trx protein isoelectric point

①Is pet-32a empty vector soluble expression?

This empty vector will express a Trx-tagged protein tightly, plus his tag, about 20kd, is highly soluble of.

②How to obtain imtoken bandwidth energy

Burn TRX (recommended) Keep 5-20 TRX tokens in the TRON wallet, and TRX will be automatically burned when transferring In order to deduct the bandwidth and energy required for the transfer.
•Freeze TRX Click Energy/Bandwidth on the asset home page to enter the Tron resource management interface, select the resource type you want to obtain, and enter the number of TRX to be frozen. It is recommended to freeze 100. Frozen TRX can be thawed and retrieved after 3 days

③ In biology, what is the difference between motif and domain

1, different levels

Motif is the level between the secondary and tertiary structures, and the level of Motif is close to the secondary structure.

Domain is the level between the secondary and tertiary structures, and the level of Domain is close to the tertiary structure.

2. Different independence:

domain is independent and stable.

motifs are not independently stable.

3. Different protein structures:

Motif is a mathematical statistical model based on data in biology , is the sequence prediction for a specific group. For proteins, motifs can be defined as proteins (protein sequences) that belong to a given protein family.

Domains are structural entities that typically represent parts of the protein structure that function independently of folding and driving. Therefore proteins are often constructed from different combinations of these domains.

4. Different combination forms:

motif is usually helix-loop-helix, combination of beta fold, alpha helix, etc.

domains are usually spherical or fibrous compressed regions.

④ When using pET-32a to express the target protein with the initiation codon, whether the translation starts from the initiation codon on the vector or from the target protein

Of course, start with the existing fusion protein on the vector. Your target protein is behind Trx and His-tag

⑤ Will the trx tag affect the protein? The antigenicity of the

trx tag is a relatively large fusion tag, with more than 20 KDa
It is very likely to change the antigenic determinant of the protein
Generally, it is not To affect the function of the protein, an enzyme cleavage site will be added between the trx tag and the target protein, such as the enterokinase site DDDDK, and the trx tag will be removed.

⑥ Want to enhance Lower body strength, how to perform TRX physical training

For those who want to achieve the effect of shaping, they may not be able to bear the weight-bearing movements at the beginning. Today, I will teach you a simple set of TRX training, strength The requirements are not very big.

Action 2: TRXY word training

It can exercise our shoulder muscles, first face the training belt, keep the forearm slightly flexed in front of the chest , Keep the body balanced and stable, and the feet must stand firm. Since this action is a single-joint action, the requirements for the shoulder muscles will be higher, especially for the arm deltoid muscle group. , the angle of the upper and lower arms remains unchanged, and the entire movement is controlled at a slow speed to ensure that the TRX always maintains tension, and the pelvis and core have not changed.

Exercise 3: TRX rowing

This exercise helps to exercise our back muscles, first face the training belt, palms facing each other, arms in front of the chest, keep a slight bend State, the entire core is tightened, the pelvis cannot be shaken, the body remains stable, the center of gravity is slightly tilted back, the entire scapula is tightened, and your shoulder girdle is kept stable. This action should first force your back, and the center of gravity is slightly tilted back. Then pull the body back to the highest point, the thumb touches the chest, and then lower, the entire movement must keep the back force in advance,

Action 4: TRX lower body movement

This movement is in While improving the strength of the lower body, increase the stability of the ankle and lower body joints, first face the training belt, clench the hands tightly, maintain the tension of the training belt, keep the feet apart, keep the standard distance, the toes are facing forward, and the hips and knees are slightly bent , Squat until the thighs do not deviate from the ground, try to be as parallel as possible, the calves should be as perpendicular to the ground as possible, slowly lift the body, keep your core tight during the movement, point your knees to your toes, and do not buckle your thighs inwards.

This action is simpler than other actions. During the training process, you can reduce the support points to increase the strength, adjust the center of gravity to one foot, take a small step back with the opposite foot, and point your toes to the ground. On this basis, do a toe step backwards, the back foot is extended backward, to the farthest end, ensure that the back foot touches the ground, support the body, the front leg still maintains a squat posture, the thigh returns to the initial position, and repeat this action to continue training .

Keep the knee joint stable during the movement, always keep one direction during training, and the back foot can use the� Point on the ground, at this time you can also point your toes on the ground, reduce the support point, and continue to increase the difficulty. At the same time, you can also increase the action of raising the knee, the action is more difficult, and the stimulation of the single leg is better.

The above is TRX’s body weight exercise, which is a complete system. Compared with weight-bearing training, it reduces the pressure on joints and reduces the risk of injury. During the action process, you must choose your own angle, and do not do movements that span too much. TRX will have a better effect on people who are in shape.

⑦ What does motif mean in molecular biology and how to translate it

motif is in many protein molecules, consisting of several peptides with secondary structure in Spatially approaching and interacting with each other, the resulting folded patterns are called super-secondary structures, also known as motifs. Zinc finger structure is a common motif.

motif is a mathematical statistical model based on data in biology. Typically, a sequence can also be a structure, which is a sequence prediction of a specific group. For example, a DNA sequence can be defined as the binding of transcription factors. Sites, ie sequences, tend to be bound by this factor.

For proteins, sequence motifs can be defined as proteins (protein sequences) that belong to a given protein family. A simple motif can be, for example, a pattern shared by all members of the group.

For example WTRXEKXXY (where X stands for any amino acid). Of course there are also more complex motif models. Motifs are sometimes associated with specific functions.

Motif is biologically translated into, motif, motif, motif, etc.

(7) trx protein isoelectric point extended reading

Common motifs:

1, left-handed supercoil——3 The right-handed α-helix is ​​twisted together to form a left-handed supercoil;

2. Right-handed supercoil—three left-handed helices are twisted together to form a right-handed supercoil, such as collagen;

3. Coiled-coil—two adjacent right-handed α-helices twisted together to form a left-handed supercoil;

4. Helical bundle—the aggregate of multiple α-helices;

4. p>

5, β-sheet-α-helix β-sheet, or βαβ;

6, β-hairpin loop—two antiparallel β-strands connected by a loop;

7, α-helix-β-turn-α-helix, namely αβα;

8, α-helix-loop-α-helix (EF palmistry);

9. Rossmann coil – also known as Rossmann fold, which is linked by two βαβ to form a βαβαβ structure, which usually binds coenzyme I;

10. Greek key motif – is a A full beta-sheet aggregate, found in many different types of proteins, named for its topological resemblance to the Greek key on an ancient vase, and albuminogen contains this motif.

⑧ what does trx mean

trx suspension training;thioredoxin;thioredoxin;protein;transceiver.

Trx has various biological functions in keeping stable redox status of cells.

thioredoxin has various biological functions and plays an important role in maintaining stable redox status in the body .

Construction of recombinant adenovirus vector with TRX gene by Tet-Off inction.

Construction of recombinant adenovirus vector with Tet-Off induced thioredoxin gene.

These studies have shown that: TRX can suppress tumor cell apoptosis.

These studies have shown that: TRX can suppress tumor cell apoptosis.

Trx plays crucial roles in regulating cell growth, apoptosis and gene transcription.

Trx has functions such as regulating cell growth, inhibiting apoptosis and regulating gene transcription.

CONCLUSION: TRX protein plays an important role in the defense response of myocardium against oxidative stress.

Conclusion: TRX protein plays an important role in the defense response of myocardium against oxidative stress.

⑨ What is the size of the tag carried by pET-32a

It is very simple, pet32a expresses a protein with a 6*his tag, if the gene you express has x amino acids, the protein size is about (x+6)*110/1000kd.

⑩ How to purify TRX-tagged protein

Generally, there will be a His tag in this vector, which can be purified directly by nickel column


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