noun “Doge”.
Not long after, a market speculator in Australia, Jackson Palmer, smirked after seeing the joke of a boring dog when he was studying the market speculation. So he wrote a joke: Come and invest in “Dogecoin”, I firmly believe that this is a big opportunity in the future!
Therefore, a very unserious virtual currency such as Dogecoin appeared, which can only be traded on a small number of trading platforms.
However, there is a saying widely circulated in the international virtual currency player circle: “Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is Silver, Infinitecoin is Copper”, which means “Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is Silver, Infinitecoin is Copper”.
This judgment of industry insiders is enough to show that, in addition to the most sought-after Bitcoin, Litecoin and Infinite Coin, Dogecoin is also a dazzling, insincere, and stealing phenomenon with many others. Serious virtual currency is not optimistic, it can be said that the prospects are bleak.
Dogecoins, which cost essentially zero after only 2 weeks of launch, once reached a high of $400 per Dogecoin. However, the current price of each Dogecoin has plummeted to $0.0005, which is more than 1/700,000th of the current price. The speculative market bubble of Dogecoin is huge, and the speculative leverage of unscrupulous speculators is high. After unscrupulous speculators trapped a large number of blind Dogecoin buyers at a height of more than 700,000 times, they withdrew their funds and ignored it.
All buyers who intend to buy Dogecoin and other mainstream virtual currencies with sufficient capital injection and less bubbles except Bitcoin, Litecoin and Infinite Coin, should pay special attention to such speculators, especially It is a low-level deceptive trick of American speculators. Don’t be blindly used by speculators to squeeze your hard-earned hard-earned money.

❷ It is best to have a set of this annoying dog emoji.

Well, you can search the Internet for an annoying dog emoticon package to download and use. No more pictures are allowed here.

❸ Which exchange to buy dogezilla on

dogezilla to buy on AOFEX exchange in London, UK. You can buy DOGEZILLA, which is very popular recently. Can buy BNB mentioned TP wallet.
1. We will launch DogeZilla Vault, a secure verification platform to privatize the human flesh search process in the crypto world. For the first time, developers will be able to submit proof of identity privately, gaining community trust. The DogeZilla Vault was created to prevent the spread of scams around the world. Our Vault verification process allows developers to be privately fleshed out and build trust in the community.
2. Our contracts have a proven track history from CMC listing generation b with a lunar landing rate of over 7,000,000%! We will strive to emulate and surpass their achievements! All 63 functions in our contract are whitelisted, follow safe mode and pass the anti-rug test.
Extension information:
1. Definition of an exchange
An information platform for trading certain information and items, etc., requires a fixed location called an exchange. The exchange, with the help of the information platform, realizes the sharing of property rights information, remote transactions, unified coordination, and balances the property rights trading market and various terms. A market for securities trading or commodity block trading, which can be either spot or futures. Usually divided into stock exchanges and commodity exchanges. Whereas stocks, corporate bonds, etc. as trading objects are called securities exchanges; those with bulk commodities (such as cotton, wheat, etc.) as trading objects are called commodity exchanges.
2. Centralized exchanges under high pressure
1. In response to regulatory policy requirements, exchanges with domestic backgrounds: Huobi, Binance, okex, BiKi, BitMart stopped the registration of new users in mainland China and KYC. Among them, Huobi Global issued an announcement saying that in response to the requirements of local government regulatory policies, the registration of new users in mainland China has been stopped on September 24, 2021, and the identity authentication is for existing users in mainland China. Before 24:00 on UTC+8 (UTC+8), the orderly clearing will be completed on the premise of ensuring the safety of user assets. The specific clearing rules will be notified to users through announcements, emails, in-site letters and text messages.
2. BiKi will clear the existing users in an orderly manner on the premise of ensuring asset safety and sufficient processing time, and will officially stop operations on November 30, 2021. BitMart has also begun to clear the existing users whose identity is authenticated in mainland China. BitMart plans to complete the smooth and orderly clearing work before 24:00 on November 30, 2021, on the premise of ensuring the safety of user assets. After completing the clearing, BitMart will not provide any platform-related services to users in mainland China.
3, The platform currency prices of all centralized exchanges also fell. Due to the simple operation of centralized exchanges and low threshold for ordinary users, most users put their assets and transactions on centralized exchanges, but we have seen many “Emergency situations” such as suspension of withdrawals, freezes, shutdowns, etc., are managed in a very authoritarian manner. Worse yet is the potential for misuse of transaction data. Robinhood has previously been accused of benefiting from leaking customer information as its main business model is to sell customer orders to high-frequency traders. It is difficult for centralized platforms to gain the trust of users. At the same time, all centralized exchanges also need to face increasingly stricter regulations. However, there is no incremental market in China’s centralized exchanges for the time being.

❹ Metadoge Coin Founder

Oge Doge Coin Founder Musk

  • “Doge Coin” The name “Dogecoin” comes from the popular expression package Doge on the Internet, but it is indeed a serious digital currency. According to Wikipedia:

Dogecoin was invented by Billy Marcus, a programmer in Portland, Oregon, who wanted to create a cryptocurrency that would “appeal to a wider audience than Bitcoin.” In addition, he also wants to distance the currency from the “black history” of other digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

While Marcus wanted to create a more fun and attractive digital currency, But he didn’t have any good ideas at the time. At the same time, Jackson Palmer, a sales employee at Adobe in Sydney, tweeted a tweet, making fun of two of the hottest things in 2013, Bit Coin and Doge emoji. It’s time to invest in ‘Dogecoin’, which must be the next big thing.”

  • Palmer just posted a joke, but he didn’t expect to get After getting replies and support from a lot of people, and after getting some responses on Twitter, Palmer bought the domain name, put a splash screen on the site, added the “Dogecoin” logo, and sporadic Comic text. Marcus saw a link to the Dogecoin “website” in an IRC chat room, and after approaching Palmer, he started working on compiling Dogecoin”. So Dogecoin” was born in a joke .

❺ I want to sell Dogecoin, but the minimum value is 100doge, what’s the situation?

You better first Save it
Enough and sell it
Dog common sense: I don’t like bathing~It’s easy~If it’s a puppy~You can take a basin where he can sit and put some water~But don’t be too It’s hot~, if the dog sticks out his tongue and gasps while taking a bath, it means the water temperature is too hot~ You need to lower the water temperature~ If it’s a big dog~ pull it to the place where he bathes~ Some people don’t want it Leaving~ People feel unsafe when they leave the dog~ Basically, when you bathe the dog, you use the spray head to wash it, but the dog can’t wash the spray head high like a human, so the dog will be afraid of the dog and afraid of water. Shower on this part of the head~ and you can easily leave it there~ you better take off the sprayer and put it on your hand to wash the dog, you can start from the back first, I like to put the sprayer on On the dog’s body~ There is no water splashing sound, and the dog also feels that it is very comfortable to massage~ But these all depend on the dog’s like~ But you don’t use the spray to spray the dog’s head, the dog will be afraid Yes~ Wait until you have washed the dog’s body~ You are here to wash the dog’s head~ At this time, you should wet your hands and wipe the dog’s ears, but be careful not to get water into the dog’s ears~ Then Just paint the eyes~mouth, you can bathe the dog while teasing the dog~ just like teasing a child~ After the dog is washed, it is also important to remember that it is also an important place for the dog to dry before using it for him Blow dry~ After drying, you have to tell the dog that she is so beautiful and fragrant~ You have to praise her well
Actually, dogs don’t like bathing, the main reason is that you used to bathe him in the past Maybe the water got into the ear and it got inflamed, or it got wet and didn’t dry him out and then got a skin disease, or something else that hurt the dog from the bath reminded him that he’ll be bad after the bath I am afraid of it~ So you have to build a sense of security and trust for the dog that you bathe him~ So this should be done slowly and not just once~ And if the dog is bathed, if it is done It’s not strange, such as running away, don’t hit it, or he will think it’s unhappy to take a bath~ You can brutally murder her, and then coax her~ That’s fine~

❻ Looking for the emoji of doge and meow on Sina Weibo, preferably a big picture @回山人

Sina Weibo doge emoticon package: downinfo/64808.html

❼ What does doge mean on Weibo

Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner, in this animation , the dog is called “doge”, since then doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and expressionsBag.

In 2013, the doge unexpectedly resurfaced on Reddit (the largest online community in the US) and Tumblr (light blogging), eventually appearing in the “Shiba Confessions” blog, which is the A Shiba Inu with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

(7) Extended reading of the worst official doge in history:

Doge prototype introduction:

“Doge” The prototype comes from a cute Shiba Inu called Kabosu in Japan. It was abandoned by its owner and was almost euthanized. Fortunately, it met its current owner.

Since the owner posted its photo on the Internet, the magical expression has been sought after by netizens all over the world. There are also many merchants who use Shenfandog to develop creative products.

The Shiba Inu is native to Japan and is an ancient breed. The temperament is docile, faithful, obedient, tolerant, agile, and the color is like wood. Now it is a good hand at showing cuteness.

Reference source: Internet-DOGE

❽ What does doge in qq expressions mean

Doge (usually pronounced /doʊʤ/ Or /doʊg/, pronunciation: ドーゲ), also known as “God annoying dog”, “KABOSU sauce”. The prototype is a Japanese female Shiba Inu named Kabosu.
The official definition is, doge; the actual meaning: mental pollution, I am the best!

❾ The Birth of Dogecoin

This may be the most bizarre little story of 2013
An Australian brand and marketing expert, A programmer from Portland, Oregon, who had never met before, but successfully brought together the two most popular products-Bitcoin and Dog (Doge, for Americans, Doge is like local tyrants in China) of similar popularity) were combined, and as a result Dogecoin was born. And people are actually using it.
Growing up
Jackson Palmer of Adobe’s Sydney marketing department has been researching electronic currency. After seeing Doge, he had a whim and tweeted: Invest in Dogecoin, this is the next big opportunity.
He got a lot of replies shortly afterwards, all of which encouraged him to continue to complete the idea. A week later, he bought the domain name, which was included in Doge’s home base reddit.
Meanwhile, in Portland, Billy Markus has always wanted to create his own electronic currency, which he hopes will serve the needs of more people than speculators like Bitcoin. Just two days after the domain name was registered, he found out about this website by accident, and immediately felt that he had found a place to belong.
So he sent Palmer a tweet expressing his intention to cooperate. Before Palmer could reply, he started rearranging Bitcoin’s source code, adding elements of the Doge Meme.
The two then hit it off and Dogecoin was born about a week after Palmer’s tongue-in-cheek tweet.
With the help of reddit, the site immediately became popular. In just two weeks, Dogecoin has had a dedicated blog and forum, with a market value of $8 million, and it once jumped to the seventh largest electronic currency in the world.
How does it do it?

The answer is “tips”. If you perform a pretty good joke on the Internet, people are usually willing to tip you electronic money. In America, where tipping is rife, this kind of thing is easy to identify with.
But Bitcoin is too expensive, so the cheaper Dogecoin is popular. In just a week of its launch, it has become the second-largest tipping currency. They are hoping that Facebook will accept Dogecoin so your friends can not only like but also tip you along the way.
The reason why Dogecoin is so sought after is of course more than that.
Technically speaking, Dogecoin is actually a faction with Litecoin. They are all based on the Scrypt algorithm. Like Litecoin, its transaction process is more convenient than Bitcoin, and they are more numerous. Dogecoin Up to 100 billion can be mined, compared to 21 million for Bitcoin.
Palmer also mentioned that Dogecoin is not like Bitcoin, people are not participating in it for speculation, it is a way to express sharing and gratitude.

❿ how to type doge emoji

This emoji is to click on the emoticon package that comes with Weibo, and it will be displayed directly in the emoticon of Weibo. It can be found and can only be used on Weibo. On other platforms, you can find a series of emoticons.

(10) The Worst Official Doge in History The Shiba Inu, called Kabosu, was abandoned by his owner and was almost euthanized. In November 2008, he was taken by a Japanese kindergarten teacherAtsuko Sato was adopted and his life changed.

In addition to it, there are two other cats named Ginkgo and Rhododendron who were adopted by the owner later. The owner also specially opened a blog for them to record their daily life.

On February 23, 2010, the owner, AtsukoSato, posted a series of photos of Kabosu on his blog. In one of the photos, the Shiba Inu leaned on the sofa, with front paws on top of each other, staring sideways. Eyebrows and expressive expressions make people laugh,

The photo quickly became popular in the Internet circles such as Reddit (the largest online community in the United States) and Tumblr (light blog) in the United States, and finally appeared in “Confessions of Shiba Inu” (ShibaConfessions). ) in the blog.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as DogeMeme) has become popular on a large scale through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr. There was also an explosive spread.

In April 2013, doge became popular after appearing on 4chan, a comic community. The reason for its popularity is simple: doge is a fusion of cute pets (the cute image of Shiba Inu) and deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjections.


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