Upland Rolls Out Player Owned Shops

Upland has just announced their new player-owned shops, called Metaventures. For now, there are only ten curated shops or Metaventures, but this number will grow as more people discover the benefits of a Metaventure.

You can now become a metaverse entrepreneur on Upland.

The current partners’ shops are Nichiren’s Explorer Shop; Mr Inaugural; The Wise Owl; UPCO Explorers; Tolga’s; Uplando’s; Bloc-a-fellas; Mystery Block Shop; Metastar; and Nifty Central. Each shop offers Block Explorers, and limited edition and one-of-one NFTs. All NFTs are priced in UPX and set by the shop owners.

The Upland universe features avatars called Block Explorers. They also serve as profile pictures and as the player’s representative icon on the game map.

The plans for player-owned shops extend beyond shops selling Blockchain Explorers. The Upland team wants players to be able to earn commissions from other NFT creators, sell different types of NFTs, and even decorate their storefronts.

What is Upland?

Upland is a Monopoly-inspired game on the EOS blockchain. The premise of the game is players purchasing and owning digital versions of real-world properties with in-game tokens (UPX). Players can also earn UPX in-game and can sell their properties for USD.

Players can earn UPX by owning and trading virtual properties, completing signature collections and participating in events. Another key point is that Upland uses real-world maps and has expanded to more than a dozen US cities. Players can therefore move from one city to another and also own transit stations and real-world landmarks.

Upland has recently changed its business model to encourage healthy economic principles. The new model will remove all barriers to entry by charging users a monthly fee instead of upfront costs.


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