trip blockchain address

1. If I want to buy some digital currency, how can I buy TRIP?

TRIP is a token based on Ethereum, which is the first blockchain application in the field of global mass consumer travel services, which is very good project. You can go to Biyi Exchange to buy.

2. How about Triporg travel blockchain project

Triporg is a blockchain + travel service platform. Triporg provides hotel, air and train ticket booking services, connecting consumers and service providers through a series of smart contracts. Every Triporg user is also the owner of the platform. Personal feeling is worthy of careful understanding, more potential.

3. What is Triporg, which is very popular in blockchain tourism applications

Triporg is a blockchain tourism service platform.
Triporg provides hotel, air and train ticket booking services.
Triporg connects consumers and service providers through a series of smart contracts.

4. pi coin contract address

The pi coin contract address is the official website address, Pi coin is a brand new cryptocurrency! Since its launch in March 2019, the PiNetwork project has become popular all over the world! It can be called the “next Bitcoin”. According to the model analysis, some big players in the currency circle predicted that the Pi coin could reach 150-300 US dollars/coin in the future, and it is possible to rush to 1,000 US dollars/coin!
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Extension information
1. OKEX is one of the world’s famous digital asset trading platforms. It mainly provides bitcoin, litecoin, Currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as ether. OKEx adopts advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed server cluster, distributed storage, high-speed memory transaction engine with multi-machine mutual backup, cold wallet, and hot wallet with offline private key. Provide customers with safe, stable and credible digital asset trading services. At the same time, it also continuously improves and upgrades its products and services according to users’ suggestions and needs, aiming to serve every user better and better.
2. Headquartered in Singapore, Huobi Global is an innovative digital asset trading platform under the Huobi Group serving global professional trading users. It is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. Currently, it provides currency trading of hundreds of currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC and HT, leveraged trading and contract trading of mainstream currencies, and OTC of 19 legal currencies and mainstream currencies including USD and CNY trade. Headquartered in the United States, CoinbasePro provides users with a secure platform for users to invest in various digital assets. The interface of the CoinbasePro platform is simple and easy to use, including real-time order query, charting tools, transaction history and simple order process.
3. Add the code of the coin in the TP wallet, and it can be displayed. Search for the contract address or name/code of the coin, and add it to the wallet to see it. Recently, the trading volume of FIL coin once led the currency circle, and its market value also entered the top ten, occupying the eighth place. FIL coin is a token on IPFS. According to market data, the current market value of FIL coin is 10.678 billion US dollars, and the 24-hour transaction volume Since its release, the historically high price of FIL coin has reached 237.61 US dollars, and the return on investment has reached 473.51%. The amazing return has attracted a large number of investors who want to buy FIL coin. Binance is the world’s leading block Blockchain digital asset trading platform, which provides a wide range of services such as digital currency trading, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain asset issuance platform, blockchain research institute, and blockchain charity and other services to the world. Covering more than 190 countries and regions around the world. With a core memory matching technology of 1.4 million orders per second, it is one of the fastest platforms for cryptocurrency transactions in the world and one of the platforms with the largest cryptocurrency transaction volume in the world.

5. What is the magic core blockchain address

Abstract The blockchain address generally refers to the wallet address. To put it bluntly, the wallet on the blockchain is a tool for managing digital assets (what we usually call currency). Just like you need a home address when you go home, digital currency also needs a home address. The difference is that the address of the digital currency is unique. Once you have an address, others can transfer money to you.

6. What is the use of TRIP in Triporg blockchain tourism?

TRIP is the token of the rights and interests of the Triporg platform. As the driving force in the Triporg platform system, TRIP can guarantee the Ecosystems operate persistently.

7. What are the application scenarios of the blockchain

The ten industry application scenarios of the blockchain are listed on Oracle’s website

Including finance, production, education, media, entertainment, government, retail business, health, medical, supply chain, insurance, public utilities. Is it very tall? But what I want to talk about is these application scenarios. In the face of real high-energy blockchain applications, these application scenarios can only hide in the corner first.� Trembling.

The real high-energy application scenario of blockchain is Ponzi application, commonly known as “Ponzi scheme”. It is a smart contract-type Qianbao, a blockchain game for rolling deposits and withdrawals, an ICO for transactions, and a global pension platform.

Ponzi scheme is one of the oldest application scenarios of our human beings. After the emergence of the Internet, Ponzi scheme has been upgraded to “Internet +”, namely “Internet + Ponzi scheme”. The Internet empowers Ponzi schemes, so incidents similar to the tens of billions of money and treasure occurred. Before the Internet era, there were few Ponzi schemes of this scale, which were empowered through the Internet, deposited and withdrawn through mobile APPs, and finally rolled over. In a few years, it has reached a scale of tens of billions.

The Internet has realized the breaking of geographical restrictions, physical restrictions, capital flow restrictions, and communication restrictions. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can play the Qianbao APP, everyone participates, everyone deposits money, everyone withdraws money, and the data of the people involved in the case is said to have reached a million level. Brainwashing cannot stop in meetings, and the use of violent and illegal means is simply weak. With the rise of blockchain technology, the Ponzi scheme powered by “blockchain+” can no longer be described as a tiger with wings. Like the Internet, the “blockchain+” technology improves the application scenarios. The Ponzi scheme is further upgraded on the basis of the second generation of “Internet+”. Because of the major scene improvement and improvement breakthroughs, it has become a Ponzi scheme 3.0. , its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Decentralization, no summitization. The smart contracts of the blockchain run automatically without human intervention and cannot be interrupted by humans. Code rules are hard-coded and cannot be tampered with. In terms of scene improvement, it solved the biggest pain point of Ponzi schemes for thousands of years, that is, the problem of the leader running away. Because the head is a program and a code, the program of the blockchain can exist forever, and no one can delete it. I think this is the biggest breakthrough. This virtual leader is always there, it can’t run away, it won’t run, and it won’t change. The rules will never change, sticking to the Ponzi route for one hundred years, one thousand one thousand years and ten thousand years. Some people may say that smart contracts can be iterative and can be manipulated to leave back doors. Yes, but it can also be done without iteration. Even if it is iteration, it is transparent and visible, and it is clear at a glance if there is a back door. This is the characteristic of blockchain smart contracts. If you cheat on it, it is equivalent to taking out a cheat sheet under the eyes of the teacher. Such a smart contract will be online and no one will participate. Therefore, after technical review and verification, no backdoor, fair rules, and irrevocable smart contracts can be implemented using blockchain technology. Such reliability, once verified, remains unchanged forever. This is the certainty of smart contracts, a program, the code of one character is unchanged, run a million times a trillion times, and the results are consistent and deterministic.

2. The process is transparent. The number of deposits, address account number, amount, and time; the number of deposits, address account number, amount, and time; all are visible. The blockchain has a public ledger function, which can be viewed by everyone in the world, and the ledger data viewed by everyone is exactly the same. Why did Qian Bao explode? Because we can’t see his background account, how much money goes in and how much money comes out every day, and the specific details of each transaction. In this way, you can see the evaluation of the redemption ability before you deposit, and the evaluation result is absolutely certain, that is, it will not change after you deposit.

3. Complete anonymization. If you have heard of zero-knowledge proof technology. You can skip this part. To put it simply, some of the things we used in the mathematical knowledge base have no application scenarios after many inventions. Later, it was discovered that this knowledge is very useful for anonymization. The cryptography technology in the blockchain can well realize identity concealment. As we all know, Zhihu cannot achieve real anonymity in the technical structure, but blockchain can.

4. The rules are open and fair to everyone. The deposit is one yuan, and the rebate is ten yuan. Everyone is this rule, which will never change. You deposit a dollar, first go and withdraw the money to the person in front, and then the person at the back deposits the money, and then withdraws the money for you. Fair, right? I’ve reflected on this many times, and I think it’s still fair.

5. Continuous iteration. In a low-level Ponzi scheme, the head, product designer, benefit distributor, and benefit gainer are often four in one, while the blockchain Ponzi scheme can completely logically separate the four roles. Achieve continuous iteration. Through social-based collaboration, these projects can iterate in perpetuity. There are now 400 senior engineers who are developing around Bitcoin and are constantly updating the code. These people may not know anyone. As long as the application is valuable, they can alwaysIterate. Which centralized project can do it, even a BAT-level company cannot hire so many professionals scattered around the world. This social iterative approach is not affected by changes in a specific person and specific organization.

Ponzi schemes powered by “blockchain” use different blockchain technologies, because the technologies in this field are constantly being updated, and applications such as smart contracts are the two Years just got up. The earliest blockchain application is Bitcoin. Some people think that Bitcoin itself has the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. In 2013, I wrote an answer to implicitly point out that this new type of Ponzi scheme will have great lethality, because it has the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme. There are no leaders, the ledger is open, it will not run away, and the rules are open and fair. Later, I also discovered that many people around me are far more interested in Ponzi schemes than in blockchain technology. As soon as I hear that Bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme, I usually walk away silently before I start talking about the technology of the blockchain. On the contrary, you tell him that it is a Ponzi scheme, and then they will ask, where to buy it ? Of course, there is a lot of controversy about whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, because the practical application scenarios of Bitcoin are always expanding.

In the ICO craze, there are many air coins, which are fake Ponzi schemes without any application scenarios. Those who buy these air coins probably know that they are Ponzi schemes. , but seeing the packaging is good, I bought it. It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of such air coins. The scope of the case is all over the world, and the amount is more than 10 billion. These ICOs use smart contracts to identify and allocate funds, and then circulate in the secondary market by themselves. In this case, there is no guarantee for the withdrawal of money, and some people lose all their money. Many blockchain professionals have always wanted to draw a clear line with these applications, because although these air coins use some blockchain technology, they are still a centralized organization or individual behind them. There are very few network nodes, and users deposit funds. At the same time, it is directly gathered to an organization or individual (so it will be swept away), but undoubtedly, Air Coin still uses the blockchain to deposit and raise funds, which solves part of the problem of running away and improves the scope and scope of Ponzi schemes. ability to spread. This is what happens objectively.

Beginning this year, with the advancement of technology, the use of smart contracts to achieve a more decentralized Ponzi scheme began to surface. Deposits and issuances are locked by smart contracts to complete a complete closed loop of depositing, recognizing and withdrawing funds. It can already be a very pure blockchain application. There are some blockchain games, which can already be admitted generously. After the release, they publicly claimed to be a Ponzi game. He said: You see, the rules are transparent, the code is visible, and the deposit contract is Locked, will not run away, no human intervention, automatic withdrawal. Play early and earn early. This is a very critical breakthrough, publicly admitting that he is a Ponzi scheme, which was impossible before Ponzi schemes 1.0 and 2.0 (don’t dare to publicly admit that he is a Ponzi scheme). incredible. The gameplay is simple and crude.

This solves the major obstacle in the promotion process of the previous Ponzi scheme, which used to rely on brainwashing to pull people’s heads, but now relies on code to speak. You see, “This program won’t run away by itself, right? Is there a backdoor in it? Has the leader disappeared? Satoshi Nakamoto’s capture will not affect the program’s continued execution, right?” So the first batch of blockchain Ponzi schemes took the bait It is the code farmers who can understand the code, and then these code farmers stand up and say that after technical verification, it is indeed such an effect that it drives other people who do not read the code to join.

Blockchain not only realizes the application scenarios of Ponzi scheme of entertainment, gambling and fraud, but also has great opportunities in the application scenarios of Ponzi scheme involving national economy and people’s livelihood and public utilities, and can even be extremely powerful. The earth enhances people’s sense of gain and happiness, and actually improves people’s lives. For example, the application of the national or global public pension platform based on the blockchain, this kind of platform can solve several major drawbacks of pensions because of the blockchain: 1. The problem of misappropriation of funds. The ledger is open, and the funds are locked in a non-centralized manner, and no one can unlock it, except those who meet the rules can withdraw funds. There is no possibility of misappropriation.

2. Inflation. The current pension system has to adjust the coefficient every year according to a series of complex algorithms such as inflation. After the adjustment, the recipients are often dissatisfied, because the total amount has increased, but the purchasing power has decreased. Taking advantage of the fact that virtual currency cannot be issued additionally, the inflation rate can be restrained and all real money can be guaranteed.

3. Unpredictable problems. It is difficult for us to predict the withdrawal of pension funds in 30 years, but it can be predicted in advance through smart contracts. Stimulate the enthusiasm to pay.

4. Policy loopholes and fairness issues. There will be inequities in the diversity of groups targeted by any pension policy.�, everyone thinks about paying less and taking more, paying late and early. The transparency of the blockchain is refined to each account, rather than a set of general policies, closing the loopholes in the implementation process. Everyone is the same, pay more and pay more, pay early and pay early. It can even be inherited and never lost.

Doing this has greatly reduced the burden and cost of managing pensions by the state. What the existing pension system can do can still be done after using blockchain technology, such as state subsidies, Just put money into the contract, and it will be locked when you enter it. There will be no fakes, such as mandatory payment, and every record is true and traceable. All in all, all the existing systems and rules can be put on the chain. Without affecting the existing effects, the efficiency and output level are improved, and fairness is guaranteed. Moreover, because the cost of the huge management system is reduced, everyone can receive The absolute number of people may increase by a large margin, which has the effect of actually improving people’s lives. In other words, there is an increase in the sense of gain and happiness. In the matter of pensions, the subject we trust has changed from a single national government to a national government + blockchain, and more than 50% of the process has become a fixed software program. Don’t we believe it more? If 100% of the on-chain pension system is implemented, it can even break the national restrictions, and it can be realized by a piece of honest, non-cheating and tamper-proof code, automatic deposit and withdrawal, trusting it is like trusting a dead person, There will be no errors.

The design of the next generation to support this generation is a great invention of our human evolution, which has accelerated the speed of social development. On the surface, it seems that the last generation on earth will suffer more, but in fact it is not. Yes, because the last generation of the earth does not necessarily know that they are the last generation (maybe in the last few seconds, but so what), not to mention that the earth has disappeared, do the last generation still need to pay for pensions? Obviously, no need.

The biggest drawback of the Ponzi scheme is that it runs away halfway, and the funds are broken. The blockchain has a clear technical solution to this problem, and it can also be proved and falsified, so , this technology is scientific. The disadvantages have been eliminated, the benefits have gradually emerged, and the Ponzi scheme will achieve greater development in the future.

I also want to ask a question, in the history of human beings, are there any things that were originally negative or useless, but later with the development of technology, the drawbacks were eliminated or avoided, and the effects were discovered, And then become more and more useful, more and more important?

8. Tell me about the blockchain travel platform you know

  1. Leou Online Cultural Tourism Platform
    Leou is based on the cultural tourism industry Consensus, an online comprehensive cultural and tourism service platform that uses blockchain technology to directly link travel service providers, consumers and third-party service providers. Its business covers five core cultural and tourism cores: hotel reservation, ticket reservation, scenic spot inquiry, resource sharing, and social sharing. Functions and other peripheral services such as insurance and finance, support the access of other online travel platforms and peripheral service providers related to cultural tourism, and will lay the foundation for building a complete industry chain with the continuous development of the cultural tourism industry.

Project Status: Project Development

  • Tripio—the first blockchain application in mass consumption
    Tripio uses blockchain Technology creates an irreversible and disintermediated global ecological community of travel and accommodation. As a blockchain-based decentralized travel service market platform, Tripio directly links global travel suppliers and consumers through the blockchain network, and takes travel accommodation booking as the entry point to build a trust, incentive-based service ecosystem, With the guarantee of blockchain technology, we can only rely on the constraints of contracts to establish a disintermediation and petty gold accommodation community. Accelerate the overall efficiency of the lodging industry.
    Project status: The TRIP mobile APP is about to be launched and officially launched. According to the news from the official website on April 11, the Trip mobile APP will be officially launched in May.

    Now I know these two, and the topic owner adopts it. refill.

  • 9. What is the difference between blockchain Triporg travel and traditional travel platforms Ctrip, Tongcheng, etc.

    Triporg is created based on blockchain technology A decentralized travel service platform. Triporg provides hotel, air and train ticket booking services. Based on the Token mechanism, every Triporg user is also the owner of the platform. While Ctrip and Tongcheng are mostly centralized management, the labor cost is high.

    10. Which blockchain travel platform Triporg is better than Tripio?

    Similarities: 1. Both use blockchain technology to integrate personal information and blockchain technology in travel. 2. Features are decentralization, smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, peer-to-peer payment, storage mechanisms and other functions. 3. The main application scenarios are the tourism industry.
    Differences: 1. Triporg provides hotels and air tickets.�� Train ticket booking service. Tripio makes accommodation reservations.


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