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A. What are the advantages and disadvantages of TRX training compared to traditional equipment training?

In the later stage, even if you master the movements of TRX, there is no problem, and it is still traditional resistance training. Mainly, because your goal is to be big and strong, traditional resistance training can add weight, but TRX cannot add to a certain level.

B. What is trx

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, which means whole-body resistance exercise. Through self-gravity and suspension training, the strength, stability and flexibility of the whole body muscles can be improved, especially the core muscles are very stimulated. Unlike ordinary strength training, TRX resistance only comes from body weight, which can meet the needs of all exercise.

C. If you want to enhance the strength of your lower body, how to perform TRX physical training

For those who want to achieve the effect of shaping, they may just start weight-bearing exercises It’s not that I can afford it. Today, I will teach you a simple set of TRX training. The strength requirements are not very large.

Action 2: TRXY word training

It can exercise our shoulder muscles, first face the training belt, keep the forearm slightly flexed in front of the chest , Keep the body balanced and stable, and both feet must stand firm. Since this action is a single-joint action, the requirements for the shoulder muscles will be higher, especially for the arm deltoid muscle group. , the angle of the upper and lower arms remains unchanged, and the entire movement is controlled at a slow speed to ensure that the TRX always maintains tension, and the pelvis and core have not changed.

Exercise 3: TRX rowing

This exercise helps to exercise our back muscles, first face the training belt, palms facing each other, arms in front of the chest, keep a slight bend The state, the entire core is tightened, the pelvis cannot be shaken, the body remains stable, the center of gravity is slightly tilted back, the entire shoulder blade is tightened, and the shoulder girdle is kept stable. This action should first make your back exert force, and the center of gravity is slightly tilted back. Then pull the body back to the highest point, the thumb touches the chest, and then lower, the entire movement must keep the back force in advance,

Action 4: TRX lower body movement

This movement is in While improving the strength of the lower body, increase the stability of the ankle and lower body joints, first face the training belt, clench the hands tightly, maintain the tension of the training belt, keep the feet apart, keep the standard distance, toes facing forward, hips and knees slightly bent , Squat until the thighs do not deviate from the ground, try to be as parallel as possible, the calves should be as perpendicular to the ground as possible, slowly lift the body, keep your core tight during the movement, point your knees to your toes, and do not buckle your thighs inwards.

This action is simpler than other actions. During the training process, you can reduce the support points to increase the strength, adjust the center of gravity to one foot, take a small step back with the opposite foot, and point your toes to the ground. On this basis, do a step back with the toes, the back foot is extended backward, to the farthest end, ensure that the back foot touches the ground to support the body, the front leg still maintains the squat posture, the thigh returns to the initial position, repeat this action to continue training .

Keep the knee joint stable during the movement. Always keep one direction during training. The back foot can use the toes to touch the ground. At this time, the toes can also be left on the ground. Reduce the support points and continue to increase the difficulty. You can increase the knee lift, the action is more difficult, and the stimulation of the single leg is better.

The above is TRX’s body weight exercise, which is a complete system. Compared with weight-bearing training, it reduces the pressure on joints and reduces the risk of injury. During the action process, you must choose your own angle, and do not do movements with too large spans. TRX will have a better effect on people who are in shape.

D. What does trx mean

trx is a full-body resistance exercise.

TRX is the abbreviation of Total Resistance Exercise, which means “full body resistance exercise”, but the fitness industry seems to prefer to call it “suspension training system”. TRX has always been committed to providing users with comprehensive and innovative training courses and movement designs.

In the communication system, TRX is the transceiver unit in the communication, which is usually also considered as the carrier frequency. TRU (transmission receiver unit) is a general term for a carrier in the hardware structure, referring to a piece of carrier. TRX is a collective term for a specific receiver and transmitter, and is a part of the TRU transceiver unit.

Trx training method:

The suspension training rope originated from the US Navy SEALs and is the flagship product of TRX. Utilize training tools for hundreds of different training styles to improve your trainer’s strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Invented by American Olympic Taekwondo athletes, innovative training methods for combat training and physiotherapy, innovative training methods through the use of training and physiotherapy, through the use of training users’ Spin for explosive power and core strength.

E.TWhat is RX training

The fitness coach introduced that when we stand upright, due to the action of the earth’s gravity, the lumbar spine and lower limb joints will be under great pressure, which will inevitably lead to back pain over time. Office workers often need to sit in the office for a long time, and this symptom is more obvious. TRX can adjust the shape of the spine, fully relax the joints, and exercise the muscles of the lower back, which is the most suitable fitness method.

F. How to use TRX to train chest muscles

TRX is mainly for whole body training, which can improve the stability and coordination of the whole body, football and basketball Athletes will use it in their daily training, but as a fitness enthusiast, it is more targeted to train the target muscle groups and better, and it is easier to achieve results and results!

How to use G. TRX training belt and which parts can be exercised?

We often see a hanging elastic belt in the gym, which is what we The trx mentioned in the title, but not many people know how to use this elastic belt for training. In fact, it has many functions. The following is a detailed analysis of a few.

On this basis, we can transfer the weight to one foot, step back with the other foot, and then do the lunge squat with the non-supporting leg backwards. , so that the training of the unilateral leg is more adequate.

A few simple trx movements are introduced above. Friends who don’t know this equipment can try it out for themselves.

H. Tired of barbell training, do you have any other novel exercises to recommend?

What we are going to teach you today is not an ordinary exercise, I think a lot People are tired of training with dumbbells, barbells or stationary equipment, because we have been doing it for a long time, then we will teach you how to use other things for training, today we are going to mention a thing called TRX Ropes, let you experience a more innovative way of exercise.

Movement essentials: We do this action for 10 seconds on each foot, grab the TRX rope with both hands to maintain balance, lower our body’s center of gravity, and then the body can start backward, lift it up Squatting with one foot facing down is actually a bit like squatting with one foot, but squatting with one foot requires us to have a very high core ability. With the help of ropes, this movement can make us more stable to master the movement, so it is also Very recommended.

The above six actions are all that we can do at any time. As long as we have a TRX rope and find a high place where we can fix it, we can do it. If you learn it, you will save a lot. time, allowing you to exercise anytime, anywhere.

I. I saw two thick ropes in the gym for exercise.

Battling Ropes is an explosive fat loss method. Training, the damage to human joints is very low. It is a combination of strength and aerobic action, which has a very good effect on losing fat on the body! The rope of the battle rope is similar to the rope we usually use for tug-of-war. The weight of each rope is different. Remember to choose the rope that is suitable for your weight when doing this training.

This exercise will not only use muscle strength, but will also train core muscles, stability, coordination and sexuality, cardiorespiratory fitness, explosive strength and endurance.

(9) trx swimming stability extended reading

If you are tired of running to reduce fat, or if you have knee injuries and are not suitable for running, you can Switch to battle rope training to burn fat and lose fat. It is called a fat-burning artifact, and it is also very cool to practice~ Battle ropes can improve cardiopulmonary function, and are also very good for reducing fat and increasing muscle. So, many people like this training more and more, it’s cool and simple, who doesn’t like it?

In the process of training with the battle rope, the centrifugal force during the vibration of the main movement causes instability to exercise the stability of the trainer. It has a significant effect on improving physical fitness, coordination ability, and core strength control. If a novice uses a battle rope to exercise, it is recommended to do it under the guidance of an experienced person, otherwise the movement will be easily deformed.


Network-High Intensity Training

J. Core stability exercises, have you learned this action?

Kneeling Diagonal Support:
This test differs from it in that after kneeling, we lift the arm and leg on the same side.
It’s like this:
If you can do it in a kneeling position, lift the hand and foot on the same side to stretch at the same time, and lift the arm to the level of the leg and the ground, then flex the elbow and knee as close as possible , to ensure that the waist is straight and there is no significant body rotation throughout the process.
And it can be done on both the left and right sides (some people will have obvious differences on the left and right sides, so you can test the weak side and make up for the short board).
That means your core is rotationally stable.�� is already very strong.
Can achieve a full score of 3 points.


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