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How profitable is “One” blockchain training?

The salary standard for Go full stack + blockchain course is 15000+

『II』 Is there a blockchain training institution in China?

Recommended Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute-Chain Energy Academy
In order to better promote the application of blockchain to the real economy, Hong Kong International New Economy The research institute has a layout of “Chain Energy Academy” + “Chain Energy Capital” + “Chain Energy Industry Alliance”, and has established an ecological environment for the self-development and self-evolution of the chain energy economy.
Chain Energy Academy is an academic research and educational institution focusing on economic theory, business model research and chain energy training and education. It is the “brain” and theoretical pioneer of the chain energy economy.
The Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute was officially listed in Hong Kong on June 7, 2018. It is a comprehensive scientific research service institution. Its research fields include global blockchain and big data technology integration and application research, global blockchain and Research on the integration and application of artificial intelligence technology, research on blockchain regulatory policies and laws and regulations, research on the development of China’s blockchain industry, and practical application of blockchain technology. With the help of research and judgment on new economic trends, research results and promotion experience, the Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute first proposed the forward-looking theoretical system of “chain energy economy”, which is committed to providing government regulators and real enterprises with financial new economy, blockchain Popularization of chain technology and the theoretical system of “chain energy economy” and related solutions.
As the initiator of “chain energy economy”, Hong Kong International New Economic Research Institute is committed to providing government regulators and traditional Chinese entity enterprises with the popularization of new financial economy, blockchain technology and the theoretical system of “chain energy economy” and related solutions.

What are the well-known tutors for “three” blockchain training

First of all, if conditions permit, try to choose to study in a first-tier city, after all, there is a technology gathering area. Secondly, we will examine other aspects, such as: faculty, curriculum system, teaching mode, employment salary, tuition hours, etc. Go directly to the audition to check the real situation of the school.
Yin Cheng graduated from Tsinghua University and is a top professional in the domestic blockchain field. He is proficient in C/C++, golang, Python, KaliLinux, sicikit-learn and tensorflow, EOS open source contributor, and has developed many blockchain encryption Currency, once served as Google algorithm engineer, gold lecturer of Microsoft Tech.Ed conference, is Microsoft’s most valuable expert in the field of global artificial intelligence and blockchain. He also has 15 years of programming experience and 5 years of teaching experience. He is a senior software architect and Intel software technology expert. The teaching and research team of the Blockchain Academy he leads is mainly graduated from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other well-known colleges and universities related majors of masters and doctorates.
The team has rich experience in blockchain combat and has won awards in blockchain competitions many times.

『4』 Regarding the blockchain training school, which one has the advantage

First of all, if conditions permit, try to choose to study in a first-tier city, after all, it is a technology gathering area. Secondly, we will examine other aspects, such as: faculty, curriculum system, teaching mode, employment salary, tuition hours, etc. Go directly to the audition to check the real situation of the school.
Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to construct simple, reliable, and efficient software. If you want to learn this programming language, you must first find a good tutorial. Brothers Go language + blockchain training recently released a new set of go language tutorials. The teacher taught it very well!

With the heated discussion of the concept of “blockchain” around the world, related blockchain technology applications have also been quietly added to daily life scenarios such as finance, logistics, credit reporting, manufacturing, and retail. Some experts have indicated that the blockchain will be closely related to people’s lives in the future, and the integration of blockchain technology with the daily life of the public is the general trend.

The popularity of the blockchain market has triggered a large number of demand for talents based on blockchain technical personnel, and the popularity of blockchain talents has increased at the speed of light. According to the “2018 Blockchain High Salary List” released by Lagou.com, domestic corporate giants such as Tencent, Xiaomi, Suning, JD.com have released many high-paying blockchain job requirements, trying to explore blockchain-related technologies and applications. The list also pointed out that the high-paying positions are mainly based on blockchain-related technical positions, and the highest monthly salary of Suning and Keda has been given to 100k.

The huge market demand for technical talents will inevitably drive the explosive emergence and growth of the entire blockchain training market. Most of the training modes can be divided into online training, traditional IT organization training, and offline short-term training camps that focus on high-end forms. However, during the hot evolution of the market, there are also all kinds of blockchain training chaos: water injection of lecturer qualifications , Even the most basic names dare not be disclosed, the course outline is opaque, the quality of teaching has shrunk, the schedule of lessons is unreasonable, and the training fees are uneven, etc.��

Under the large-scale development of the entire blockchain training market, Brothers Education has joined hands with senior blockchain expert Yin Cheng and his Tsinghua Shuimu Weiming team to establish a blockchain academy, using its strong professional A team of technical lecturers, a meticulous and comprehensive curriculum system and a large number of authentic enterprise blockchain projects are aimed at deepening the field of blockchain education and training, and cultivating more professional technical talents for enterprises and society.

Yin Cheng, a senior blockchain technology expert, Dean of the Brotherhood Blockchain Academy, graduated from Tsinghua University, worked as a Google algorithm engineer, the world’s most valuable expert in the Microsoft blockchain field, and the Microsoft Tech.Ed conference Gold Lecturer. Proficient in C/C++, Python, Go language, Sicikit-Learn and TensorFlow. With 15 years of programming experience and 5 years of teaching experience, senior software architect, Intel software technology expert, famous technical expert, and many years of work experience in the world’s top IT company Microsoft and Google. He has many years of software programming experience and lecturer teaching experience, and has developed many products in human-computer interaction, education, information security, advertising, and blockchain systems. Has deep project management experience and R&D experience, has two artificial intelligence invention patents, and has practical experience in developing electronic currency and deploying it to Microsoft Windows Azure. The teaching is explained in a simple way, so that students can apply what they have learned.

“Wu” Is blockchain training really that important? Why do so many people learn it?

The concept of blockchain is like a cloud in the cloud, with fog in the clouds If you don’t learn blockchain, you will become illiterate in this area, and you will know the truth and falsehood only after you learn it. Central News has released 9 new occupations, 2 of which are about blockchain. If you don’t want to be replaced, just get to know it well. Haston is to focus on education and training in this area, and can also issue certificates through exams, you can pay attention.

『Lu』How about the blockchain training at Peking University

The junior high school graduation exam is for getting a junior high school diploma, and the middle school entrance exam is for entering high school. Understand? After passing the junior high school graduation examination, you will have a junior high school graduation certificate. After passing the senior high school entrance examination, you can choose schools according to your test scores. It’s clear enough

『柒』Which institution is well-known in blockchain training

Huobi University is an industry educational institution focusing on blockchain applications. Industry, Empowering Entities” is the school motto and aims to cultivate the “blockchain thinking” of top entrepreneurs. It is a well-known structure in blockchain training.

『渌』Where is the blockchain training?

In order to further meet the public’s urgent need for deep learning of blockchain, Huobi University launched an online live course, which attracted many people Entrepreneurs and industry insiders learn, you can search to find out.

『玖』Where is Beijing’s blockchain training good?

Dark horse programmers are very good. After the class starts, you will not be allowed to play with your mobile phone. The teacher will control the students to play with their mobile phones in class, and force the students to put their mobile phones at the back of the class, and there will be people giving speeches every day. good workout. In the evening self-study, the head teacher and the teaching assistant will be in the classroom. If you have any questions, you can ask the teaching assistant directly, it feels very good.

“Pick up” zero-based blockchain training which is better

Now there are various contents of zero-based blockchain learning on the Internet, but there is no area that can really let people learn practical dry goods Block chain knowledge, because the time of Micro Sanyun in this area is not short, so the accumulated experience is worth learning, and I hope it will be useful to you.


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