Undergraduate graduation project topics on blockchain

①How to determine the topic of computer graduation project

The teacher will give you a range of topics. You can see which area you are good at, and just choose the topic related to that aspect. However, it is best to discuss it with the teacher, to prevent the teacher from disagreeing and it will be troublesome. Generally, it is better to choose a topic similar to the MIS system, and you can take a look. http://www.complw.com, listen to other people’s opinions.

② Can you introduce a few books about Bitcoin and blockchain?

1. “Bitcoin White Paper: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” by Satoshi Nakamoto. Read this white paper first and then consider other content.
2 “Fortran95 programming”, the author is Peng Guolun.
3 “Introduction to Fortran77 and 90/95 Programming”, the author is Ding Zejun.
4. “Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Society, and Economy”
5. “Inevitability,” by Kevin Kelly, mentions 12 inevitable trends for the next 20 years.
6. “Mastering Bitcoin”, this book will provide you with the necessary knowledge and guide you into the world of Bitcoin.
7. “Blockchain Revolution”, about how the underlying technology of Bitcoin changes currency, business and the world, by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott
8 .”Blockchain New Economic Blueprint and Introduction”, author Melanie Swan
9. “Blockchain: Quantum Wealth View”, author Han Feng/Zhang Xiaomei
10. “The Logic of Finance” “, by Chen Zhiwu. The work talks about the cultural and institutional genes of wealth in a simple way, so as to tell readers what the logic of finance is.
Related books include “Principles of Economics”, “Blockchain: Technology Drives Finance”, “Blockchain Revolution: How Bitcoin’s Underlying Technology Changes Currency, Business and the World”, “Blockchain Technology Guide”, “Illustration Zone” “Blockchain”, “How Blockchain Will Redefine the World”, “Digital Currency: Bitcoin Data Reporting and Operation Guide”, “Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society”, “The Age of Intelligence”, etc. To be honest, blockchain As a hot resource, there are still more. It is mainly about judgment (whether it is worthwhile) and action (to enter early).
Let’s recommend another blockchain-related APP, called Golden Finance, and recommend a public account, called Quante Online. The article is rich in information;

③ Looking for a computer science graduation thesis topic

To tell the truth, many schools can directly use javaweb technology to make some management systems, and they can pass the graduation design, even php ah Such a website also meets the requirements. As for the thesis, you can go to the library to search, because the technical structure is similar, and then draw your own ER diagram and test case diagram.

For example, course management system, student status management system, if required If you can use the SSH framework to implement some more complex business
such as e-commerce system, online ordering system, takeaway system, these can be used for practical business is almost the most complex business that individuals can do, if you like technology If so, you can try to do it

You can look at my name, you can find the source code of many projects, you can choose it yourself, and I hope to adopt it

④ “Blockchain Principles, Design and Application” pdf download online reading, seeking Baidu network disk cloud resources

“Blockchain Principle, Design and Application” (Yang Baohua) e-book online disk download free online reading

resources Link:

Link: https://pan..com/s/1DdjQcCL5D84cnoqm-HcBjg Extraction code: 8u8b

Title: Blockchain Principle, Design and Application

Author: Yang Baohua

Douban Score: 7.2

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

Publication Year: 2017-8-21

Number of pages: 366


This book is written by the core designers and developers of Hyperledger, and is a professional guide for blockchain development. From shallow to deep, it systematically introduces the essence of Hyperledger Fabric design, application development, etc. The book is divided into two parts: theory and practice; Chapters 1 to 3 introduce the origin, core ideas and typical application scenarios of blockchain technology; Chapters 4 to 5 focus on the distributed distributed blockchain technology. System technology and cryptographic security technology; Chapters 6 to 8 introduce three typical open source projects in the blockchain field: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger; Chapters 9 to 11 take the Hyperledger Fabric project as an example to explain in detail Installation and deployment, configuration management, and practical experience of using Fabric CA for certificate management; Chapter 12 focuses on the core architecture design of the Hyperledger Fabric project; Chapter 13 introduces relevant skills and examples for blockchain application development; Chapter 14 introduces Design and development of the blockchain service platform, and explain the relevant knowledge of using the Hyperledger Cello project to build a service platform. This book covers the latest technologies in the field of blockchain and distributed ledgers, which can help readers deeply understand the core principles and typical design implementations of blockchain, as well as efficiently develop distributed applications based on blockchain platforms.

About the author:

Yang Baohua

Ph.D., graduated from Tsinghua University. Chairman of Hyperledger Greater China Technical Working Group, Chief Consultant of IBM Greater China Blockchain Technology Community, Senior Researcher. He has presided over the architecture design and R&D implementation of many large-scale system platforms, and is an early researcher and practitioner of blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other technologies. He loves open source technology and has contributed to OpenStack, OpenDaylight and other open source projects. He is the core designer and developer of the Hyperledger Fabric project, and the initiator of the Cello and Fabric-SDK-Py projects. The personal homepage is https://yeasy.github.com.

Chen Chang

Graduated from Tsinghua University. Zhigui Technology CTO, former IBM senior researcher. Technical directions include cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning, etc. He is an early researcher and promoter of blockchain technology and a core developer of the Hyperledger project. He has rich practical experience in blockchain application, was responsible for the architectural design and implementation of blockchain solutions in the financial industry, and led the development of several blockchain service platforms.

⑤ What would you do with this set of college entrance examination questions on blockchain and digital currency

This is a college entrance examination question?

⑥ I major in accounting. The title of the graduation thesis is not good. What’s the introduction?

I. Accounting (including accounting theory, financial accounting, cost accounting, asset evaluation) 1. Research on financial derivatives 2 . Financial statement whitewashing and its prevention 3. On the prevention and management of accounting fraud 4 . Reflections on the issue of accounting integrity 5 . Discussion on Accounting Professional Ethics 6 . On the internationalization and nationalization of accounting 7 . On the Principle of Conservation for Chinese Accounting Professionals. The title of the graduation thesis is not good. What’s the introduction?

⑦ Computer Science and Technology Graduate Thesis Reference Topics

Research on Deep Embedding Clustering Algorithms
Analysis and Implementation of Person Re-identification Algorithm Based on Machine Vision
Discovery of overlapping communities of attribute network based on dynamic model
Research and implementation of integrated operation and maintenance monitoring application based on Spring-Boot framework
Research on comprehensive authentication technology based on handwritten password and handwriting information in Android system
Research on punctuality prediction method of bus line
Research on medical image segmentation algorithm based on deep learning
Expressway traffic prediction based on CNN
Implementation of comprehensive platform for server security protection and management
JavaScript Design and implementation of full-stack video playback system
Development of fast pedestrian detection algorithm
Research on drug molecule screening method based on data mining
Design and implementation of custom approval process management system based on message queue
/>CRF-based Elementary Mathematical Named Entity Recognition
Multi-scale CNN-based Image Semantic Segmentation Research
Research on Connected Region Extraction Algorithm Based on Image Segmentation Technology
Object Recognition Based on Background Factor Reasoning Algorithm research and implementation
Design and implementation of non-contact human-computer interaction system based on intelligent mobile devices
Distributed database physical query plan scheduling optimization algorithm research
Occlusion-based face feature extraction algorithm research and implementation
Design and implementation of expression recognition application system
Reliability simulation research of cloud computing and big data system based on CloudSim
Design and implementation of multi-source database data acquisition system
Based on Design and implementation of wireless ad hoc network P2P communication system for Android and WiFi
Manifold structure learning in matrix factorization
Unsupervised OSN-based malicious account detection
Deep learning in video-based human body Application of Action Recognition
Research on Implicit Component Information of User Rating
Realization and Application of Linear Programming Algorithm
Analysis and experimental design of embedded operating system based on freeRTOS
Research and implementation of information retrieval based on deep reinforcement learning
Implementation of CPM language compilation and linking system
Pascal Voc based on SSD Dataset target detection design and implementation
Comparison of key node identification algorithms in complex networks
Visual question answering based on adversarial networks and knowledge representation
FPGA-based memory and virtual memory management
Anonymous Design and implementation of trusted identity sharing blockchain
Design and implementation of image-based scene classification algorithm
Research and implementation of malicious APK static detection technology
Research on vehicle re-identification technology

⑧ Here comes the topic! ! ! !

The ideal is the tower, which establishes the height of the sky
The ideal is the leaf, which holds up the beauty of success
The ideal is the water, which drives the flow of life
The ideal is the wind, which lifts up the future�

⑨ Computer graduation thesis topic

I will give you a topic, if you write it out, I guarantee your thesis is excellent. Because that year I chose this topic to be excellent.

I searched the Internet just now, but there is still no paper related to this system on the Internet.

“Inquiry System for Minimum Admission Scores for College Entrance Examination”

The basic idea is very simple. The current college entrance examination score line query is very cumbersome. It is necessary to find out the scores first, and then follow the admission guidelines. Look for a school where your score can be admitted. Anyone who has taken the college entrance examination knows how thick the college entrance examination guide is.
So, the idea of ​​this system is: you use the admission scores of all colleges and universities in the past ten years to build a database, and then develop a system, when you enter a query command (the query command can be 1, 2, 3 three). Instead, use flog; input 1, query the information of all colleges and universities below the score you entered; input 2, query the information of all colleges and universities that match the score you entered; input 3, query Information about colleges and universities that are greater than the score you gave.) Of course, you can add some additional features.
Those are the general ideas.

Zhengzhou Jinmai Network Department is dedicated to answering your questions, I hope my answer can help you!

⑩ What are the applications of blockchain in the Internet of Things suitable for undergraduates to choose topics for graduation

The application of blockchain technology to the Internet of Things can definitely realize all things interconnected. Coupled with the arrival of 5G, it is even more powerful

It is suggested that the topic selection is particularly important in terms of security.

Although the blockchain technology is encrypted and distributed,

But because it is to be applied in the Internet of Things, it is equivalent to ubiquitous. It can penetrate into all aspects of people’s lives, and first of all, we must consider whether there are potential safety hazards to people.


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