U.S. Bitcoin Purchasing Power

(1) Can bitcoin be used for daily consumption in the United States?

This year’s bitcoin is more popular than ever in the market, and now more than 2 million bitcoins are in the market every week Most people have actually tacitly agreed that Bitcoin is an asset. Of course, most investors will still choose to sell at the right time and earn “real money”, but after the third halving of Bitcoin, with the sharp reduction in issuance, Bitcoin has become more scarce, and Bitcoin has become more and more scarce. Coin holders will gradually become reluctant to exchange them for other currencies of lower value, which may once again cause the value of Bitcoin to exceed everyone’s perceived ceiling. It’s not hard to see why so many people are buying Bitcoin like crazy this year.

So for the purchase of Bitcoin, fiat currency transaction is usually the most direct and convenient way of transaction. Usually fiat currency transactions require a large bitcoin exchange as a guarantee, so that ordinary users are relatively safe and secure in bitcoin trading.

Recently, many novice investors have sent messages asking me to share some novice strategies for bitcoin purchases, so today I will meet your requirements. Below I will use the bitcoin exchange platform with the largest trading volume in the world. Take OKEx as an example, let’s talk about how to quickly deposit Bitcoin.

First, log in to the OKEx official website, use your mobile phone number to complete account registration, and complete at least Lv. Used to prevent anti-money laundering, identity theft, financial fraud and other crimes. Generally, the three elements required for verification are: name + ID card + mobile phone verification. Therefore, for a large platform like OKEx, there is no doubt that KYC certification must be completed.

(ii) The United States Federal Court ruled that Bitcoin is legal currency, what is Bitcoin

Simply put, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Like stocks, it can be invested and bought and sold. In technical terms, Bitcoin is a digital currency in the form of P2P.

But after all, the nature and model of Bitcoin is different from other currencies, and it may prosper in the future. It may also burst like an economic bubble, all of which are unknown. If everyone enters the Bitcoin market and makes a quarrel, then it will not become a real currency, because it is impossible for everyone to be satisfied with the fluctuation of the price, and there is a profit and a loss. Therefore, Bitcoin investment needs to be cautious, and do not try it without sufficient assurance.

㈢ What is the highest price of bitcoin in US dollars over the years?

Bitcoin used to be synonymous with instant wealth, and in 2017, bitcoin once made history The highest price, the highest value is around $20,000.
According to data from the CoinDesk digital currency trading platform, the price of Bitcoin once fell below $6,000 in 2018, a 70% drop from the highest value of $20,000 in 2017.

“The price action we’re seeing right now may look dramatic, but it’s pretty normal for this market.” Mattie Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro (Mati Greenspan) wrote in an email to CNBC.

With the decline of Bitcoin, most of the digital currencies are affected, and other digital currencies are not much better. Most of the digital currencies have fallen by more than 10%. But in the long run, the future of digital currency is worth looking forward to.

㈣ Bitcoin production is halved, why there is no skyrocketing

There is indeed a skyrocketing situation every time Bitcoin is halved, but if you have studied Bitcoin, you will know that every skyrocketing There is a cycle, that is, the production will not skyrocket immediately after the reduction, there is a long process, this process may be one or two years.
For reference only, no practical significance, after all, I said it doesn’t count.

(v) Why does the United States recognize Bitcoin

On July 25, 2020, the United States Federal Court said for the first time that virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are a “currency” covered by the country’s laws ”, which means that Bitcoin is not just a commodity trading category, but money, with monetary attributes, but the US federal government does not regard it as legal tender, so don’t interpret it too much, the US dollar is still far from a collapse for the time being. In terms of the world currency structure, the status of the US dollar is temporarily difficult to replace. Even if the United States admits that Bitcoin has currency properties, it is difficult to compare it with the US dollar, but it is only due to various considerations.

There is no doubt that blockchain technology will lead market changes, optimize the current financial payment system, and form a safer, faster and more stable currency system. There are many kinds of coins, but none of them will become the protagonist, the last big horn.��It is still in the central banks of various countries, and the cryptocurrency launched by the central bank itself will be the real mainstream in the future.

I am Roseview Finance, please pay attention to more questions, welcome to communicate and discuss together, I hope to help you.

㈥ Does American law allow Americans to trade bitcoin freely?

Yes, there are basically no restrictions on transactions
And, in some areas, there are machines directly similar to ATMs that can directly Withdraw bitcoins and convert them into US dollars
Many places/malls/Tesla cars, etc. can directly settle transactions with bitcoins

㈦ Why does the United States recognize bitcoins as a legal financial tool

Why should the US recognize Bitcoin as a legal financial instrument? Its purpose is to incorporate Bitcoin into the financial regulatory system to protect the interests of ordinary investors. This is the same starting point as our central bank’s announcement to block Bitcoin. A typical representative case is that a person named Trenton Shevos established the “Bitcoin Storage and Trust Fund”. In the two years from 2011 to 2012, he accumulated a total value of more than 4.5 million US dollars. 700,000 bitcoins, but he abruptly shut down the trust in August 2012, then claimed bitcoins were not money and were not regulated by the US government. In order to protect the interests of investors, in August 2013, the court ruled that Bitcoin as a financial instrument should be regulated by the US government. This has been interpreted by us as “the United States recognized Bitcoin”

㈧ What is the impact of the US $1.9 trillion stimulus on Bitcoin

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday (March 11 Japan) finally approved the $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid bill, one of the largest economic stimulus measures in U.S. history and the first major victory for President Biden since taking office. Biden will sign it into law on Friday. Biden’s next priority will be an infrastructure bill, which is expected to pass a Senate committee in May. Affected by this news, stimulus measures may boost Bitcoin, which will see a surge in long-term price action as investors look to Bitcoin as a safe haven, fearing that the U.S. dollar will depreciate due to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy The market ushered in a general rally yesterday. Benefiting from this, Bitcoin and Ethereum rose by more than 3% and 5% respectively within 2 hours. Now the market is still unable to determine how much the 1.9 trillion economic stimulus plan will affect inflation and interest rates. The implementation of the economic stimulus plan is undoubtedly positive for risky assets such as cryptocurrencies and US stocks, but the continued rise in the yield of 10-year US Treasury bonds will suppress risky assets.
Lianqiao Education Online’s Xueshuo Innovation Blockchain Technology Workstation is the only approved “blockchain technology major” pilot project carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

㈨ Bitcoin breaks through $10,000, is there a bull market coming?

You are basically a leek,~~ Any currency without hard currency endorsement is garbage and can collapse at any time,

No matter which country’s currency is, it is not just a piece of paper. It has corresponding gold, silver or crude oil behind it. The US dollar is used as the corresponding hard currency reserve before it can be issued.

Otherwise, anyone can print money, and it can be printed indefinitely, but once it is linked to other hard currencies such as gold and silver, it cannot be done casually. Once it is printed casually, it will reduce the purchasing power of the national currency.

To sum up: Do not participate in a pit game like Bitcoin that is purely used to cut leeks, it will die very miserably. (Because he doesn’t have any hard currency or corporate endorsement,)

Because it can declare bankruptcy at any time, or plummet to the point you can’t imagine, it can make you lose a lot in one fell swoop.


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