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❶ How to use the TRX training belt to exercise which parts?

We often see a hanging elastic belt in the gym, which is what we said in the title trx, but not many people know how to use this elastic belt for training. In fact, it has many functions. The following is a detailed analysis of a few.

On this basis, we can transfer the weight to one foot, step back with the other foot, and then do the lunge squat with the non-supporting leg backwards. , so that the training of the unilateral leg is more adequate.

A few simple trx movements are introduced above. Friends who don’t know this equipment can try it out for themselves.

❷ trx training, what is the principle

TRX advantages are easy to carry, can strengthen the core muscles, and can basically exercise the muscles of the whole body (endurance, explosion), There is a good principle of progression and regression for all people

❸ Can trx training be used for lumbar disc herniation?

The most common symptom of lumbar disc herniation is pain , but don’t be afraid if you have lumbar disc herniation;
1. You should insist on exercising and treatment, resting in a lying position, resting more, and don’t lift heavy objects.
2. Don’t bend too hard at ordinary times. , tie shoelaces or take things, etc. When you need to bend over, you must first squat down and then slowly get up.
3. Don’t sit for a long time, get up and move around after sitting for a long time.
4. If you have time, you can walk backwards, which is very useful for lumbar disc herniation, but you must insist.
5, usually do not sleep on a soft bed, but a slightly harder bed.

❹What is trx fitness

The source of TRX physical training system: In the US military’s physical training system, many classic training props have been produced. In the 1980s, a towel made of high-density fiber went into a soldier’s supply bag. It was tough enough to withstand hundreds of pounds. Many soldiers wrapped it around the barrel of a tank and grabbed it with both hands. Do pull-ups on both ends, or make your own kettlebells tied to an ammo box for curls and more. After entering the new century, the U.S. military has developed a new suspension training system, relying on a few straps to ensure the training intensity in wartime, and rarely cause injuries and avoid non-combat attrition.

Later, a commander of the U.S. Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick redesigned the equipment and training plan after retiring and turned it into a civilian fitness program – the TRX suspension training system.

TRX has three advantages

According to the coach, more than 1,000 gyms in the United States are currently using TRX, and some public places are also equipped with similar devices to facilitate citizens to exercise by themselves . There are three main reasons for the rapid spread of this sport within a few years.

First, many bodybuilders who want to improve their balance are tired of traditional equipment such as exercise balls. One young man said that doing all kinds of “suspension training” with the TRX unit is like doing yoga on the ropes, requiring both endurance and a range of balance skills.

Second, in today’s fitness field, the theory of “functional exercise” has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people. This theory advocates the comprehensive and coordinated exercise of the muscles of the whole body, rather than the exercise of only local muscles. TRX does exactly that.

Third, another advantage of TRX is its exercise effect on the lower back muscles. In recent years, the American fitness industry has put special emphasis on exercising the muscles of the lower back, especially the muscles around the spine. In this regard, Kathy Davis, executive director of the American Health and Fitness Association, pointed out that in this context, the emergence of fitness programs such as TRX can be described as “at the right time.”

The fitness coach introduced that when we stand upright, due to the action of the earth’s gravity, the lumbar spine and lower extremity joints will be under great pressure, which will inevitably lead to back pain over time. Office workers often need to sit in the office for a long time, and this symptom is more obvious. TRX can adjust the shape of the spine, fully relax the joints, and exercise the muscles of the lower back, which is the most suitable fitness method.

❺What is TRX training

The fitness coach introduced that when we stand upright, under the action of the earth’s gravity, the lumbar spine and lower limb joints will be under great pressure, Over time, back pain is inevitable. Office workers often need to sit in the office for a long time, and this symptom is more obvious. TRX can adjust the shape of the spine, fully relax the joints, and exercise the muscles of the lower back, which is the most suitable fitness method.

❻ How to do TRX physical training if you want to enhance the strength of your lower body

For those who want to achieve the effect of shaping, weight-bearing exercises may not be the first time. If you can afford it, I will teach you a simple set of TRX training today. The strength requirements are not very large.

Action 2: TRXY wordTraining

can exercise our shoulder muscles, first face the training belt, keep the upper arm slightly flexed in front of the chest, keep the body balanced and stable, and the feet must stand firm, because this action is a single joint Therefore, the requirements for the shoulder muscle group will be higher, especially for the arm deltoid muscle group. See the example in the above picture. During the movement, the angle of the upper and lower arms is still kept unchanged, and the whole movement is controlled at a slow speed to ensure that the TRX is always maintained. Tension, pelvis and core did not change.

Exercise 3: TRX rowing

This exercise helps to exercise our back muscles, first face the training belt, palms facing each other, arms in front of the chest, keep a slight bend State, the entire core is tightened, the pelvis cannot be shaken, the body remains stable, the center of gravity is slightly tilted back, the entire scapula is tightened, and your shoulder girdle is kept stable. This action should first force your back, and the center of gravity is slightly tilted back. Then pull the body back to the highest point, the thumb touches the chest, and then lower, the entire movement must keep the back force in advance,

Action 4: TRX lower body movement

This movement is in While improving the strength of the lower body, increase the stability of the ankle and lower body joints, first face the training belt, clench the hands tightly, maintain the tension of the training belt, keep the feet apart, keep the standard distance, the toes are facing forward, and the hips and knees are slightly bent , Squat until the thighs do not deviate from the ground, try to be as parallel as possible, the calves should be as perpendicular to the ground as possible, slowly lift the body, keep your core tight during the movement, point your knees to your toes, and do not buckle your thighs inwards.

This action is simpler than other actions. During the training process, you can reduce the support points to increase the strength, adjust the center of gravity to one foot, take a small step back with the opposite foot, and point your toes to the ground. On this basis, do a toe step backwards, the back foot is extended backward, to the farthest end, ensure that the back foot touches the ground, support the body, the front leg still maintains a squat posture, the thigh returns to the initial position, and repeat this action to continue training .

Keep the knee joint stable during the movement, and always keep one direction during training. The back foot can use the toes to touch the ground, or the toes can not touch the ground at this time, reduce the support points, continue to increase the difficulty, and at the same time. Knee lifts can be added, which are more difficult and stimulate one leg better.

The above is TRX’s body weight exercise, which is a complete system. Compared with weight-bearing training, it reduces the pressure on joints and reduces the risk of injury. During the action process, you must choose your own angle, and do not do movements with too large spans. TRX will have a better effect on people who are in shape.

❼ What movement patterns should TRX beginner trainers use for training

TRX training is very suitable for those who need to lose fat and improve their body at the same time, especially core strength (abdomen) crowd. The training intensity of TRX is not as good as that of weight training, which means that the training time can last longer, which means that while stimulating muscle growth, it also has the effect of aerobic training. Muscle building and shaping kill two birds with one stone.

❽ TRX Suspension Training, what the hell

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