Three Kingdoms kill famous generals pass mining script

(1) Three Kingdoms kill famous generals to spread the original stone skills

1. Resources. From the first day of the server, the must-buy resources are the equipment refining stone and breakthrough pill.
Other must-buys: Energy Dan, Stamina Dan, and Equipment Refining Stone in the mall. The Legion’s Equipment Refining Stone, Treasure Refining Stone, Equipment Essence, and Equipment Refining Stone from the Equipment Store. Treasure Refining Stone in the Treasure Shop. The red general fragments you need in the half-price materials, refresh order.
2. Open the treasure chest. Small V and Medium V, open the treasure chest every day for seven days before starting the server, and do not open it later. Zero v do not open.
3. Ten consecutive draws. Zhongda v has drawn twelve rounds at the beginning, and don’t draw after you get the first optional orange general. Unless the soul is not enough.
Small v and zero v draw the first ten consecutive draws, and then don’t draw any more. When you reach the eighth level, the system will give you a random orange general.
4. Prioritize daily tasks. Daily tasks give experience, and after leveling up, you can get more experience by brushing energy pills and stamina pills.
5, Nanman. Nanman is opened at level 46. If you predict that you may return to level 46 on the same day, you must first brush the energy pill, and then go to the physical strength pill, otherwise the Nanman will not be finished that day, and you will not be able to get the omnipotent weapon sent by the system. .
In addition, in addition to the seven days before the server starts, the Nanman after the seven days is shared with the legion, to fight others to share, so that you can get more Nanman currency.
Nanman’s elite adjustment also produces refined stones, please only choose to equip refined stones.
6. Magic weapon system: When everyone is collecting magic weapons, it is good to have one magic weapon for each general, because there are fetters, and then it will not be consumed after it increases to five. Concentrate on choosing a magic weapon that you need the most, and upgrade it to 25. After it is full, go to upgrade the second magic weapon. To put it simply, after obtaining the fetters of the magic weapon, don’t level up, you need to level up one by one.
7. After the roster is activated, if the lineup is not needed, it can be broken down without affecting the roster.
8. When playing the daily dungeon, look at the opening level of the next difficulty. If you can come on the same day, bear with it, and you can play more resources when the level is reached.
9. Strengthen the master and add a lot of attributes. Don’t ignore it. For example, when refining equipment, the six generals must be refined equally, and every two levels of refining will give additional attributes and combat power. And the system will send some more refined stones. There is also treasure refining.
10. The protagonist uses purple treasures, which are cost-effective to cultivate, and their attributes are similar to those of orange. The orange can be given priority to the generals. Because the protagonist’s purple treasure has fetters, but the general does not have the fetters of purple treasures.
11. Transform card. Level 70 turns on the transformation card. If you are medium r and want to get the orange magic weapon, please upgrade the protagonist’s magic weapon to level 25 in advance. This allows you to immediately enjoy the characteristics of the orange transformation card.

㈡ The Legend of the Three Kingdoms is an infinite ingot

The Legend of the Three Kingdoms is a bloody action card game that cannot be missed. Come and challenge with hundreds of millions of Three Kingdoms players! In addition to the rich content of military commanders, the cracked version of the Three Kingdoms Killing Legendary Legend of Infinite Ingots also includes more exciting gameplay challenges, legion BOSS battles, and exclusive military commander training. Players, come and challenge!

㈢ The Legend of the Three Kingdoms Killing the Famous General, how to get ingots

How to get ingots:
Daily tasks
Complete some daily tasks and 150 activity, you can get ingots award.
Traveling through the adventure of “Water Mirror Academy” in the gameplay, you can easily get ingot rewards after answering the questions.
Dungeon of the main line
Pushing the map of the main line can quickly get star treasure chest rewards and clear treasure chests, and get a lot of ingots.
Achievement Rewards
Complete the achievement goal to receive a lot of rewards including ingots.
Nanman Invasion
Complete the Nanban Invasion damage reward 20 times a day, and you can get ingot rewards.
Territory Patrol
Occupying and patrolling all cities will have a chance to get ingot rewards.
League Boss Dividends
Participate in the Legion Boss every day, and you can get ingot dividends if the auction items are successfully auctioned.
Accumulated sign-in can get rich ingot rewards.
Play Store
Arena Store and Equipment Store can exchange ingot rewards after reaching the specified goals, which can only be obtained once.
Every time you break through your highest ranking in history, you will receive a considerable amount of ingots as a reward. In the early stage when everyone’s combat power is not high, get through the arena as soon as possible to get a lot of ingots.

㈣ How to draw Han will be cost-effective in the legend of Three Kingdoms Killing

If you can’t get into the top 100 with 2 draws now, it is not necessary to get 3 times, then you can try 7 draws in the afternoon The top 30 may be relatively cost-effective.

㈤ How can I hang up to play The Legend of Three Kingdoms Killing Famous Generals?

The next Aiyun Rabbit will be just fine, you can just download an Aiyun Rabbit app directly, and it will be available in the Android and Apple markets. Download and use it directly, then install the Legend of the Three Kingdoms and the corresponding game script in the cloud phone,��You can turn on the automatic hang-up mode

㈥ How to play the Three Kingdoms Killing the Famous General in the Mine War How to play the Three Kingdoms Killing the Famous General in the Mine Battle

The main materials for the mine warfare game:
1 .Forage: Equivalent to action power. Moving in the mining area requires food and grass. Every time you move a mining area, you need to consume 10 points of food and grass, and 5 points of food and grass will be restored every hour. After the food and grass are consumed, you will not be able to move. You can use ingots to buy food and grass.
2. Attack Order: Attacking other legion members in the mine area needs to consume an attack order. Each attack consumes 1 attack order, and 1 attack order is naturally recovered every hour.
3. Troops: Equivalent to blood volume, each battle will consume a certain amount of troops. When the troops are 0, they will be sent back to the nearest main city.
The troops can be replenished with food and grass.
Mine battle gameplay description:
1. Mining
1. Ingots can be obtained by mining in the mining area. The quality and output of each mining area are different. The higher the quality of the mining area, the higher the output rate of ingots.
2. There is a limit on the number of people stationed in the mining area. When the number of people stationed in a mining area exceeds 20, the output of ingots will decrease with the increase of the number of people.
3. There are three main cities in the entire mining area map: Yecheng, Chengdu and Jianye. The master will not be able to mine and obtain ingots in these three cities.
2. Mining area moving
1. The master can click the “Move in” button in the mining area map to move to the mining area.
2. The movement of the mining area needs to consume food and grass.
III. Mining area battle
1. In the mining area, you can attack the lord of other legions, and each attack needs to consume an attack order.
2. Each time the offensive and defensive sides will lose a certain amount of troops, if the troops are 0, they will be sent back to the nearest main city.
3. When the lord is killed and sent back to the main city, the troops can be replenished with food and grass.
4. Lords with less than 50 troops cannot leave the main city.
4. Occupy the mining area
1. When a corps takes all the lords of the same mining area that are not of the army back to the main city, it will occupy the mining area.
2. Once a legion has occupied the mining area, the entry of other legion masters into the mining area will not affect the ownership.
3. If other legions want to capture the mining area, they must return all the non-legal lords, including the current occupied legion, to the main city.
4. The members of the legion occupying the mining area can get a 20% production bonus in the mining area.
5. The legion that owns the mining area (there are no other legion members in the mining area), its members can get an additional 30% production bonus in the mining area.

㈦ Three Kingdoms Killing Famous General Chuan Yuanbao Use Introduction How to use the Three Kingdoms Killing Famous General Chuan Yuanbao

If you are a big R player, then you don’t need to read it, the auction house will directly get the red general in the Legion Mall. Once you get your hands on it, you can directly reach the top of the battle power;
If you are an ordinary player, you have little krypton gold and you feel that you are not the emperor of Europe, then it is recommended not to touch ten consecutive draws.
The ten consecutive draws of each game are the same. If you have no luck, you will rely on the minimum guarantee. Don’t look at the amount of ingots sent in the early stage. If you don’t stock up on the ingots, you can’t play in the later stage;
But if you feel like drawing I’m happy, it’s not impossible to change a server after drawing in one area and continue to play until you get the one you like.
So where are the ingots mainly spent?
Seven days of half price must be purchased, except for a set of garbage equipment on the first day, which can be bought or not, the rewards every day after that are very good;
Shards of generals in the store, do not buy casually, buy red generals when they appear , buy other orange ones that you cultivate yourself, otherwise don’t learn from local tyrants.
For the legion, it depends on the allocation. If you find someone with a lot of local tyrants, you can negotiate the allocation of resources.
In addition, if you don’t charge money, you can actually play in any country, and it depends on whether you play for a long time or play for a long time.
If you play a wave and leave, you can do whatever you want, and you can train a full orange general;
It is recommended that Wei Guo directly play the early combat power quickly and be able to leapfrog the combat power to hit people. If you want to play slowly, you should spend it on the training of generals;
Upgrades and breakthroughs, of course, there are magic weapons and the like, and you must play red, don’t go all orange, and you have an advantage after level 85. came out.

㈧ Can the production speed of the gold mine be accelerated by 15 times the speed of killing the famous general of the Three Kingdoms?

The speed of killing the famous general of the Three Kingdoms can be done quickly, but the production speed of the gold mine will not be accelerated. Share the game experience of the great god in the game area of ​​the 66 mobile game Three Kingdoms Killing Legend, I hope it can help you.
1: The most cost-effective way to recharge is the monthly card and the daily card (as long as you can keep up with the time). As for the fund, you can make a flexible investment and invest in the fund when the activities overlap.
2: The difference between charging and not charging is the feeling of refreshment for a period of time. If all the activities are followed, the shipments of the activities will be the same. Of course, every 1 yuan of charging will add a little more resources, but it will weaken in the later stage. The general server is calculated at level 100: if the fine charge is above V8, it can stabilize the top ten if it is above 4000, V7: 10-20, and the lucky number is V5-V7.
If you are satisfied, please accept it

㈨ Three Kingdoms Killing.�� Would you recommend a mobile game auxiliary script to know?

If you want to use such a tool, go to the game honeycomb. There are many auxiliary functions here, so that you will feel much better in daily use.

㈩ The Three Kingdoms Killing Famous General Chuan Huarong Road Raiders

Abstract horse racing mainly depends on your luck, but there are still some small rules.


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