trx4 climbing review

『One』TRX4 is better with a hard case or a soft case

I think the soft case is better, because the soft case feels better than the hard case. Relatively speaking, the touch is not so good.

『II』 TRX4 battery 2S label 30C or 50C which is better

This represents the discharge capacity of the battery, this C is called “” in battery professional terms Discharge rate””, that is, the multiple of the discharge current value divided by the battery capacity value. For example, if the capacity of a battery is 1000mAh, then we use 2000mA current to discharge, which is called 2C discharge. If the battery is said to use 5C to discharge, then the current It is 5000mA, if it is 20C, then it is 20000mA (ie 20A) current. The C number that we usually say, for example, 20, means that the battery can be discharged at 20C, which represents the maximum normal discharge capacity of the battery.
50c has a larger discharge capacity than 30c, but when you need to consider, do you need such a large discharge capacity, because the greater the discharge capacity, the greater the power consumption, and it will be very hot. At the same time, the circuit design will be more complicated and the price will be higher.

“Three” Ryzen CPU, what interface is TRX4

TRX4 interface is the HETD platform of AMD Ryzen Zen2 architecture. The members are:
【3960X (24c 48t)]
[3970X (32c 64t)]
[3990X (64c 128t)]

“4” trx4 original tire size

The tire specification is 175/70 R14, 175 means the tire width is 175mm, 70 means the aspect ratio of the tire section is 70%, that is, the section height is 70% of the width, R means radial tire, rim diameter is 14 inches. Tire specification is the symbol data of tire geometric parameters and physical properties.

1. High-pressure tires

High-pressure tires are represented by adding a multiplication sign between two numbers, namely D×B [“D” indicates the nominal outer diameter of the tire Diameter (inch), “×” indicates high pressure tire, “B” indicates tire section height (inch)].

High-pressure tires are rarely used in automobiles, and low-pressure tires are widely used in automobiles.

2. Low-pressure tires

Low-pressure tires are also separated by two numbers and a split line in the middle, that is, Bd[“B” indicates the tire section width (inch), “-” Indicates run-flat tires, “d” for rim diameter (inches)].

3. Ultra-low pressure tires

The expression method of ultra-low pressure tires is the same as that of low-pressure tires.

How much is the reduction ratio of “Wu” trx4 climbing car

Well, the reduction ratio of Trx 4 climbing car is about 2.0

『Lu』 Does TRX40 support ddr5?

TRX40 supports ddr5. ASUS TRX40 series motherboards use OptiMemIII 3rd generation memory optimization technology, the memory frequency reaches 3200MHz (overclocking), has 8 memory slot design, supports 4 channels, the total capacity can reach 256GB, and supports ddr5 memory. In terms of latency, DDR5 memory has obvious advantages. In the 128MB data test, the latency is as low as 83ns, which is much ahead. The memory particle capacity of DDR5 will start from 16Gb, and it will reach 32Gb in the future, and there may be a transition to 24Gb in the middle.

Advantages of ddr5

Compared with the previous generation of memory, DDR5 memory has a lot of improvement in both memory and frequency. In terms of frequency, DDR5 starts at 4800MHz, while the general frequency of DDR4 is 3200MHz, even in the overclocked state, it only reaches 4266MHz. In the field of memory, there is a saying called memory victory theory. The higher the frequency, the higher the performance of the memory, and DDR5 has a greater performance advantage.

『柒』 How to turn off the tsm after turning on the tsm with 8 flashing lights on the Trx4? I can’t turn it off even after the remote control restores the settings. Please help me.


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    First of all, let’s turn on the phone and find the game Peace Elite.

『渌』 Does the trx4 motherboard support 2080ti?

Is it a TRX40 motherboard, it supports 2080

『玖』The newly bought Hobbywing AXE Axe R2 is installed on trx4 and trx6x6 respectively. After starting the remote control, there is a slight current in the motor.

Summary Hello! It may be because of the wrong size or lack of running-in. You can use it more and it should be relieved. I hope I can help you and wish you a happy life!

“Pick” trx4 how to turn off the gyroscope

TOP model Xia said step by step to teach you how to open the hidden gyroscope mode of TRAXXAS TRX4 climbing car TOP model Xia said- Teach you how to open TRAXXASTRX4…

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