Travelling NFT Gallery Bright Moments Opts To Integrate Coinbase Wallet

Travelling NFT gallery Bright Moments announces Coinbase as its preferred wallet partner. By joining forces with Coinbase, it will allow NFT newcomers as well as natives to mint and purchase the collection.

Coinbase is one of the most trusted crypto exchanges globally and Bright Moments want to utilize the trust in their platform. Users will be able to mint the in real-life gallery experience NFTs with confidence through Coinbase.

Travelling NFT gallery Bright Moments NFT Art Berlin event. Credit: Bright Moments.

Further, Bright Moments will incorporate Coinbase Wallet across its community events on a broader scale. The rationale is to encourage wider adoption among community members and collectors.

Bright Moments Travelling NFTs

Bright Moments is a Travelling NFT gallery and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that offers IRL minting experiences. In addition, cultural moments are to be minted through NFT galleries around the world. Bright Moments has its own PFP project; Crypto Citizens the emerging creator class of on-chain generative artists.

Bright Moments has been established in the metaverse, Venice, New York, and Berlin. Their goal of making Web3 and NFTs accessible for consumers of all knowledge levels aligns with what Coinbase is doing. In addition, both parties share commitment to onboarding new users.

Again, Coinbase Wallet is an easy-to-use self-custody wallet that gives users complete control of their crypto and safe storage of their NFTs. Bright Moments will launch the partnership with Coinbase Wallet at its next IRL gallery experience at NFT Art Berlin.  Staff on-site will be available to guide attendees through how to create a Coinbase Wallet. A QR code will also feature at the Bright Moments Berlin Community Centre.

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