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❶ How does Xunlei Money-making Treasure increase the mining speed

The Jing Mine app is mainly used to check the mining situation, collect crystals, reflect on WeChat and remotely control Money-making Treasure, etc. The functions of this app are Although relatively simple, the user experience is quite good. On the main interface, the information such as crystals to be collected, entering the mine, today’s output of making money treasure, today’s output of PC mining machine, today’s output of hired mining machine, and today’s income of treasure chest are clear at a glance. After clicking, you can enter different interfaces to view the corresponding information.
Here I will focus on the “Mining Plan” function of Money-making Treasure, in which users can set working modes for 24 hours a day at different times. Time to choose the “smart mining” mode to avoid mining affecting the online experience; in addition, if you are not satisfied with the “smart mining” mode, you can also choose “speed-limited mining” to set the bandwidth occupied by mining yourself. In the author’s actual test, the mining speed in the “full mining” mode can reach about 4mbps, while in the “smart mining” mode, the speed will basically remain at 500kbps, so it will basically not affect the daily Internet access.

❷ How to make money with Xunlei Money-making Treasure? My Money-making Treasure earns 420,000 crystals, and it will be a loss to play the treasure chest or activate the mining machine, and it will fall to about 360,000 crystals

There is no future in doing this, let’s be honest with computer mining, super simple computer mining tutorial:

1. Network salmon miner

2. Download software

3. Open the software and click one-click mining

It’s that simple

❸ Can Xunlei members mine directly

Hello, you don’t need to ask for the Xunlei member account every time. This compressed package contains the Xunlei member account for my own use (written in the txt file) and the anti-kick patch. Will not expire, share forever. It’s not a virus, you can’t stop worrying about being poisonous. There are simple instructions on how to use the anti-kick patch (if the anti-kick patch is used for a short time, you can also do not play the anti-kick patch). If you want to watch Xunlei movies and TV, just log in in the Xunlei Look at the player, and click the video source to automatically accelerate the playback. Please don’t change the password. Many people are using it, and I am also using it, which will cause a lot of trouble. If you are using a mobile phone and know the client, you cannot see the attachment, and if you use a mobile browser to view the attachment, some attachments cannot be seen. Remember to accept it!

If you are satisfied with this account, please accept it as a satisfactory answer, thank you very much! ! ! If you don’t understand, please ask. I log in to Thunder every day to check whether the password has been changed. If the password is incorrect, I will change it back after a while. You can also ask me questions or send a message to remind me . Thanks!

❹ How much can you make a day with a Thunderbolt mining machine at this speed

equivalent to 20m broadband, at most 1 yuan a day, and now it’s all subsistence allowances. I have 50m broadband at home, and the maximum is 1.3 yuan a day.

❺ There is a new “Sharing Plan” below the new version of Xunlei, are you using our computer to mine Bitcoin?

Sharing plan activity rules
(1) After the user participates in this activity , can share the idle uplink bandwidth and part of the storage space, and get corresponding points according to the contribution;
(2) When the user joins this activity, the current computer needs to be bound with the Xunlei account and one computer can only be bound with one Xunlei account;
br /> (3) The rights and interests obtained from computer contributions belong to the corresponding bound account.
4.3 Points rules for the sharing plan
(1) Points are calculated based on the contribution of the bound computer on the day, and will be automatically issued to the corresponding bound account the next day;
(2) Those who do not meet the participation conditions and have not generated Computers contributing resources will not be able to get points;
(3) Points can be exchanged for cash red envelopes or virtual goods on the relevant page of this event;
(4) After the cash red envelopes are successfully exchanged, they will be issued through Alipay, please pay attention to fill in Correct Alipay information, failure to operate according to the withdrawal requirements or non-compliance with the requirements of the third-party payment platform and other reasons lead to the inability to receive payment, and the network center does not need to assume any responsibility; There may be a delay in the arrival of the cash red envelopes, please be patient;
(6) The network center can adjust the points exchange rate and the amount of cash red envelopes according to the activity participation. The specific exchange rate will be notified to users in the form of page announcements. Please pay attention to the user.
(7) Points cannot be transferred between users.

❻ Does Xunlei Chain Mining have physical mining machines? Is it expensive?

Player Cloud, I bought 399 before, but now it seems to be 100 yuan higher , in jd, hope to adopt

❼ How many crystals are mined in Thunder Crystal

1) The new crystal product is named “Crystal Mine”, and the internal test has been conducted in December 2014. Launched on the 16th.

2) Crystal Mine has an independent official website and a PC mining machine client. Welcome to visit the official website of Crystal Mine for more product details.

i. Mining crystal: Download and install the crystal mine PC mining machine, you can easily hang up to mine crystal;

ii. Mobile client: Android version of the crystal mine The APP has been launched on December 16, and the ios version will also be launched later. Users can monitor the working conditions of the mining machine through the APP, and can also perform operations such as collecting crystals and withdrawing red envelopes;

iii. In order to The measurement is convenient and accurate. The minimum measurement unit of crystals is adjusted to 1, and the value of the red envelopes converted into crystals is adjusted to: 10,000 crystals = 1 yuan; The demand is intelligently adjusted, and the production capacity is higher during the peak period of Internet access.

3) How to obtain the qualification for the internal test of the crystal mine:

i. New users: Participate in the internal test of the crystal mine. During the activity, draw every Friday at 11:00 noon Limited release of internal testing qualifications;

ii. Former Thunder Crystal regular version users: Participate in the original crystal user qualification upgrade activity (expected to open at the end of this month), after completing the qualification upgrade, you can experience the crystal mine, and The qualifications of the original No. 1 1PC machine, 3PC machine and multi-PC machine are only reserved for the No. 1 1PC machine after the upgrade, and 1PC+2 routers can still be used after the upgrade.

iii. Former Thunder router and Xiaomi router users: first participate in the original crystal user qualification upgrade activity to switch to the crystal mine qualification (expected to open at the end of this month), and then upgrade the router plug-in for free (plug-in is expected to be opened at the end of this month) Released in early January), you can continue to use the purchased router equipment to mine crystals. (Please pay attention to the official announcement of Xunlei and Xiaomi for the detailed time point)

4) For more product details and operation activities of the crystal mine, please pay attention to the WeChat public account Xunlei Crystal (xunlei_crystal).

❽ Is Xunlei Money Making Treasure 24-hour mining?

Xunlei Money Making Treasure defaults to the smart mining mode, which means that the mining will not affect the normal network usage, but the profit will not be maximized. If you need to change the working mode, you can only manage it through your mobile phone, and you can change to different mining modes anytime and anywhere as needed.
First of all, make sure that the money-making treasure is in normal working state, so that you can connect it through the mobile phone, run the mobile phone crystal mine and choose to view the [making money treasure].
View the current total speed below, if you have multiple money-making treasures, please select according to the device name, click the device to set.
There is a mining mode under the settings, click this option to change the mining mode.
After clicking to change the mode, the display may be slightly different because there are three modes, but you can also click on the mining row to change to other mining modes.
There are three mining modes, full speed mining, intelligent mining, and manual speed limit.
Switch to other mining mode, first click OK to save the settings and change to other modes,
And then set the effective time of this mining mode as needed, the default is 24 hours a day. If you switch to manual speed limit, you also need to set the maximum speed of uplink and downlink, not the same as full-speed mining mode.

❾ Have you ever used Xunlei mining or Xiaomi mining? How much money can you make a day?

Look at your internet speed, I am now using Xunlei mine to mine, 100M peer-to-peer broadband, about 5 to 6 cents a day (without opening the box), you can calculate how much other broadband can achieve. There are many coastal areas, as if the broadband is fast there.


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