TRX anti-blue light

(1) WOW ZST. Pulling monsters and skill arrangement.

The talent of pulling bosses and monsters is generally a talent
Glyphs are generally broken armor glyphs / Glyph of Cleaver + Glyph of Vengeance, Small Glyphs can be optional, Thunder, Bloody Fury, etc., it depends on personal preference. If you pull more bosses and less under small dungeons, then you can use Vengeance + Glyph of Heroism to pursue extreme hatred.

Pull the BOSS to open Furious Fury, Shield Block (with shield damage bonus), if you are a little more aggressive, you can cut Berserker Stance to open Reckless, then switch back to Defensive Stance, Shield Slams , there is vengeance, use vengeance, then destroy, hang a thunder, stay heroic, you can also use shock waves, BOSS battles are generally not short of anger, bold and heroic, skill priority level: shield fierce> vengeance> destruction strike> thunder, CD Once it’s done, use it. When there is a thunder effect on the BOSS, there is a hatred bonus, so keep the thunder effect on the BOSS.
The problem of skill placement, because I am a keyboard streamer, basically all the W,A,S,D next to me have been changed to skills, I don’t know if it is suitable for you, destruction strike, shield fierce, revenge, heroic place It’s OK together, then charge, intercept and put it in a convenient position.

Pull the group of monsters, charge, and then the thunder starts to gather monsters, then the shock wave, and then switch targets one by one. Shield fierce, revenge, demoralizing roar can also be used, and if you are angry, you can also use Shun Cleave, but the hatred of cleave is really not good, and it consumes a lot of anger. Since the anger of pulling mobs is not necessarily enough, it is heroic to use it according to the situation. In addition, there is a counterattack storm that can be used depending on the timing, which is a very good skill. The shield block can basically be maintained, the cooldown time is not long, and then if someone OT taunts over, the priority is shield fierce, revenge, or shock slam and stun first. In short, the warrior group must use the shock wave, thunder, cleave and TAB key… the warrior group is very tired, and I envy QS

ㅡ How about Dell Lingyue 15 Plus , is the design professional enough?

The Dell Lingyue 15plus configuration is very good, especially if you are using it for design and drawing. You can choose the 11th generation i7 processor and TRX3050 graphics card, which is considered the best in terms of performance. The graphics card also supports the speed of more than 50 applications in design. In terms of material processing and rendering, the efficiency is also very high, and the screen quality is high. , in particular, the color supports 100% sRGB high color gamut, and the presented works are particularly realistic. According to my configuration, one machine is in place for four years of university.

(iii) What is the most expensive computer configuration list you can get out of?

Well, that’s about it Well, all of them are the most expensive ones you can find. In addition, add 15000 to buy a set of split water cooling, and then add an additional 1500w power supply, and 1000 to buy two sets of custom cables, which will not be added to the configuration list. The total price is about 60w.

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