Two sets of blockchain videos

1. Blockchain projects

Wrote a lot of blockchain project analysis, from the initial Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS to various application projects such as exchanges, currency Content-based projects such as Youtube, U likes, etc., including the project party’s manuscript solicitation. The project analysis has formed a stereotype in my mind. I know this framework after reading my project analysis articles. According to “project introduction, initiation background, project innovation, project team, development trends, tokens and market, project risk, competition “Product Analysis, Suggestions and Summary” to analyze the white paper of the project, or to match the content and framework of the white paper, fill in some of the white paper, and not write it out if there is no; the next is to supplement the information as evidence, sort out the ideas and then according to their own understanding To write a project analysis, so that can be regarded as their own project analysis. For the project analysis, I summarize three steps: the first step, collect data (see white papers, search engines, official account articles, etc.); the second step, set the framework template; the third step, delete the content to be deleted, form own understanding.

2. How does the blockchain change the online video industry

There are two main aspects to the change of the blockchain to the video industry
The first is the change in technology. Blockchain technology can protect the copyright of the blockchain, carry out technical transformation, and strengthen copyright awareness;
The second is the change at the commercial level, the blockchain digital currency can be applied to the online video industry, and the video can be distributed. Enjoy token incentives, blockchain will transform every aspect of the world.

3. What is blockchain short video

Blockchain “high efficiency and low energy” “decentralization” “.. Blockchain short video is to put original short video on The authentication on the blockchain proves that it is original.

4. Which company is the “World Cup blockchain” mentioned in the “Dialogue” column of CCTV II on the evening of June 3rd is the star J Luo entered the blockchain or something

The company that Luo cooperated with is called SelfSell, the world’s first personal asset-based platform. The founder is Yuan Li, and the name is likely to be a Chinese.
SelfSell has sold James Rodríguez’s tokens. J Luo’s cryptocurrency is called JR10 Token. JR is his initials shortened, and 10 is his jersey number. This cryptocurrency will be publicly available on June 12 this year. .
SelfSell token is SSC, now it can be traded in Okex, Lbank
More network, no thanks

5. Can two sets of tokens exist in the same blockchain?

The existence of the token is to satisfy the consensus mechanism, so as to realize the mining process of generating new blocks. If there are two sets of tokens on a chain, then the consensus mechanism must be redesigned. But just like the upstairs As said, everything is possible.

6. Who has the learning videos and materials of blockchain to share.

Pricked himself like a nerd, and he almost cut his fingers off No. That’s the master, you know, he wants to be the most

7. What popular science videos are worth watching on the blockchain

Thank you for your invitation. I’ll give you a serious answer

Actually, the blockchain circle effect is very obvious, so most people are impetuous, and there are very few popular sciences attentively. I recommend a few here.

If you want If you watch the video, I recommend Babbitt’s “Meow Understanding Blockchain”, which is very in-depth. This is the insight that only those who watch it will have, so I won’t say more. I think other videos are very general, Huobi’s You can also watch the video if you trust it, but it is relatively shallow. I watched it as a kindergarten child.

If you are not limited to video, I think there are several popular science articles that I would recommend: Jiang Zhuoer’s popular science on Zhihu, Gu Qianfeng’s popular science, lightning’s popular science, and Pan Zhibiao’s technical category are all great gods. Each category is different. If you want to enter the circle, you still have to think about it yourself.

PS The things in the blockchain field are posted here, and there are few people watching.

8. Who knows what is the copyright principle of authenticating videos and pictures on the blockchain

Basically The principle is the same. Take as an example. video blockchain authentication is actually a DApp. It first takes a screenshot of the key frame of the video every minute, then transcodes it into a string of unique numbers, and then uploads the record to the Ethereum area. In the blockchain.

9. Such as He successfully released a short blockchain video

Once the blockchain video is on the chain, it cannot be changed. After the change is invalid, the video on cannot be deleted once it is operated on the chain.

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