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1. How to draw a schematic diagram of a tensile test bar in word

I am a WPS, find the shape in the insert, click the black triangle on the right side of the shape, there is an arrow line in it , can be elongated

2. Which arm bar or tensioner is more suitable for exercising the arms and chest muscles

The arm bar mainly exercises the arm, and the tensioner exercises Pectoral muscles!

3. Does anyone know the specific measurement length of the tensile bar elongation of cast aluminum alloy grade aluminum ingots, and the specific calculation method. Thanks!

The elongation of the test bar is obtained at the same time when the tensile strength is detected. There are two methods. One is the extensometer that comes with the equipment, the gauge length is 50mm, and the equipment software comes with Formula, when the test rod is broken, the result will come out by itself; another is to make a scale with a length of 50mm in the middle section of the test rod, which must be accurate. When the test rod is broken, move the test rod along the fracture. Adhesion, measure the distance X between the two scales, and the elongation rate is [(x-50)/50]%

4. What are the advantages of TRX training compared to traditional equipment training? The disadvantage is

In the later stage, even if you master the movements of TRX, there is no problem. It is still traditional resistance training, because your goal is to be big and strong. Traditional resistance training can add weight, TRX To a certain extent it can’t be added.

5. Is the trx tension rope the better the weight?

Should not be

6. What is What is the use of the arm stick? Answers!

A kind of fitness equipment mainly to exercise upper body strength
The arm strength bar is a pair of arms with handles on both ends and a strong spring in the middle. A stick-shaped sports equipment that mainly exercises arm strength is the black, corncob-thick and thick springs sold in sporting goods stores to exercise your forearm strength and wrist strength.
The main arm muscles (deltoid, biceps), pectoral muscles, originally had an arm bar in the bedroom, a very thin buddy in the bedroom has been practicing for a while, the chest is very obvious and has pectoral muscles It’s not expensive. To exercise the arm muscles, choose the arm force machine and the attention points. Bend your arms and bend the spring hard behind your neck. 2. Arms forward, flex the spring upwards, and release. 3. Bring your arms closer to your chest, bend the spring, then straighten and slowly relax. 4. Stand with feet apart, right elbow bent and spring with left hand, then left elbow bent and spring with right hand. 5. After the arms are dead, hold the spring tightly, then straighten down and gradually bend. Matters needing attention: 1. Please check whether the adjacent parts of the arm force device are stable and not loose before use. 2. Please choose an arm strength device that suits your physical level to avoid straining your muscles. 3. When using it, place the seat belt on the arm power handle on the wrist as shown in the left figure. 4. When using, you should choose a relatively spacious venue to exercise, so as not to hurt people. 5. It is recommended that children under the age of 12 do not use the arm force machine: the chest, shoulder, and back muscles The arm force bar has a significant effect on strength, but there is no significant end to the muscles. I have practiced a 50kg arm force bar for each group. 50, 10 groups a day, after two months, I haven’t seen a piece of meat that grows. So I don’t know which one to practice. Push-ups are the easiest and the hardest to train muscles every day. Slow increase

7. I recently bought an arm strength bar and a strength machine. I want a long-term exercise plan, and the exercise effect should be obvious. Make a plan, thank you

Haha, I can see that you have a good physique and have great potential for development. Things like arm strength sticks are long-term and do not need to be replaced. In fact, the best way to exercise is push-ups – push-ups can be said to be able to develop most of the muscles of the upper body. I also like fitness. I have never read any books or checked anything. Totally figured it out on my own. Now here’s a plan for you: The day’s plan doesn’t have to be in the morning, the best time to exercise every day is 4-6 o’clock in the afternoon, because I can’t remember why. If you are a student, you can take a walk or Do some exercises in a small space, that is, push-ups, and then exercise properly every day. When there is improvement, increase the amount of exercise every day, but change the time to 135 or 246 per week, and keep it for 40 minutes to an hour every other day. Left and right, according to the equipment in your hand, only two are not enough. It is recommended that you do other sports. People who have nothing for a long time can build muscles by relying on a bench. There are many ways to use tensioners and arm bars. You can find out by yourself that as long as the body is able to move and not injured, it can have an exercise effect. Each set of equipment is divided into groups of 10-20 for each type or you can make your own, and divide it into 3-6 groups every day. This is optional, and because of the lack of equipment, it is recommended Do 20-40 push-ups for each set, 4-6 sets for each set, finish oneDoing 3 groups after the set works best and you can do sit-ups or ingots during the three-minute period, which will also work the abdominal muscles and restore the arms. Hope that helps you.

8. GoFit fitness rope and TRX training belt which is good to ask God to answer

The rope and TRX are different. . . Pull rope is weight training, TRX is body weight training. It depends on your own situation and what effect you want to achieve. If you say that you have exercised regularly and you are already good, then the tension rope is not very effective. The heaviest tension rope I know is 150 pounds. . TRX is useful in all stages, after all, this is the difference between body weight training and weight training

9. Which one is better for muscle training, arm strength or tensioner?

Spring Pullers can train arm strength, chest muscles, shoulders, etc., and can be practiced in many places on the upper body. You can also lift it with both hands and pull it down from the top, or you can pull it from behind, from the back to the sides, with your feet on it, and then bend your arms and pull it up. Wait, there are many ways to exercise dumbbells, I suggest you go here You should first train the 2 heads and the triceps, I think : Dumbbells + arm strength equipment + grip strength equipment is the best way to exercise the arms. As for you, lift dumbbells if you want to exercise muscles, but only exercise the upper arms and shoulders, chest muscles, etc., the forearm is difficult to exercise.

10. TRX resistance rope is known as a mobile gym, so can it be replaced (see below) for amateur fitness personnel like me?

Yes, but you need to learn to use dumbbells or Standard action for other stationary equipment. Because TRX is a free-moving equipment, the core part of the body requires high control ability. If you have no experience in fitness, it is best to learn the previous fitness equipment before using TRX, otherwise it will easily cause physical damage.

Hope to help you!


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