Trx4 overheating protection how to do

“One” Lenovo’s computer system overheating protection is turned off, how to turn off this protection, I know it will burn the motherboard, but it doesn’t matter, or how to increase this protection temperature

Use a fan to blow on it, or turn on the air conditioner, and use a book or bottle cap to raise the bottom to clean the dust.
The notebook BIOS generally does not provide the option to increase the overheat protection (I see your screen, it should be a notebook.)

『Ⅱ』How to solve the overheat protection of the water pump


1. Check whether the bearing is damaged or the shaft seal is too tight. If the bearing is damaged, there may be strong vibration in addition to overheating of the motor.
2. If the flow rate is too large, check the reading of the pressure gauge at the inlet and outlet of the pump, and calculate whether the lower head is much lower than the head on the nameplate. If it is much lower, it means that the flow rate of the pump is too large.
3. Is the connection between the pump and the motor coaxial? If it is not the axis and the possible cause,
4, and then it is the reason of the motor,
I know so much,

『Three 』 What should I do if the overheating produces protection and cannot be used normally

Wait for a while and let it cool down naturally. Restarting and then generally can work normally.

What should I do after the vacuum cleaner is overheated

So, how to use the vacuum cleaner safely? The following is the treatment method after the vacuum cleaner is overheated. Handling methods after the vacuum cleaner overheat protection: 1. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner automatically cuts off the power supply due to overheat protection; 2. Immediately hold the plug (not the wire) to separate the plug from the power supply; 3. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is in a state of electromechanical separation; 4. Check the collection Check whether the dust chamber is filled with garbage and hair; 5. If the dust chamber is full, the dust chamber needs to be cleaned; 6. Check whether the filter screen of the vacuum cleaner is blocked; 7. Clean the filter screen thoroughly to ensure that the filter screen is unobstructed ; 8. Remove the hose of the vacuum cleaner and check the patency of the hose; 9. If there is a blocked foreign body in the hose, it should be cleaned immediately and the hose should be restored; 10. Place the vacuum cleaner in a cool and ventilated environment to make it Natural cooling; 11. Restart the vacuum cleaner after the thermal cut-off protection device is reset to check the working state; 12. If the vacuum cleaner still cannot be used normally, you need to contact the maintenance center to troubleshoot.

『Wu』How to deal with overheating of motor thermal protection

The pump requires a motor of 45KW, how much is it actually? According to the nameplate of the motor. The thermal relay setting is about 38A, which is obviously too small.

『Lu』 How to solve the overheating protection of induction cooker

The overheating protection of induction cooker causes the loss of internal overheating protection due to overheating of induction cooker. It is best to repair it and stop using it. Since the induction cooker overheat protection protection trigger temperature is mostly 90 to 95 degrees, the release temperature of 60 to 70 degrees is a temporary stop and the fault code is displayed. If the temperature reaches 110 degrees, the protection circuit may be forced to shut down. Overheat protection will cause intermittent heating. Fault.

If the air inlet of the fan is blocked due to the bottom battery when the induction cooker is in use, it will cause excessive protection, which will protect it from being turned on without heating. Machine maintenance first try 5 to 10 minutes to continue heating. If the heating cannot be stopped for 5 to 10 minutes, then repair and disassemble the machine for testing.

When the induction cooker is overheated, it must not be forced to be used or forced to turn on, and it should be allowed to cool before turning it on. Try to use it with heating

『柒』How to remove the overheating protection of the mobile phone

This is the protection measures that come with the mobile phone and cannot be removed, you can only turn off the mobile phone or let the mobile phone cool down It can be released only after normal use.

『渌』How to turn off the overheating protection function of the CPU

The specific steps for turning off the overheating protection of the computer are as follows:

1. According to different The mainboard of the computer is different, and the way to enter the bios interface is also different. You can restart the computer according to the computer boot screen prompt and press the shortcut key to enter the bios, as shown in the following figure.

(8) How to do overheating protection of Trx4 Extended reading

The role of CPU overheating protection

1. CPU overheating protection is a The process of automatic shutdown through temperature sensitive elements.

2. The CPU is the main working part of the computer, so the life of the CPU is basically related to the life of a computer.

3. The temperature of the CPU is a typical indicator to measure its service life.

4. If the fan is aging or the heat sink is in poor contact and the ventilation is not good, the cpu temperature will remain high, then the motherboard will detect that the cpu temperature is too high. Overheat protection restarts or direct shutdown.

5. When the CPU reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically shut down, for fear of damaging the CPU.

『9』 Dell computer system overheating protection is turned off, how to turn off this protection, II know it will burn the motherboard, but it doesn’t matter, or how to increase the temperature of this protection.

Enter the BIOS, find “PC Health Status” and change it. Personally, it is recommended not to turn it off. You can turn it up and turn it off. The temperature should be no problem within 90 degrees. You can buy a fan heater to dissipate heat and a smart fan. It is still smart and can be adjusted automatically. The problem with the fan you are talking about is actually that the CPU temperature is too high. The reason is either poor contact or a fan problem. Personal advice Change the fan and remember to kill the poison first white button reset.


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