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『One』How much is the minimum investment to open a gym now

1. Equipment
Equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, weight-lifting equipment, is divided into aerobic equipment and Anaerobic equipment, 10-20 treadmills, 20-30 exercise bikes, and 20 weight lifters, that is to say, there are 50-60 pieces of equipment, both large and small, with an average cost of about 5,000 yuan. 300,000 yuan.
2. Rent
The rent depends on the size of the gym, but it is generally 500 to 800 square meters, otherwise the place is too small and too narrow to carry out more projects to make money, such as boxing and yoga Wait. Of course, the rent should be kept below 100,000 yuan per month as much as possible, otherwise, no amount of projects will be supported.
3. Decoration and labor
The rent and equipment are available, then the next step is decoration and labor. In terms of decoration, different grades of decoration are carried out according to the requirements of the gym.
Labor, this aspect is also worth noting. Now gyms are recruiting a team, including product managers, fitness coaches, and errands who solicit customers. The contract system is implemented, and you give the leader a sum of money to help him. You guarantee the business volume, which generally ranges from 40,000 to 60,000 for three months, and then pays the salary according to his performance, which is more cost-effective than hiring people through the general process.
4. Others
Then there are dressing rooms, shower equipment, leisure area equipment, reception area equipment, and publicity fees, which add up to about 100,000 yuan. With about 700,000 to 800,000 yuan, you can open a relatively good gym.

“2” Learn which movements, and stick to it for three months, you can practice enviable arm lines


“Bye Bye Meat”, as the name suggests, is the fat meat that wiggles when it moves. You must refuse to continue watching it when you see such a goodbye meat, because it doesn’t have any aesthetic feeling. I hope that my figure is getting closer and closer to the level of a supermodel, and my skin will always be 18 years old. This is probably what every woman hopes for! Then, many women are keen and fond of tight and slender arm muscles! From an aesthetic point of view, a woman’s slenderness is far more important than a “man”!

After finding a medicine ball that suits your training weight, hold the ball in front of your body, open your feet about a punch, and then move your right foot to the right for about 3 Shoulder width apart, make a right lunge with your right foot, and move the medicine ball to the upper right of the knee on the right side of the body, then return the right foot to the starting position, while the arms retract the medicine ball to the left upper left In the square position, the arms holding the medicine ball are straight. Repeat 20 times on one side and then switch to the other side, with 20 repetitions on each side as a group, for a total of 4 groups.

These training movements will be effective as long as you stick to them!

“Three” traditional training and functional training are stronger and weaker

Nowadays, when you want to exercise, you will definitely think of going to the gym Equipment, exercise muscles, so that your body becomes fit. So you might as well think about it, can any movement of your body be achieved with only one muscle activity? In our daily life, are there any actions we need to do while lying on the bench? Do you need extra baffles in your life to keep your body stable? Does everyone need very strong muscles?

6. Suspension equipment: TRX belts are very common and originated from the training method of the Navy SEALs, similar to rings. Different from rings, TRX belts can have a variety of training methods. Facing the anchor or back-to-back or side-to-anchor, often used for stability and flexibility training.

Now we know what “functional training” is, and we also know the general method of functional training. Now it is no longer mysterious. Here I hope that the coach can seriously study the relevant training methods. , responsible for their students; trainees can better distinguish which training method they prefer; enthusiasts can understand functional training and consider how to incorporate it into our training.

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