Tomb Raider and Longevity Seal


Ⅰ How to make money and strengthen characters in the early stage of “The Tomb Raiders” Materials

  • Starting from the third map, merchants stopped bringing money, and they brought dozens of them

  • The fastest way to recharge, but the characters you want to use are only available in the black market, and they are very expensive. Almost 10,000 characters are pretty good. I have never seen one selling for a low price (isn’t it random).

  • “Longevity Seal of Tomb Raiders” is a single-player mobile game of tomb robbery exploration. The explorer Lv Feng encountered a curse in the process of looking for his lost teammates and was involved in the plot again. Millennium conspiracy. As stories spanning six different eras come together, an ancient mystery buried in five ancient tombs is unraveled. The longevity of the ancient three emperors and the footsteps of Liu An in the Han Dynasty show the player a long picture scroll, and the protagonist Lv Feng will also draw the end of the picture scroll under the guidance of the player.

    Ⅱ Mobile game Tomb Raiders and Longevity Prints have a cracked version of the infinite diamonds

    Tomb Raiders and Longevity Marks is a survival adventure game, feel an immersive experience Adventure, most of you must have read the Tomb Raiders Notes, do you really want to feel the atmosphere? This game satisfies you. Now bring limited supplies and step into the crisis-ridden ancient tomb. The world in the game is very dangerous. There are organs and secret passages everywhere. Everything needs to rely on your intuition and the fire in front of you. Can you leave safely?

    The game creatively combines tomb raiding and dungeon exploration, rich level design, unexpected puzzles and traps, dark graphics and tense BGM , lead the player to start a thrilling tomb adventure journey. Open the door of platinum, continue the adventure in the tomb raid, use the compass, memorize the sixteen-character feng shui secrets, find the location of the dragon veins, break through the ancient tomb guarded by the strange soldiers, and dig treasures less than three feet in the ground!

    Ⅲ How to make money fast for the longevity robbery, how to make money with the tomb robber, and how to make money with the immortal seal

    How to make money in the early stage, open the box in the middle and late stage, remember to count the fortunes, calculate the fortune of opening the box, and then brush it. Some guys said that brushing money means selling all the materials. Just keep the money. This method is good. I tried it. In an hour or so I made almost 5000. I don’t know if it was good luck or bad luck. Failed twice in between.
    There is nothing to say about this method. Pay attention to two points: 1: Try to replace the materials with upgraded products: water jets. Brushing money is nothing more than to buy characters. Buy the finished product to pave the way for the future.
    2: Make more torches, shovels, and black folds. The more the better. Save all the money to the cemetery before brushing. Saw the bait while brushing the black market. Just go to the cemetery. Replace them all.
    : The shovel and black folds are all for bait.
    These two points are for the purpose of quickly forming the team after the characters are almost bought. Some students sell directly at a loss. At that time, it takes a lot of time to find materials.
    Crazy treasure boxes, as long as you have time, don’t need the materials, eat them all, hide them in the tomb, or give them to others.

    Is there a similar game in IV Tomb Raiders and Longevity?

    The maximum HP of the player character will be halved, and the attack power will also be reduced.
    Picture 5 The Ancient Demon Cave will not walk to recover blood even if the hunger level is greater than 30%.
    Each character’s food intake is different, and each step will restore blood.
    When the satiety is equal to 0, dry food is an important item in the game! In the tomb expedition, the satiety will be consumed at a rate of 2 points per step. When the satiety is greater than 30%, the character can pass Eat dry food to restore health.
    After I’m full

    Ⅳ How to get the characters of the tomb robbery immortality seal

    There are two ways to obtain the characters of the tomb robbery immortality imprint, one is to follow the As the plot develops, characters will be obtained for free. This is called free characters. Another method is to buy them in stores and get them by opening an African box. You can imagine it as the card-drawing mechanism of major online mobile games, which is called store characters.

    First of all, there are free characters, except for the younger brother:

    Captain Lu: It is difficult to get promoted even if it is difficult to get promoted, what can I do, I am also desperate Ah, let’s promote him at the end

    Fatty: Taunting is very useful, give priority to leveling up

    Caier: Nanny, the early stage is good, anyway, I will get two stars and see a lot The post has been brought up to Liu An, and it’s not a loss for promotion

    Little brother: The existence of the hanging bomb must be the first promotion if you have the resources

    Big golden tooth: ignore it , Trading talents

    Da Pan: It is easy to upgrade, and it is also very useful in the early stage. In the early stage, the priority is to upgrade. Not too sure

    Blind man: easy to upgrade, some strange things have miraculous effects, it is good to upgrade

    Vanilla: the later plot is dead, no upgrade

    Next up are the shop characters (only mine, and some �Items are trying to recruit money through the African box):

    Xiuxiu: The injury is good, the milk volume is average

    Ningning: It is very useful to reduce the injury, and it is recommended enough Buy

    Artisan Li: A functional character, it is very worthwhile to reduce material consumption during construction, it is recommended to buy first, and the recruitment price is not high

    Feng Dahai: functional character, making medicine There is a chance that there will be additional rewards, which are rather tasteless. It is not recommended to buy.

    Dad: It is very useful to slow down, but it is a bit brittle in the early stage. But I have brought Liu An

    Brother Hua: some of them have miraculous effects, and the rest are of little use, so I don’t recommend buying them

    Dog King: Weak Chicken

    Professor Qi: Weak Chicken

    Ming Lao Fourth: Weak Chicken

    Lao Yang: Weak Chicken

    Six Sons: Pure meat shield, except It seems that the meatiest one is useless, only 340 attack power for four stars. . . You don’t need to think about using him to attack. Skills can sometimes save the output of residual blood, but overall it is still very tasteless. It is not recommended to buy

    Big sunglasses: like Lu Feng, there are 3 whiteboards, but With a decent panel and the passive that never misses, it is still very powerful

    Zhao Qitian: Well, it is Zhao Ritian, the panel is high, and the passive is very powerful

    Commander Hu: 3 Red block plus a thief high panel and two powerful skills, who else! Buy it if you have the money!

    Weili Yang: The only group milk, the strongest nurse~

    Ⅵ How to get the latest tomb robbery immortality seal collection code

    1 picture Xiaoguo where the plot got a fourth piece: 2 picture rescue Dapan to get the fifth piece and the first piece, this is easy to forget Take: 4 pictures Where Vanilla leaves us forever, you can find it after searching her body: The game starts, Professor Sun gave Lu Feng a piece. Nanyang Liu gave a piece of the sixth piece

    Ⅶ Tomb Robbery Seal of Longevity Feng Dahai A brief review of the method and skills

    A brief review of the acquisition method and skills of Feng Dahai, the Tomb Raider Longevity Seal. There are many characters in the Seal of Tomb Raiders and Longevity, and each has its own characteristics. Next, let’s take a look at Feng Hai’s brief review of how to obtain the Seal of Tomb Raiders and Longevity.
    After playing for more than ten days, the first four pictures have passed, and the fifth picture has accumulated character teleportation symbols. Personally, I think the biggest charm of this game lies in the combination of characters’ characteristics and skills. Based on the current progress, make a character analysis of the characters. God do not spray.
    Tomb Raiders Longevity Seal Feng Dahai’s acquisition method and skills brief comment
    4000-5000, basic attributes are not bad, active skills increase the attack power of teammates on both sides. Passive pharma saves material. I don’t have a star, so I don’t know how difficult it is. Confirm that you can use it.
    The above is the entire content of the brief review of Feng Dahai’s acquisition methods and skills. .

    Ⅷ How to score water droplets in the Tomb Raider and Longevity Seal? How to get water droplets

    1. After entering the Tomb Raider Longevity Seal, you can see your adopted fruit tree saplings. You can grow saplings by watering. The following is a brief introduction to how to obtain water droplets.

    Ⅸ How to match the lineup of the Tomb Raiders Seal of Longevity

    Analysis of lineup matchup
    Dakui himself has high skill damage, plus The attack power bonus of Shang Xiuxiu in the back position, the general monster loses more than 60% of the blood, and even kills it in seconds.
    After a skill is released, it will be automatically switched to the protagonist. Most monsters cannot withstand these two attacks.
    There is no need to worry about Dakui’s own loss of HP. After a battle, it will be full after walking around, so it is very cost-effective.


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