Unable to register on Huobi Pool app

A. Are Huobi Pool and the entire Pro network a common account?

The account must be “unique” and cannot be the same as other mining accounts on the platform

B. What should I do if the USDT transferred from Huobi Pool cannot be transferred out? It’s a pity that the money is still borrowed!

Huobi supports intra-account transfer, click on Finance – Intra-Account Transfer, you can transfer USD spot currency to RMB spot currency

C. Huobi Why can’t coin be registered?

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-10-01

D. How to register the account of Huobi Pool

Log in to the Huobi Pool website: http://pool.huobi.com Click Register to operate the registered account.

E. Why can’t Huobi be registered in China?

Why can’t Huobi be registered in China? For country/region selection, Mainland China has been removed, and Taiwan and Hong Kong are still retained. According to industry analysts, this round of regulatory pressure may be greater than the previous round. Binance had previously closed Chinese user registrations for two weeks before reopening. A person familiar with the matter said that from 23:30 on September 24, 2021, Singapore time, Huobi will stop the registration of new users in mainland China.
Expansion information:
China (one of the four ancient civilizations in the world)
1. China, with the Chinese civilization as the source and Chinese culture as the foundation, is one of the countries with the longest history in the world. The people of all ethnic groups in China have jointly created a splendid culture with a glorious revolutionary tradition. China is a multi-ethnic country with the Han nationality as the main ethnic group. Chinese and Chinese characters are commonly used. The Han nationality and ethnic minorities are collectively referred to as the “Chinese nation”, and they also call themselves “the descendants of Yan and Huang” and “the descendants of the dragon”.
2. China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world. Around 5,800 years ago, the Yellow River, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and the West Liao River showed signs of the origin of civilization; around 5,300 years ago, various regions in China entered the stage of civilization; around 3,800 years ago, the Central Plains formed a more advanced stage. It is a mature civilization and radiates cultural influence to the Quartet. After many times of ethnic blending and dynasties, it has formed a unified situation of a multi-ethnic country. After the Revolution of 1911 in the early 20th century, the feudal monarchy was abolished and a bourgeois democratic republic was established. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the socialist system of the people’s democratic dictatorship was established in mainland China.
3. China has a vast territory and many ethnic groups. The Huaxia people in the pre-Qin period thrived in the Central Plains. In the Han Dynasty, the Han people were formally formed through cultural integration, laying the foundation for the main ethnic group in China. Later, through the integration with the surrounding ethnic groups, a unified multi-ethnic country was gradually formed, and the population continued to rise. The population of China exceeded 100 million in the Song Dynasty, and the population in the Qing Dynasty exceeded 400 million. By 2005, the population of China has exceeded 1.3 billion. .
4. Chinese culture has a long history, broad, profound and colorful. It is the cultural suzerain of the East Asian cultural circle and occupies an important position in the world cultural system. Due to the differences in geographical locations and natural conditions, the cultural and economic aspects Each has its own characteristics. Traditional cultural and artistic forms include poetry, opera, calligraphy, Chinese painting, etc. The Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chongyang Festival, etc. are important traditional festivals in China.

F. How to register a mining pool account

G. How to mine in Huobi Pool

1. Open Huobi Pool and start registering a new account, as shown in the figure below.

H. Unable to log in to the Poolin mining pool

The reason why the mining pool cannot be connected is because the mining pool is closed, so the solution is only Change the mining pool!
Expansion information
1. Development history
Nakamoto’s white paper is the starting point of BTC. During the development of BTC, countless developers have participated in this borderless collaboration. Developers come from all over the world, they don’t have offices, and they develop and maintain BTC’s code based on GitHub, which runs over $100 billion worth of BTC. Over the years, technologies and applications such as Lightning Network and Segregated Witness have driven the continuous maturity and development of BTC.
BTC developers are also BTC holders, and started a long collaboration with their love for BTC. No one knows what the future will hold and no one will pay them, all work is motivated by a love for BTC. In Buffett’s eyes, BTC is just gambling and speculation. In the eyes of developers, BTC satisfies all imaginations of freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law. This is the biggest generation gap in the world. In the eyes of the former, BTC is just a bargaining chip, while in the eyes of the latter, BTC is belief.
Developers around the world maintain the BTC code on Github. It also includes some developers from China, the above code is from a Chinese developer named “Kevin Pan”, March 2018This piece of code was submitted on the 22nd and received thanks from the BTC core development team on the Bitcoin 0.17.0 version. Although Kevin Pan is not a core developer of BTC, it is already a great honor for a developer who believes in BTC. Kevin Pan’s Chinese name is Pan Zhibiao, and his other identity is the founder of Biyin.
As a developer who has contributed code to BTC, Pan Zhibiao understands the needs of BTC developers better. In 2018, Pan Zhibiao also promoted the launch of a non-profit fund to support BTC developers-Hardcore Fund. Biyin, as the first donor, donated 10 BTC to developers on the tenth anniversary of the issuance of the BTC white paper. The largest donation made by an institution to a BTC developer.
Biyin, as a mining pool created by BTC believers, has brought amazing technologies and products to the mining industry. At the same time, on the way to the world’s largest BTC mining pool, Biyin has also embarked on a warm journey.

I. Is Huobi Pool a scam?

Huobi is a domestic bitcoin trading platform


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