A. Ask for the translation of Obama’s speech

Do you want to ask for the translation of about 22 minutes, the translation of the entire speech? If it’s twenty minutes or so, this is this:
You know, it raises an interesting question as to whether technically there’s actually a signature — since, as I said, it’s not a legally binding agreement, I don’ t know what the protocols are. But I do think that this is a commitment that we, as the United States, are making and that we think is very important.
A reporter asked who would sign if Obama leaves Copenhagen What about this agreement. Obama began to answer:
You know, it’s an interesting question to ask me to autograph in the strict sense, because I’ve said it. It’s not a legally binding agreement, and I don’t know what the terms in it say. But I do think that’s a promise we Americans have made, and I think it’s very important.
If you mean the full text, here is the full text of the White House, you can read it yourself. I’ll tell you where I don’t understand.

B. How old is Lei Levi

Of course, life goes on as the years pass. Just like the previous small video of the Internet celebrity little brother Lezai accidentally leaked, he closed the social account of a certain sound, and let netizens know this handsome, good-looking, young, and “uniquely talented” ‘s little brother.

I thought that after his small video leaked, it would cause him a lot of psychological pressure, or he would close his account and log out of the network. In fact, it is not. After a period of silence, he reopened his account, and after that incident, his popularity became more and more popular, and his fans became more and more. Just like a few recent life videos, with more than one million likes, it can be said that he is a real Internet celebrity blogger.

Lezi Levi is a post-00s student who is currently studying at Guangdong University of Technology.

He is a positive, sunny, hard-working and motivated big boy. Before the video leaked, he shared some dry goods on the Internet about sports and fitness, fashion, photography and skin care, which is very practical. Many fans love it. It can be said that he is also a well-known fashion blogger. In addition, whether in life or in his works, he always gives people a feeling of positivity, optimism, self-discipline, and youthful sunshine. Moreover, he always exudes a warm and masculine temperament, which is deeply loved by the current girls.

C. I beg my senior brother to have a hole in his brain, thank you for Baidu cloud resources

Use the network disk to share it with you for free, link: https://pan.. com/s/1-7YE_BKiYokFrtVDoGeo9Q

Extraction code :rd88

This work is an original comic, the comic is the original, and the official novel is a derivative work. This work is a normal comic for all ages, not danmei. The author is corrupt, I hope everyone can corrupt any CP freely, this work will never have an official CP.

D. What does doge mean in Internet language

Doge is used to mean funny in chat.

Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, the dog is called “doge”. Since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and emoticons to express ” Funny” means.

In April 2013, doge became popular after appearing on 4chan. The reason for its popularity is also very simple: doge combines the cute image of the cute Shiba Inu with a deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjection.

(4)tvdoge extended reading:

Social Impact

In December 2013, Australian marketer Jackson Palmer followed the example of Bit The coin launched “Dogecoin” (Dogecoin), and used doge’s dog portrait as a logo. In just a few weeks, the encrypted electronic currency “Dogecoin” with the image of this cute Shiba Inu has also become an instant hit, and has developed from an accidental joke to one of the virtual currencies that cannot be underestimated on the Internet.

Different from the traditional currency with the image of the queen or the late president, Dogecoin has the image of the Shiba Inu printed on the currency, and the image is very funny. Dogecoin not only frequently appears in mainstream media such as Bloomberg, Business Week, Business Insider, and Washington Business Journal, but also has a group of users who are optimistic about its value.

E. What does the emergency head look like

Open the client to read

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I dare to say that after a while, another marketing account will blow this into a real urban legend Like Slenderman [doge]
Le Ge passed by and replied @diligent wzk123: You obviously didn’t read the beginning, it was created by the artist [tv_white eyes], this article was originally to describe the setting

The beef in the instant noodles UP Reply to @diligent wzk123: What do you want to express?

Industrious wzk: Excuse me, in the article “However, there is a theory that Siren Head is actually a species hostile to humans, there used to be many Siren Head-like creatures but are now dead, Siren Head is The last member of his species, always moving to survive.” What’s going on

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shayigee: Actually, I also have a doubt, why do ghosts often appear in elevators? Where were the ghosts gathered before the elevator was invented

kikooojay replied to @shayigee: It must be a ghost of the new era

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Can you say something about Long Horse, Bonesworth and Mr. Mascot
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This kind of horn is something only found in World War II documentaries. . . Now it’s fine. . Coming to us

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🔈 In the blue sky and the Milky Way, there is a Little White Boat
|🔈 SCP-106 has broken through GATE-A and must not let him cross the bridge
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Zuan Bad Breath Head

The Thief’s Peak
Can I say Slender Ghost?

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Nine. eighteen. child. Inexplicably think of the 918 Incident
L_01: You think too much, patriotism is good, but don’t brush in irrelevant places

Wu Renji: Too stupid

Wild Gao Nengjun replied @L_01: Can’t you associate it?

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Primary school students who can’t think of names

The golden soup
I love it, I like the UP master.

The domestic siren head: sharpening scissors and sharpening kitchen knives

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Nine-tailed fox: work again

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