trx liquidity rises and falls

A. There are several major risks in the currency circle investment

First of all, you must first understand the entire currency circle industry chain;
It is easy to know how the project came about and what to do Yes, why there is this project;
For example, what do eos, ont, trx, btm… Media cooperation
How reliable are those media recommendations
What exchanges are these coins on, what is the reputation of these exchanges, what is the depth of trading, and what is their ranking. . .
After understanding this series, you can probably have a basic judgment on a certain coin.
But is there no risk in investing in this way?
No, there are risks everywhere in the currency circle.
Even if Bitcoin is bought at highs and lows, the risks are completely different.
At this time, you also need to use analysis tools such as coinsmart and non-trumpet to find trading points.

B. Which country does JFI coin belong to

JFI coin does not belong to which country, it is an economic model. JFI (JackPool) is a team of programmers and product managers. It was deeply influenced by YFI designer Andre Conje’s design concept of maximizing defi revenue, and was shocked by YFI’s 2000% annualized revenue, which has maintained more than 100% so far. APR, YFI is also moving towards the goal of 1YFI = 1BTC; we stand on the shoulders of giants, use YFI’s design ideas, learn from and redesign JFI, a one-click defi aggregation protocol for JustSwap, allowing you to maximize revenue with one click , and deployed on the Tron network with faster transaction speed and lower gas cost, hoping to provide Tron users with tools to maximize defi revenue, so JFI was created. is the world’s first JustSwap-based liquidity mining project, aiming to become YFI on TRON. The total amount of JFI tokens is 21,000, and only 70% of the total amount of YFI is a community project. There is no pre-mining, no ICO, and all are obtained through mining. The purpose is to give back to the TRON global community. JFI has the function of community governance and serves as the proof of more liquidity mining income on TRON in the future.
Expansion information:
1. JFI has a total of 3 liquidity mining pools based on JustSwap, namely USDT/TRX trading pair LP on JustSwap, USDJ/TRX trading pair LP, JFI/TRX trading pair LP, JFI/ TRX trading pair will be opened later, please keep an eye on the official Twitter. The total amount of coins that can be mined in each pool is 7,000 coins, 3,500 coins can be mined in the first week, 1,750 coins in the second week, halved every week, and finished in 10 weeks. At the same time, JFI will launch a mining revenue aggregator and more innovative products in a month.
Steps to participate in liquidity mining:
1. Go to fund pool, increase liquidity, put USDT/TRX or USDJ/TRX into justswap fund pool;
2 . Go to, enter the USDT-TRX LP pool or the USDJ-TRX LP pool, and pledge the tokens obtained in step 1;
3. Get JFI.
2. Join, we will help you maximize liquidity income:
1. You provide liquidity on JustSwap and get transaction fee share from JustSwap;
2. In On the basis of point 1, you can put the income certificate (LP Token) that provides liquidity on JustSwap on to get’s token $JFI;
3. You can also put $JFI on; Put JFI on JustSwap to provide liquidity to get transaction fees, and put the income certificate on to get $JFI;
·4. With $JFI, you can get the governance and voting rights of, And participate in other defi to get more income;
5. The total amount of $JFI is limited, with a total of 21,000 pieces, and will never be issued. The sooner you join, the better chance you have to earn more.
6.JFI (JackPool) economic model, $JFI belongs to the community, no ICO. has a total of 3 liquidity pools:
The first pool: USDT/TRX trading pair liquidity income certificate on JustSwap
The second pool: USDJ/TRX trading pair liquidity on JustSwap Income certificates
The third pool: JFI/TRX trading pair liquidity income certificates on JustSwap
The total amount of $JFI is 21,000 pieces
The total amount of each pool is 7,000 pieces. The total amount available in each pool is 3,500 in the first week, 1,750 in the second week, and 875 in the third week, halved every week, and the end of 10 weeks.
The amount of $JFI obtained by each miner is calculated by the proportion of the liquidity income certificate provided by the miner to the total liquidity income certificate in the same pool.
$JFI has the function of community governance and integrates the benefits of various defi platforms. It is used as follow-up project income distribution and participation in community governance. It has the voting rights of DAO, participates in other defi, and obtains more income

C. TRON Exchange is Is it formal?

The TRON Exchange is a formal stock exchange. The main way to distinguish whether it is a formal stock exchange is to see whether the exchange has a formal business license, and whether the transactions are protected by local laws.� is an exchange with a formal license.
I. What kind of institution is TRON?
As a world-renowned digital asset trading platform, TRON has obvious advantages in terms of trading depth. Although Bourne Exchange has only been established in the industry for more than a year, Bourne has the world’s leading trading depth and liquidity in both spot and contract trading fields due to its forward-looking planning and layout. Since the beginning of this year, TRON Exchange has stood out, issued platform tokens, built the first community exchange, launched contract trading, and led the contract market to integrate the trading depth of all platforms in the world. The single currency pair matching performance reached 3 million transactions per second, and the trading depth The world’s leading.
II. Definition of stock exchange
A stock exchange is a tangible centralized securities trading place established in accordance with the relevant laws of the state and approved by the government securities authority. There are only two stock exchanges in China, one is the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the other is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. A stock exchange is where all listed companies can trade their shares. Securities firms are brokers who buy and sell securities on behalf of ordinary people. Everyone is a member of the stock exchange. Only members are eligible to trade directly on the stock exchange. Each securities firm has its own trading desk, basically like the trading floor where you often see many vested traders on the TV news. Ordinary investors must trade through securities brokers—and securities firms. Securities companies are no different from ordinary profit-making companies.
In summary, TRON Exchange is a world-renowned Bitcoin exchange that investors can use with confidence. However, it is recommended that investors must do what they can. Any investment project has risks, and must invest within the scope of their own strength.
After completing the above steps, open the homepage of the encrypted cat MIMI, you can enter on Bitkeep
You can also find the encrypted cat MIMI on the DAPP page and enter

Enter the encrypted cat MIMI interface to find TRX-MIMI liquidity mining pledge interface, select the mining farm
We choose the first one, and the mining of USDT and pie is also ready to open

Click the + symbol

After staking LP, wait for MIMI income to arrive.

E. I heard that Justin Sun’s SunSwap 2.0 has added a one-click liquidity migration function, is that true?

Really, for the long-term of the SunSwap platform Development, so that more people can enjoy the dividends of SunSwap development, SunSwap V2.0 has been officially launched, SunSwap V2.0 protocol has been completely upgraded based on V1.0, adding the liquidity one-click migration function, users can transfer version 1.0 and The liquidity of version 1.5 is migrated to version 2.0. For this migration, users can complete this migration without tedious operations. In addition, liquidity is added to support any two TRC20s to form a trading pair; a routing protocol is added, and TRX is no longer required as an intermediate token to facilitate the exchange process, and the optimal path algorithm can be used according to the user’s transaction situation. Provide users with the best exchange path;

What is F. JKBWallet platform

is a digital cryptocurrency exchange platform.
JustSwap Finance Token (JFT) is a Fefi token issued by members of the JustSwap community based on the TRON network. The JustSwap exchange JFT adopts a revolutionary and innovative liquidity (DEX+AMN+Uniswap), and the JustSwap app benefits from the TRON network The high concurrent TPS, the Swap performance reached 6 million transactions per second. The first token exchange protocol on TRON in JustSwap City, users can exchange between any TRC20 Token. At present, 30 TRC20 tokens including TRX, JST, USDT, etc. have been launched.
JustSwap is essentially a project built on the TRON public chain. It can freely deposit tokens for exchange and can be freely withdrawn without the registration, identity verification and withdrawal restrictions of centralized exchanges.
Traders can trade any TRC20 pass, and market makers can achieve zero-door wooden surveillance. Any trader can trade any TRC20 currency, and the transaction needs to pay a 0.3% fee to the token liquidity provider. All transaction fees will be injected into the Zijin pool, and these transaction fees will be distributed proportionally to all liquidity providers. By. Therefore, liquidity providers can increase their income by injecting Zijin into Zijin Pool to obtain transaction fees. Liquidity providers can withdraw their shares in the liquidity pool at any time.
Liquidity can be said to be the most important factor for the development of all projects, exchanges and the entire industry in the circle. JustSwap can provide unlimited liquidity for more than a thousand traders and hundreds of applications. Convenient and fast, JustSwap can be traded instantly without waiting for order matching. JustSwap uses an automated liquidity protocol. Build on-chain trading pair pools using equivalent TEC and TRC20 tokens to provide liquidity to exchanges. The on-chain trading pair pool adopts the�Market maker algorithms execute trades, eliminating the need for order books and counterparties, and the system automatically sets prices and closes deals immediately.

What currency is G. trx

Trx is the TRON currency and the official token that drives the TRON network. TRON will be used as a global entertainment network. The credit platform of TRON marks the entertainment behavior of users through trx, and finally shares the credit data to the applications of the entire TRON network.

Trx (Tronix) is the official legal token of TRON, responsible for the communication and circulation of all virtual currencies in the world in TRON.

TRON is an open source decentralized content entertainment protocol based on blockchain. TRON is committed to using blockchain and distributed storage technology to build a global free content entertainment system. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data, and through the form of decentralized autonomy, the distribution, subscription, and push of digital assets determine the distribution, subscription, and push of digital assets to empower content creators, forming a decentralized content entertainment ecology.

Expansion information
The characteristics of TRON include that the content is not constrained by the platform, and has absolute ownership of the content created by itself; the current decentralized content publishing is changed to distributed content publishing; it has a large number of active People are a product that can meet the needs of a specific group of people.

1. In fact, everyone is familiar with bitcoin in virtual currency. The concept of bitcoin was first proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 on November 1, 2000, and on January 3, 2009. officially born. Bitcoin is not issued by a specific monetary institution, but is generated by a large number of calculations based on a specific algorithm.
There are only 21 million bitcoins that can be circulated around the world, bought and sold on any computer connected to the internet. Anyone can mine, buy, sell or collect bitcoins, no matter where you are. However, Bitcoin is not allowed to be traded in China, and its price is very high, around $10,000 a single.
RX, as a rising star, is being recognized by more institutions and individuals, and TRON’s strategic direction of building a decentralized ecosystem also highlights its advantages in the bear market.

2. On July 18, 2019, the first-tier exchange Huobi Global opened the ALTS ? trading area and launched the BTT/TRX trading pair. TRX is the first encrypted digital currency trading area after BTC and ETH (in addition to platform ecological tokens and stable currencies).
Subsequently, on September 4, 2019, Binance, the main exchange announced the addition of TRX-based trading pairs in the ALTS market, and opened BTT/TRX and WIN/TRX on September 4, 2019 at 18336000 (Hong Kong time) trading pair.

3. The opening of the trading area not only means that the liquidity of TRX is further improved, but also means that TRX with currency attributes is being accepted and recognized by more people as a hard currency in the encrypted world.

In addition, the main projects of BTT and trading zone TRX ?WIN are decentralized DApps developed based on TRON DApps. Those developed by TRON public chain can not only enjoy technical support, but also open up the TRX ecosystem, which will help Improve the liquidity of DapToken and form an ecological synergy based on TRX and TRX. It is conceivable that in the future, better DApps based on the TRON network will be registered in the secondary market, and the intrinsic value of TRON’s token TRX will continue to increase with the growth of the ecosystem. It remains to be seen whether TRX will become the next hard currency for digital assets.

H. What is the relationship between the rise and fall of stocks

Stocks have the attributes of commodities. To put it bluntly, they are a kind of “commodity”. Like other commodities, it is ‘s price is also governed by its intrinsic value (the value of the underlying company) and fluctuates around the value.

In terms of price fluctuations, stocks, like other commodities, are affected by their supply and demand in the market.

Like pork on the market, when more and more pork is needed, but the supply is far from enough, it is only natural that the price will rise; when more pork is sold, the supply of pork will exceed Please, pork prices will definitely not rise at this time.

According to the stock price: 10 yuan / share price, 50 people sell, but there are 100 buys in the market, then the other 50 people who can’t buy will buy at 11 yuan If you enter, the stock price will be increased accordingly, otherwise it will lead to a decrease in the stock price (due to space problems, the transaction is simplified here).

In daily life, there will be many factors that cause emotional fluctuations between buyers and sellers, and the influence of supply and demand will be bad. Among them, there are 3 determinants. Next, I will give We all explain in detail.

Before that, I will send you a wave of benefits and receive free detailed information on leading stocks in various industries, covering popular industries such as medical, military, and new energy, which may be deleted at any time: Hematemesis finishing! List of leading stocks in major industries, recommended collection!

1. What are the factors that cause the stock to rise and fall?

1. Policies

National policies lead the industry andNew energy industries, such as new energy, a few years ago, my country began to develop new energy, and supported related enterprises and industries, such as subsidies and tax reductions.

This attracts a large amount of market capital, and at the same time, it will continue to explore excellent sectors in related industries, as well as listed companies, and finally cause the stock to rise and fall.

2. Fundamentals

Looking at the long-term trend, the market trend is the same as the fundamentals. If the fundamentals are good, the overall market will improve. For example, my country’s economy took the lead under the epidemic. After recovery, the profitability of enterprises has gradually improved, and at the same time, it will also drive the recovery of the stock market.

3. Industry prosperity

This plays a very important role. It goes without saying that the rise and fall of stocks will not be separated from the industry trend. The company’s stock price will generally rise, such as the new energy mentioned above.

In order to let everyone know the latest information in time, I specially took out the treasure at the bottom of the box-stock market broadcast, which can timely grasp corporate information, trend turning points, etc., click the link to get it for free: [Stock Market Barometer] First-hand information broadcast of the financial market

Second, do you have to buy the stock when it goes up?

Many people are just new to stocks. Seeing that xx is going up well, they don’t hesitate to buy tens of thousands of yuan. After buying it, it keeps falling, and they are immediately stuck. In fact, the ups and downs of stocks can be artificially intervened in a short period of time. As long as someone holds enough chips, generally accounting for 40% of the circulating market, they can completely control the stock price. Senior Sister feels that if you are still in the novice stage, you should put long-term holding of leading stocks for value investment first, so as to avoid short-term investments being cut off by others. Spitting up blood! List of leading stocks in major industries, recommended collection!

I. How long does it take for trx to rise to 70 yuan

One TRX coin is about 0.26 yuan. Likely.
Tokens rely extensively on the decentralized application market, and ultimately, all price predictions come from two other expectations: expectations for the future financial performance of the decentralized application (Dapps) market and the likelihood of success for Tron’s competitors ; for example, Ethereum, Yuzucoin and Ytcoin. All of these platforms do not focus on the digital entertainment industry, but also provide a successful framework for decentralized application development and smart contract deployment.
According to WalletInvestor, TRX (TRX) price prediction is bearish, the price may drop from $0.0127 to $0.00166, a drop of -86, 921%, next year, the price of one TRX may be $0.02032 , in 2025, the exchange rate of the coin may reach $0.1016.
So the rise and fall of TRX is a long-term, multi-factor prediction process, but from the current situation in recent years, it seems a bit difficult to reach 70 yuan.

How is J. Justin Sun’s TRON doing public chain construction

In the past 4 years, TRON has continuously invested 1 billion yuan in R&D costs each year . On the other hand, a number of “domestic public chain” projects were launched at the same time as TRON or even earlier, and were given high hopes because of their own auras, but in the end they fell silent. And TRON led by Justin Sun successfully broke through the big defeat of the collective fall of the “domestic public chain”. After three years of accumulation, it gradually began to enter a better state. The blockchain ecological pattern may be after TRON launches the expansion cross-chain solution BTTC. chance to be rewritten.


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