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1. What kind of sports are there

1. Improve sportsmanship and team spirit

On the sports field, children can learn how to take turns and how to wait Waiting, how not to bow your head when losing a game, how to say congratulations to a winning opponent, learn to pass the ball, and not take all the glory to yourself.

Simply put, kids need to learn to lose, they have to know they’re not always the best so they can work harder and grow into a more tenacious person.

2. How to use TRX to train chest muscles

TRX is mainly aimed at whole body training, which can improve the stability and coordination of the whole body, football and basketball Athletes will use it in their daily training, but as a fitness enthusiast, it is more targeted to train the target muscle groups and better, and it is easier to achieve results and results!

3. adidas football shoes

There are various football shoes on the market, and fans can choose the right one according to their own preferences and economic ability. soccer shoes.
According to statistics, most young fan groups first consider the price when purchasing sneakers, and secondly consider the style and which star is wearing. New high-end sneakers or a soft spot for a certain brand, such as NIKE, adidas, Puma and so on.
In fact, there are many things worth noting when buying football boots. Improper selection will not only affect your technical performance, but also cause damage to your feet. In addition, the maintenance of sneakers is also very knowledgeable. Everyone knows that different sneakers have different numbers of studs, so what kind of studs should you choose under what circumstances? If you classify football shoes according to the number of studs, they can be roughly divided into four types: flat bottom The shoes with rubber soles and broken nails belong to the football leisure category) suitable for wearing on sand and gravel fields; shoes with many nails should be worn on artificial turf; shoes with 13 nails are more suitable for wearing on natural turf; on soft grass If you want to play football, then 6-stud sneakers are perfect. (Excerpted from “Contemporary Sports”, but to be honest, I don’t like 6 nails. I personally think that no matter what kind of grass, the shoes with more nails are very suitable. Hehe, it’s just Yuanyuan’s personal opinion. Correct choice and playing Field-appropriate soles extend the life of football boots. Soft Ground SG (TRX) for soft to very soft natural turf; Firm Ground FG (TRX) spikes for slightly dry natural turf; Hard Ground HG (TRX) is suitable for very dry and hard fields or artificial turf; Turf TF (TRX) sand and gravel fields or artificial turf; IN is suitable for indoor fields that have been waxed, we play indoor football, this is the most suitable sneaker Sole, that court is a bit like a standard basketball indoor court; Hard Ground HG (TRX) This is a children’s soccer shoe, suitable for natural courts and hard court conditions. Hehe!!!) Strip studs and cylindrical studs The difference: In response to the frequent change of direction running in football, the shoe manufacturer designed the strip studs with the contour of the sole in order to increase the grip during sharp turns, so that the player can play his explosive force more effectively. However, bar studs are more dangerous to players than cylindrical studs. also. Knife studs have excellent grip, while cylindrical studs have the strongest and most reasonable balance and ability to withstand foot strength. The correct way to wash shoes is to wash by hand. Please do not use a washing machine to clean the shoes. After cleaning, put the shoes in a cool place to dry in the shade. Putting some newspapers in the shoes will have a strong water absorption effect. Do not put them in a bag. Large pieces of mud can be removed with a brush or a cloth, and hot water is used for the best effect, while synthetic shoes are more scientifically washed with cold water, and remember not to dry the shoes in the sun or by the stove or heater, otherwise the shoes will be dried. The colloidal fibers will be oxidized and aged, resulting in tatters, cracks and frays, and will make some sneakers discolored. After drying in the shade, you can use shoe support, so that your sneakers will not be deformed, and you can also give them during maintenance. The sneakers are coated with a layer of special shoe polish for sports shoes. Adidas has produced a special shoe polish for football shoes. Everyone should pay attention to that, please do not use care products containing dissolved substances, such as leather shoe polish, because such items will damage the surface of the shoes. This will shorten the lifespan of your shoes and make them go bad faster. Will the position of the shoelace affect the performance of the game? Oh, of course!!! Now the sneakers pay more and more attention to technology. The position of the shoelace is moved from the traditional instep to the sides of the shoe. This design not only makes the shoes In addition to being more novel and beautiful, it has more practical uses. It can use the instep to kick the ball more accurately. The ball contact area of ​​the shoe is increased due to the side shift of the shoelace position. It is easier for the wearer to exert force and ease. palm�Control the ball and shoot with the instep. Such as: 06 Germany World Cup NIKE Total 90 Supremacy (NIKE Total 90 Supreme) boots is a real example. The design of the current sneakers pays more attention to the technical content, the comfort, the overall lightness of the sneakers, the unique and novel shape, and the more conducive to players to kick the “banana ball”. , This design can make the football shot by the player more rotatable. Of course, the arc of the sphere during flight will be larger, hehe!!! Of course, this design will only play a certain auxiliary role. Whether to kick a beautiful curved scimitar-style shot or a free kick still depends on the level of the kicker, so don’t delusionally think that you can become a Beckham by wearing a certain sneaker with more than 1,000 yuan. In addition, the material of the sneakers also plays a considerable role. For PU and artificial leather, it is easier to kick the “banana” ball than genuine leather. The reason is that the upper of PU and artificial leather is smoother than that of genuine leather, which is authoritative What people said, not what I said, I did not mislead you!!! Leather is strong, but not as strong as cowhide. The disadvantage of cowhide is that it has poor air permeability; PU is smoother, but not as strong as real leather; artificial leather is It is relatively soft and has good wear resistance; artificial leather is the worst material for making sneakers; while kangaroo leather is characterized by light weight and good air permeability, but its firmness is similar to that of genuine leather, and it is not as good as cowhide; now some NIKE companies produce High-end football boots use a lightweight synthetic material, such as the previous Assassin series, the Vapor series, and the official description is a synthetic material, not the familiar kangaroo leather

4. The relationship between basketball physical confrontation and weight

Physical confrontation in sports is an intuitive understanding. Under the premise of the rules, physical contact occurs, and the ultimate goal is to win the opponent and win the game. In physical confrontation, weight and strength are the material basis, and the implementation of physical confrontation ability is closely linked with physical fitness. Athletes with better physical fitness have an advantage in athletic talent.

Exercise coordination and increase explosiveness

Enhance strength and develop muscle groups

I often see some “Hercules” in the gym, which looks very good Strength and muscle groups are also beautiful, but some people practice “dead muscles”. What are “dead muscles”? It is empty and shapeless, without explosive force, and lacks practicality.

What amateur sports enthusiasts need to pay attention to is that no matter which sport you choose, don’t do too intense action, and don’t do it continuously. It is necessary to pay attention to the recovery of the physical state, and pay attention to the protection of each joint and muscle in the physical confrontation. It is best to do more core muscle training to stabilize the protection of the joints, and do warm-up exercises before each exercise. After exercising, stretch for 15-20 minutes.

How to improve the physical resistance ability

I don’t know if you have found it, in fact, the resistance ability has a great relationship with the core strength. Regarding core strength training, the first is the training of core stability, which can improve the ability of aerial confrontation and balance; the second is the training of core muscle group strength, which can help to complete the movements such as turning and dodging in the air.

1. Core stability training, such as plank support, single-leg squat, supine leg lift, handstand, etc. can exercise core stability, and you can also use some props for core stability training, such as fitness balls, TRX training rope, etc.

2. Core muscle strength training, such as: supine leg raises, hanging leg raises, sideways crunches, twist crunches, weight-bearing squats, lunges and other movements.

5. Ask for the detailed information of American fitness coach Marc Megna

arc megna (Mark Megna) bodybuilding coach Marc megna (Mark Megna) Megna), born in the United States on September 22, 1984, is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder, with a height of 183CM (6″0) and a weight of 88KG (195lbs). Marc megna has 10 years of experience before his personal bodybuilding and bodybuilding coaching career. Years of professional basketball experience, he often led his team to win various games and he was a major scoring point. At 16 he joined the U.S. national youth team, at 18, he joined the army for 1 1/2 years, where he discovered him Career – Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding has been a part of his life since then, from getting a personal trainer certificate to helping others achieve their highest potential to develop their bodies. Been competing in different competitions since 2006, never failed to win at least a bronze medal.

NIKE Arizona signed coach “NTC” (NIKE TRAINNING CLUB) international coach certification physical fitness Pilates mat coach certification ZUMBA international coach certification TRX STC international coach certification Lesmills bodypump bodyjam bodycombat bodybalance coach certification

6. Games for young people to exercise strength

�Quantity training is actually very important for runners. Its benefits are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

  • Strengthen muscles and connective tissue

  • Enhancing neuromuscular coordination, thereby improving running efficiency

  • In layman’s terms, the muscles that are trained are like armor, protecting you in various sports; Lubricating oil allows you to make various movements more smoothly and easily during exercise.

    The head coach of Posture Running China, Xu Guofeng, believes that there are three main tasks for muscle strength in running:

  • The first is to support the body weight. The faster the speed, the heavier the weight will be on the soles of the feet. Jogging is 1.5 times your body weight, and sprinting will be up to three times your body weight.

  • Second: Stable posture, such as maintaining a straight upper body (Run Tall) posture at a high cadence, without causing the trunk to lean forward.

  • The third type: conversion support. Quickly pull the back foot back under the hips to form the next point of support.

  • On the strength training for running, Mr. Guofeng has already covered 2 articles in great detail. For details, please refer to this:

    Today, we will share with you 9 kinds of American 9 types of strength training recommended by Runner’s World magazine. These movements can be performed 1-2 times a week, which can strengthen the muscles that may be insufficient during running, improve overall physical fitness, and avoid unnecessary strains.



    Movement essentials

  • Lie flat on the ground, legs Knees are bent.

  • Straighten the calf in the direction of the right thigh.

  • Exercise your left foot to raise your hip and knee further.

  • Slowly back to the ground and repeat 15 times.

  • Repeat in the opposite direction, this is a group.

  • Repeat 2 sets.

7. How to combine bodyweight training with weight training


(1) Assisted by the arm flexion and extension of the weighted parallel bars with a large grip and leaning forward, that is, the second or third exercise of the day, 3-4 sets, 8-12 times, total Weight (self weight + overweight) is the Rm of the first group. T group + 2 times (such as the first group of 8 times, the first group of 10rm body weight);

(2) with push-ups or other variants (such as inclined Push-ups, diamond push-ups, etc.) as the closing action, each set is high frequency, exhausting, and the interval is short, until the target number of times is reached, and each set rests for 30 seconds until exhaustion is 100 times. complete. Choose movements that are easy enough that there is no movement distortion even when exhausted, and the first set should not be less than 15-20 reps.


The first action of the day is to lead a load as the subject. Considering the balance of the anterior muscles, the use of the opposite grip or the opposite grip is more encouraged. 4-5 groups, 6-8 times, the total weight is still selected according to the “+2” principle. (Tip: why not pull or row? I prefer to think of pulling as a hip stretch rather than a back workout, the row is heavy, deforms easily, not easy to find back strength, but can be trained with very heavy weights .

(2) Glute bridges and their variants (single leg glute bridge, TRX glute bridge, etc.) line up with other closed movements. Again, it’s better to practice pulling sleds …

[shoulders and arms]

(1) The grip distance is narrow, The arm flexion and extension of the weight-bearing parallel bar with the body upright is the main or auxiliary item of the triarm, and the backhand/forehand primer with a narrow grip distance is the main or auxiliary item of the entire biceps/forearm/elbow F. Lexo muscles .

(2)Shoulder support or step down action;

(3 ) Small push-ups/arm bends and extensions, small backhand rows/weight-bearing bends, counter-support presses, etc.

If there is a difference between upper and lower extremities Yes, for example, according to the order of lying, squatting, pushing, deadlifting, we can arrange [chest + back], [legs + hips], [shoulders + arms], [back + hips] respectively. For example, Jailhouse Strong Plans are given for push-ups and push-ups (you can also end up with bodyweight rowing, although not the original version), lower body exercises for squat day, parallel bars for push-ups and handstand support for push-ups (the same can be done with narrow pull-ups as well) )), which is a tough pull-out day exercise (same can be done with bodyweight rowing and glute exercises). Choose wisely, for the training of 1-2 weakened parts. The push-pull difference is the same. These two different types of training are actually more suitable for public coaches

8. What should I do if I am afraid of physical confrontation when playing

If you want to enhance your physical confrontation ability, you must practice Strength, especially leg strength, can also be lifted with a barbell.
1. The core of the human body is the middle link of the human body. From an anatomical point of view, it refers to the trunk including the spine, the skeleton joints, the pelvis and its surrounding muscles, which are just at the joint of the upper and lower limbs.The pivotal role of linking up and down.
2. Core training has two directions, one is core stability training, which can improve aerial confrontation and balance; the other is core muscle strength training, which can help complete aerial rotation, Dodge etc.
3. Core stability training, which trains the passive force of the core muscles, that is, the ability to control the body. Core stability training methods are deliberately creating imbalances, allowing the body to increase strength in the process of maintaining stability. For example, plank (plank support) has suddenly become popular in recent years.
4, Plank, single-leg squat, supine leg lift, handstand and other actions are all good bodyweight core training methods. In addition, you can also use some props for core stability training, such as fitness balls, TRX Training ropes, bosu balls, etc. In short, the purpose of training is to maintain stability under unstable conditions.

9. What sports equipment can be installed on the walls of the gym

Basketball racks, multifunctional horizontal bars, rock climbing, etc.

10. What is the best player for watching basketball and soccer live broadcasts on mobile phones

A lot of harvest
This is a very common problem. Many companies want to reduce financial pressure and choose to suspend or not pay the housing provident fund of their employees. So how should the employees of the unit protect their rights in this situation?
The unit shall pay the housing provident fund on time and in full, and shall not overdue or underpay. For units that have real difficulties in paying and depositing the housing provident fund, the payment ratio may be reduced or the payment may be postponed after discussion and approval by the employee representative meeting or trade union of the unit, and after being reviewed by the housing provident fund management center and submitted to the housing provident fund management committee for approval; After the benefits are improved, the proportion of the deposit will be increased or the payment will be postponed.
If the unit does not go through the registration of housing provident fund payment or does not go through the formalities for setting up housing provident fund accounts for its employees, the housing provident fund management center shall order it to do so within a time limit; if it fails to do so within the time limit, it will be subject to a fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan. fine.
If the unit fails to pay or underpay the housing provident fund within the time limit, the housing provident fund management center shall order it to pay and deposit it within a time limit; if it fails to pay and deposit within the time limit, it may apply to the people’s court for compulsory execution.
Therefore, if you encounter such a situation, you must contact the housing provident fund management center in time, explain your situation, seek help from the housing provident fund management center, and effectively protect your rights and interests.


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