Top 100 currency exchanges

Ⅰ What are the top 20 rankings in the currency exchange?

What are the top 20, I don’t know yet, but I remember that the realm kingdom is one of them , which is under the dual supervision of New Zealand FSP and US NFA, and client funds are deposited by HSBC in Hong Kong.

ⅡThe top 20 exchanges in China’s currency circle

2017-2019 There are various kinds of exchanges, large and small exchanges have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. After two years of shuffling, the exchange is currently in three echelons;
1. BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)
2. Bkex (Bike) BikiMXCA Network Q Network Zhongbi Gate
3. Various other small exchanges
Currently the first tier of exchanges is booming, the second tier is chasing after continuous innovation, and the third tier is also looking for new development direction.
Currently, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).
Digital currency is the currency development form of the digital economy. Since the epidemic in 2020, the digital economy featuring “new investment, new consumption, new model and new business format” has become an important force to promote the stable development of my country’s economy and society. After stock futures, digital currency is another profitable outlet, and it has been favored by more and more global investors, and they have taken the lead. In this issue, has compiled the top 20 most reliable digital currency exchanges by market value for novice players in the currency circle. Beginners must remember to buy and sell transactions on these large platforms to avoid risks and do not trade over-the-counter.
From the perspective of trading volume, currently the largest domestic exchanges include Binance, Huobi, and OkEx, all of which have entered the top ten in terms of global trading volume. The following is a brief introduction to these three exchanges.
1. Binance
Binance was a little-known online platform before September 2017. Since September 4, domestic regulators have classified ICO as illegal. The three major exchanges—Huobi, OKCoin, Bitcoin China were asked to stop trading, which gave Binance an opportunity to top. The nationality of Zhao Changpeng, the founder of Binance, is Canadian. After September, Changpeng Zhao moved the platform overseas, one step ahead of other exchanges. Since then, Binance has gradually surpassed the three major exchanges.
Advantages: User funds are the largest
Currently, Binance trades 290 digital tokens. When checking the data on March 26, 2018, its trading volume in 24 hours exceeded 9.8 billion yuan. It ranks first among all exchanges and ranks second only to BitMEX. Calculated with a transaction fee of 0.1%, its 24-hour fee income is close to 10 million yuan.
The founder Zhao Changpeng’s main business in his early years was to build an online trading system for exchanges. In 2014, Changpeng Zhao joined OKCoin as the co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO). In July 2017, Changpeng Zhao founded the Binance platform, conducted an ICO, and issued his own blockchain currency, Binance Coin, The total amount is constant at 200 million, and the founding team including Changpeng Zhao holds 40% of the total amount of Binance Coin. As of June 12, 2018, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said recently that Binance currently has more than 9 million users.
Disadvantages: Domestic user experience is not very good
In September 2017, seven ministries and commissions including the central bank issued the “Announcement on Preventing Token Issuance and Financing Risks”. While ICO is prohibited, it will provide virtual currency transactions, exchange and pricing , information intermediary and other services are also listed as prohibited items. my country has adopted a high-pressure stance on virtual currencies, first banning initial coin offerings (ICOs), and then announcing a complete ban on bitcoin trading channels. On January 26, the China Internet Finance Association issued the third ICO-related risk warning, and called on the majority of investors to recognize the overseas ICO and “virtual currency” trading platforms in the “Reminder on Preventing Overseas ICO and “Virtual Currency” Trading Risks”. Risks, firmly establish risk prevention awareness, and do not participate in or organize to participate in any activities involving ICO and “virtual currency” transactions.
Although China bans bitcoin transactions, there are many other countries in the world that allow bitcoin transactions such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, etc. Therefore, in this form, Binance expands overseas markets, just as he said in an interview with “Blue Whale TMT” on January 23, 2018: “Binance has moved out of China as a whole, and users are basically from overseas.” Binance’s own data also said that only 3% of Chinese users out of 6 million registered users roughly match.
Theft of coins
The IEO in 2019 also caused various exchanges to follow suit. It can be said that the bull market in 2019 is not unrelated to Binance, but there are some flaws in security. stolen coins.
II. Huobi
In May 2013, Li Lin founded, which once occupied more than 50% of the global bitcoin trading market. At present, its transaction volume is slightly lower than that of Binance, ranking third. The co-founders of include Du Jun, Zhu Jiawei, etc. At present, Du Jun has gradually faded out of, and founded the media Golden Finance and the investment institution Node Capital.
Advantages: mature risk control mechanism, deep transaction�� Jia
To prevent malicious manipulation of the market, the Huobi Futures platform limits the opening and closing prices of different types of contracts. Through the combination of dynamic price limit and hard price limit, under the premise of ensuring that the normal deviation between the contract and the spot market is not affected, it can prevent “pins” to the greatest extent. At the same time, the platform also limits the number of single orders placed by each user, preventing some users from using large-scale orders in a short period of time to affect normal market prices and prevent market manipulation. In addition, the entire platform also has restrictions on user positions. A single user, a single contract, and the entire platform have corresponding position restrictions. When the limit is reached, users will not be able to continue to open positions, which prevents some “whales” from using funds to control market. Coupled with the transparent big data of Huobi Futures and real-time abnormal risk monitoring.
Huobi’s bitcoin and mainstream currencies have excellent trading depth, relatively low transaction losses due to small trading point slippage, and can accommodate large funds to open positions in a short period of time
Disadvantages: the contract starts late
The contract is traded In terms of user scale, BitME, OKEx and Huobi are the same as the old and established exchanges in the early stage. The two are much ahead of Huobi, including mature quantitative institutions, large investors, ordinary investors and so on.
Low degree of protection for users:
Huobi made its fortune through OTC. When Huobi OTC first started, it attracted various teams to arbitrage on it, and even some fraudulent projects. A large part of the reasons are It is the platform’s ability to solve problems in the later stage and the protection of users is lacking.
3. OKEx
OKEx is one of the world’s famous digital asset trading platforms, mainly providing global users with bitcoin, litecoin, ether and other digital assets currency and derivatives trading services, affiliated to OKExTechnologyCompanyLimited. When OKEx was founded, it received a million-dollar angel investment from the entrepreneurial workshop co-founded by the world’s leading investor Tim Draper. Mr. Tim Draper is also an investor in the world’s leading companies such as Hotmail, Internet, and Tesla.
Advantages: Early establishment, good contract trading experience
OKex, formerly known as OKCoin, is one of the earliest bitcoin trading platforms in China. It was launched in October 2013 and has users from more than 100 countries. At the beginning of 2014, OKEx received tens of millions of dollars in investment from Longling, a well-known venture capital fund in China and the founder of Meitu, a Hong Kong-listed company. OKEx, as an overseas exchange under domestic OKcoin, makes many Chinese users tend to use this platform. Three months after its launch, OKCoin reached a monthly transaction record of 2.6 billion. In November, the transaction volume was 8 billion. In December, the OKCoin platform created a record of 4 billion transactions a day.
OKEx platform has three trading modules: currency trading, fiat currency trading and contract trading. The largest trading volume belongs to contract trading. The launched contract varieties include BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, BTG and XRP. There are three types of contracts in the contract period: current week, next week and quarterly. In the field of high-leverage contract trading, BitMEX and OKEx have always been the two “Chu Han”. In the contract trading market, OKEx relies on the first mover of contract trading to occupy the “time of the day”, and has a large number of contract users and extremely high transaction volume.

Ⅲ Digital Currency Exchange Ranking

The ranking of digital currency exchanges from low to high includes Bithumb, OKXE, Binance, BitMEX, and Biying National Station.

1. Bithumb

Bithumb is the largest digital currency exchange in South Korea and the top ten exchanges in the world in terms of transaction volume, with a daily transaction volume of more than 13,000 bitcoins, accounting for about 10% of the global bitcoin exchange. 10% of coin trading volume. It promises to provide the lowest fees in the world, Bithumb owns 75.7% of the Korean Bitcoin market and 10% of the global Bitcoin market, and 50% of the Korean Ethereum market.


1. Asset security is very critical, you can distribute your bitcoins through exchanges, online wallets, hardware wallets and paper wallets Or other currencies so that in the event of a hack or loss, all assets are not lost. The key information should never be placed in mailboxes or other insecure online software.

2. Whether it is EOS, ETC, BTC, LTC, etc., or other platform currencies, in addition to Bitcoin itself has been endowed with the properties of digital currency gold, other currencies are more related to The application of the blockchain industry is related to the implementation. Pay more attention to and analyze the trend of the blockchain industry and ecological construction, so as to return to the original intention of blockchain value investment, and it will also be a way to avoid risks.

ⅣTop Ten Exchanges in the Currency Circle

1. Huobi. The assets of are US$3.896 billion, with 830 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of US$13.168 billion. is operated by Beijing Huobi World Network Technology Co., Ltd. and launched in September 2013. It is one of the world’s leading bitcoin trading platforms.
2. OKEXOKEX has assets of US$35.3506 million, with 635 trading pairs, 2The 4-hour turnover was $6.079 billion. OKEX is one of the world’s famous digital asset international stations. It mainly provides spot and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether to users around the world. It is affiliated to OKEX Technology Company Limited.
3. ZBG. The assets of ZBG are 105 million US dollars, there are 80 trading pairs, and the 24-hour trading volume is 804 million US dollars. was established in Hong Kong in 2018. With its innovative, efficient and globalized operations, ZBG quickly ranked among the top ten in the world in a short period of time, and is known as a new first-tier international station. At present, the platform has supported access in seven languages, providing services to 1.8 million crypto asset investors around the world, and the platform has an average daily activity of more than 120,000.
4. Binance. The assets of are $2.794 billion, with 796 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of $9.165 billion. Binance is a blockchain asset-focused trading platform created by a group of digital asset enthusiasts led by former okcoin co-founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ). The founder, Changpeng Zhao, and his old owner, Okcoin, have been in constant disputes. He was not optimistic at first, but later found that the platform’s performance is still quite strong.
5. TSLA Global. TSLA Global is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the United Arab Emirates in October 2017. The assets are 1.937 billion US dollars, there are 287 trading pairs, and the 24-hour trading volume is 6.735 billion US dollars. It is the world’s first global cryptocurrency trading platform using P2P form.
6. Bitflyer. BitFlyer’s assets are $1.555 billion, with a total of 4 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of $74.2085 million. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Japan, BitFlyer ranks first in Japan in terms of bitcoin trading volume.
7. BiKiBiKi’s assets are US$12.8098 million, with a total of 300 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of US$807 million. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, BiKi Group is a global blockchain digital asset trading service provider. Currently, the group’s businesses include spot trading, derivatives trading, digital banking, blockchain industry investment and other businesses. The market has more than 40% of the new market share of small currencies, and has operation centers in 7 countries including Singapore, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, and Turkey.
8. KuCoin. The assets of KuCoin were US$18.5676 million, with a total of 301 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of US$123 million.
9. Poloniex. Poloniex has assets of $115 million, with a total of 173 trading pairs and a 24-hour trading volume of $35.6298 million.
Poloniex was established in 2014, commonly known as P-net, and is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency international sites. The Poloniex platform offers a variety of altcoin services.
10, B network. The assets of Network B are 779 million US dollars, with a total of 448 trading pairs, and the 24-hour trading volume is 896 million US dollars.
Bittrex, commonly known as B-net, provides currency, dollar and currency services, and registration is very simple. Founded in 2015, Bittrex is an international bitcoin station in the United States, supporting more than 200 trading pairs, with a daily trading volume of billions of RMB.

Ⅳ Top 10 Coin Exchanges

Top 10 Coin Exchanges are as follows:
1 The No. 1 Leader of Digital Currency BTC Bit currency.
2 Ethereum ETH.
3 Ripple XRP.
4 Tether USDT.
5 Bitcoin Cash BCH.
6 BSV.
7 ADA Cards.
8 Litecoin LTC.
9 Binance Coin BNB.
10 LINK.
Expanded information:
CoinMarketCap (CMC) data shows that as of June 30, after CMC updated the exchange rankings, Huobi Global ranked first in terms of derivatives trading volume, with a 24-hour trading volume of about 24.2 One hundred million U.S. dollars. At the same time, in the ranking of Bitcoin derivatives exchanges, Huobi Global is also the first, with a trading volume of about 1.838 billion US dollars.
CMC was criticized in early June for its unreasonable exchange ranking algorithm. Later, CMC officially stated that spot and derivatives will be distinguished, and a separate page for derivatives exchanges will be launched in the future. According to the analysis of the EWN article, it is a major change in the field of encrypted data to separate derivatives transactions for ranking.
Derivatives trading is catching up with spot trading, Huobi continues to lead According to CMC data, Bitcoin’s 24-hour trading volume is about $15.9 billion, and the top five Bitcoin derivatives exchanges have a trading volume of about 5.5 billion U.S. dollars, of which Huobi Global has the highest transaction volume, reaching about 1.838 billion U.S. dollars.
In addition, according to the CoinDesk article data, the trading volume of crypto-asset derivatives in May 2020 increased by 32% from April to $602 billion, surpassing the $600 billion in March and hitting a new all-time high. Huobi Futures led the derivatives trading market with a total trading volume of $176 billion. This shows that the volume of derivatives trading is catching up with the trading volume of the spot market, with more investors choosing Bitcoin derivatives for trading. It is also for this reason that the derivatives industry has started a new iterative upgrade in 2020. On the one hand, it is the diversification and specialization of derivatives, and on the other hand, the trading volume of derivatives shows a Matthew effect.Exchange volumes surged.
In derivatives trading, leverage is a double-edged sword. It can be used to hedge risks or gain profits, and at the same time amplify investment risks. Therefore, when investors trade derivatives, they must choose exchanges with high liquidity and reasonably designed derivatives to reduce risks as much as possible.

VI Domestic currency exchange ranking

Hello, you can refer to it, I hope it will help you. .
Hello, there is currently no regular military foreign exchange trading platform in China. All foreign exchange spot accounts are illegal and fake! ! ! The so-called fake order means that the fraudulent company has created a fake trading software and background account
. The order you buy and sell is not actually linked to the exchange, but directly to their background. It is equivalent to them betting against you, you lose money, they make money, you make money, they lose. . If you have a local government background, you can run away.
It is recommended to go to a regular futures platform to open an account and deposit money
At present, there are
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Dalian Exchange,
Zhengzhou Exchange
, Shanghai Stock Exchange

VII Coin Exchange Ranking

Currently the best one is 5Acoin exchange, which is relatively mature in all aspects, backed by banks, and 5A coin may become The second Tether

Ⅷ the top ten exchanges in the global currency circle

As a hub in the digital currency market, the exchange plays a role as a bridge, allowing investment link with the project owner. There are ten commonly used exchanges in the global currency circle, namely: (1) Binance; (2) OKEX; (3) Huobi; (4) CoinbasePro; (5) Bitfinex; (6) Bittrex; ( 7) Kraken; (8) BitMEX; (9) Bitflyer; (10) Gemini.
1. Binance Trading Platform is a trading platform dedicated to blockchain assets created by a group of digital asset enthusiasts. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is one of the most influential platforms in Chinese exchanges. Binance consists of a fusion of “Binary” and “Finance”, which means the fusion of digital technology and finance.
2. OKEX. OKEx is one of the world’s famous digital asset trading platforms. It mainly provides currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to users around the world. It is affiliated to ACX Malta Technology Company Limited.
3. Huobi Global Professional Station is an innovative digital asset international station under Huobi Group serving global professional trading users. It is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. Currently, it provides more than 40 kinds of digital asset trading and investment services. located in Singapore.
4. CoinbasePro. Headquartered in the United States, CoinbasePro provides users with a secure platform for users to invest in various digital assets.
5. Bitfinex. Bitfinex is a digital currency trading platform owned and operated by iFinex Inc., providing a variety of digital currency trading services, margin financing, and margin trading of Bitcoin and Litecoin. It currently occupies about 8% of the world’s digital currency trading platform market share.
6. Bittrex. Founded in 2014, Bittrex is a digital asset exchange in the United States. Domestic users call it “B Network”, which provides currency trading and USD OTC trading.
7. Kraken. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, Kraken is the Bitcoin international station with the largest trading volume in euros.
8. BitMEX. Founded in the Republic of Seychelles, BitMEX is the most advanced international site for bitcoin derivatives, providing up to 100 times leverage for bitcoin products, as well as high leverage for other digital currency products. BitMEX adopts the latest multi-factor security mechanism from the inside out, with high security performance.
9. Bitflyer. Bitflyer was founded by former Goldman Sachs employees and is headquartered in Japan. Since 2015, the company has launched a number of new services, including bitFlyerLightning, Bitcoin International for professionals, chainflyer blockchain explorer, and more.
10. Gemini Gemini. Gemini Gemini is a bitcoin and ethereum international station founded by the Winklevoss brothers. It is a digital currency financial investment platform and custodian, allowing customers to invest and store digital assets, directly under the supervision of the New York State Department of Financial Services.

IX Digital Currency Exchange Ranking

The top digital currency exchanges are undoubtedly Binance, Huobi, ok, etc. The strict auditing system for project parties and the high listing fee have blocked a large number of project parties from the door. In response to this situation, XT Exchange has formulated a set of policies to serve project parties. Currency fees,
full range of services

X Top 20 currency exchange exchanges

2017-2019 various, large and small The exchange has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. After two years of shuffling, the exchange is currently in three echelons;

The first echelon: BNB��Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

Second tier: Bkex (Bike) Biki MXC A network Q network Zhongbi K network

The first The third echelon: other various small exchanges

Currently the first echelon of exchanges is developing vigorously, the second echelon is in hot pursuit on the basis of continuous innovation, and the third echelon is also seeking new Direction of development.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. He was born in 2018 and is already growing up. He will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future, let us wait and see! ! !


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