Total amount of eth coins

⑴How many pieces of Ethereum in total

Ethereum was established in 2014 after 1990. At the beginning of their establishment, they adopted the concept of crowdfunding to raise ethereum. In July/August 2014, about 72 million Ethereum were distributed for crowdfunding. These coins are sometimes called “landmines”. After the crowdfunding phase, the annual production of Ethereum is limited to 25% of the 72 million units of Ethereum. Ethereum is the most pioneering project in the field of digital currency other than Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is the origin of the blockchain, then Ethereum has promoted the development of the blockchain. In simple terms, the so-called Ethereum is an open-source blockchain public platform that allows everyone to freely develop smart contracts. Just like the Android and Windows systems in the Internet, it can provide a set of special scripting languages, allowing everyone to freely develop various blockchain applications on it. At present, the mining of Ethereum is approaching the dividend period. With the popularity of cloud computing, it is more and more convenient to participate in the mining of Ethereum. The mobile phone can download mining software, monitor the mining status of the mining machine at any time, and the mining income will be credited to the account every day. Simple and convenient, more suitable for the general public. If you have the computing power of 10000M Ethernet, then you can mine one Ethernet per day, 365 per year. The current price of ethereum is 3000 yuan, you should know that it reached 10140 at its peak.
Extension information
1. Is Ethereum worth investing? historical position. Bitcoin was the first well-known digital currency. Bitcoin itself is very efficient and even has security issues. So after its birth, after many optimizations and forks, many coins have stood up to challenge the status of Bitcoin with superior performance. Today, Bitcoin has gradually become a store of value corresponding to gold. By analogy, although Ethereum faces many performance challenges, everyone may turn to EOS and other public chains for development in the future, but the special historical status of Ethereum determines that it is difficult to be forgotten. Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum combines many features and technologies familiar to Bitcoin users. At the same time, it has made many modifications and innovations to these features and technologies. The Bitcoin blockchain technology itself is a pure list of transactions, the blockchain records all the transactions kept in the Bitcoin blockchain.
2. The basic unit of ether is the account, so the ethereum blockchain will track the status of each account. State transfers on all blocks in Ethereum are transfers of value and information between accounts, unlike Bitcoin. Ethereum didn’t enter the Chinese public’s radar until 2016, but the Ethereum white paper was released in 2013, which is also hilarious. The first version was released in late 2013. In July 2014, Etherium pre-sold the first batch of Etherium coins for the first time. In October 2014, a new version was released and the block time was shortened from 60 seconds to 12 seconds. In general, in a sense, Ethereum is a large platform that is very likely to carry the entire digital world in the future, and its actual usage scenarios and significance will be far greater than Bitcoin. If Bitcoin is like gold, then Ethereum can be likened to silver.
3, currency attribute. Bitcoin is gradually recognized by the market as digital gold, and is gradually recognized as personal private property by global laws and protected by law. As the cryptocurrency market with the second largest market value, although there is no history of bad coins using Bitcoin to drive out good coins, the digital silver attribute value of Ethereum, which is similar to the silver standard, is also generally recognized.

2 What is the circulation of stablecoins on Ethereum

As of 14:00 today, the total amount of stablecoins in circulation on Ethereum is $51.69 billion, In the past week, the new circulation has increased by 5.867 billion US dollars, and this year has increased by 30.186 billion US dollars. Among them, the circulation of USDT is 24.416 billion, accounting for 47.23%; the circulation of USDC is 12.516 billion, accounting for 24.21%; the circulation of DAI is 3.571 billion, accounting for 6.91%.


As of 14:00 today, the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract address has received 3.8747 million ETH, which has been newly added in the past week 82432 ETH, the increment decreased by 6.59% compared with the previous week; there are currently 6220 addresses for pledge, an increase of 103 compared with the previous week.

The Xueshuo Innovation Block Chain Technology Workstation, a subsidiary of Lianqiao Education Online, is the only approved “Blockchain Technology Workstation” carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. Professional” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

⑶What currency is eth

Ether (ETH) is a digital token of Ethereum and is regarded as “Bitcoin 2.0 version”. “, using a different blockchain technology from Bitcoin, “Ethereum” (Ethereum), an open source public blockchain platform with smart contract achievements, a resonance network composed of thousands of computers around the world. Developers need to pay�Ethereum (ETH) to support the operation of the application. Like other digital currencies, ether can be bought and sold on exchanges.

⑷ At present, the total market value of cryptocurrencies in the world has exceeded 850 billion US dollars. Why is cryptocurrencies so valuable? The total market value of coins has exceeded 600 billion US dollars, accounting for 70.9% of the total market value. What is value? I just divide value into three parts, scarcity, necessity, and liquidity. Rare is the most precious. When demand exceeds supply, market prices increase. vice versa. For example, just like women will pursue limited-edition bags and boys will buy Rolex Water Ghosts, the market price is higher than the price, so it is not surprising that the price will increase to grab the goods. In the world of cryptocurrencies, scarcity corresponds to whether the number of issued is constant. For example, there is a cap on the amount of BTC, but not eth. This is also an important reason why BTC is the cryptocurrency gold.

In order to successfully raise funds, the project team must also carry out a series of activities around these three points. In order to increase liquidity, it is necessary to negotiate a listing with an exchange and sometimes pay a substantial listing fee. The total amount of currency in circulation should not be too large, and there should be a certain scarcity. Whether the project itself is good enough, and how important the problem is, determines the necessity of the token. Scarcity, necessity and liquidity are the basic indicators for evaluating the value of tokens. Before the ICO, these three metrics were more important because there was not enough information to refer to, or the project was not implemented at all.

⑸ How much Ethereum will be generated by mining every year

The biggest disadvantage of Ethereum is that the amount is always increasing, how can an item with no upper limit be made? What about investment products? Everyone knows that the rise in the price of a commodity is in the final analysis the quantity comparison between the supply and demand sides. If the supply exceeds the demand, the price will fall, and if the supply is less than the demand, the price will rise. The amount of Bitcoin and Litecoin is fixed. The total amount of Bitcoin is 21 million. Now there are more than 10 million, and the rest will take another 100 years to appear. The current amount of ether is more than 90 million, and a fixed amount of 18 million is generated every year. Ethereum has 250 blocks per hour, and each block is rewarded with 5 coins (there are also some transaction fees and other rewards), 24 hours a day, that is, 30,000+ coins are added every day. So there is no upper limit to the total amount of ether.

How many years can I mine Ethereum?
How many ethers can be produced every year? Currently, 5 new ethers are generated for every new block. Doing the math, if a block is mined every 14 seconds, there are 31.5 million seconds in a year (365x24x60x60), which means 2.25 million blocks are mined every year.
This question has been considered by every miner, how long can I mine ether, will I be unable to mine after buying the mining machine, or I will not be able to mine ether before I have paid back my investment in the mining machine? I can tell you responsibly and clearly that ether can’t be mined. When it comes to the official release of ether, there is indeed a display of the quantity, but don’t go there. Ether is constantly forked. Once the quantity is threatened, As long as the fork is continued, the miners of the new currency from the fork can continue to mine. For example, ETC and ETF are an example, and the price of ETH after the fork will increase wildly, so the miners do not need to pay for the ether Worry about the amount of coins.

⑹ How many pieces of Ethereum are there in total

The current total supply of Ethereum is 111,562,994 pieces.
1. Ether is a virtual currency that appeared later than Bitcoin. Although it is a virtual currency that appeared later, the development momentum of Ethereum has a lot of latecomers. This does not mean that Bitcoin has withdrawn It is the tide of virtual currency, but it can be said that people are gradually accepting such virtual currency
2. Ethereum officially released and issued 72 million Ethereum digital currency in 2015. In addition, Ethereum can pass Mining produces about 18.72 million pieces, the total amount is not limited, it is infinite. Ethereum developers not only refer to the relevant rules of Bitcoin when launching Ethereum, but also combine some laws in finance. Considering the increase in the number of investors and the increase in the strength of investors’ assets, the issuance of Ethereum is determined. for infinite.
Expansion information:
1. Ethereum (ETH for short), is the next generation of cryptographic ledger, which can support many advanced functions, including user issuance of currency, smart agreements, decentralized transactions and the establishment of Centralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) or Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs).
2.Ethereum (Ethereum) is a platform with smart contracts. The biggest contribution is to establish a standardized token usage standard, like ERC-20, the same currency storage protocol standard, different currency conversion standard ERC- 721. There are also various financial digital currency standard applications such as transactions, leases, transfers, etc.Members can build and publish next-generation distributed applications. Ethereum can be used to program, decentralize, secure and trade anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, corporate governance, contracts and most agreements, intellectual property, and smart assets that benefit from hardware integration. Ethereum will use a hybrid security protocol, using proof-of-work (POW) in the early stage to distribute ether, and then switch to proof-of-stake (POS). Since the launch, there will be 0.26x every year, that is, 60102216 * 0.26 = 15626576 ethers are mined by miners every year. After switching to POS, the annual output of ether will be reduced.

⑺ The total issuance of Ethereum’s second-layer TD coins

⑻ When did Ethereum issue Ethereum? What is the total amount

Ethereum is the next-generation cryptographic ledger that intends to support numerous advanced features, including user-issued currency, smart agreements, decentralized transactions and what we believe to be the first Fully Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) or Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) applications.

Ethereum does not specifically support every single type of functionality as a feature, instead, Ethereum includes a built-in Turing-complete scripting The mechanism of “contracts” to write code for the features you want to implement. A contract is like an automated proxy. Whenever a transaction is received, the contract runs a specific piece of code that can modify the data store inside the contract or send the transaction. Advanced contracts can even modify their own code.

Ethereum was launched on November 1, 2015, and launched on August 22, 2016, a well-known domestic trading platform, Bitcoin Trading Network (BtcTrade platform). , the rise is amazing!

⑼ How much is the issuance of ETL coins?

The total issuance of ETL is 21,000,000,000, of which airdrop: 10%, core founding team: 9 %, Ecological Fund: 5%, Community Partners & ICO Pre-sale: 16%, DEFI Reward: 10%, DAO Voting: 10%, GAS Gas Fee: 5%, Reserve Fund: 6%, Development Fund: 2 %, Marketing Fund: 2%


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