US Securities are investigating potential securities violations in NFT market

US Securities are investigating potential securities violations in NFT market

According to Bloomberg report, the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) led by the chairman of the encrypted currency, the US Securities Trading Committee (SEC) is investigating the NFT creator and the market’s securities violation.

The anonymous sources in the report said that the US Seconds are investigating "some non-rich coins … whether it is used to raise funds like traditional securities."

According to reports, in the past few months, the lawyers of the US SEC law enforcement departments have issued a summary, requiring information about specific NFT and other loops issuance.

Although the encrypted lending products have been the subject of regulatory borrowing products that have been strictly reviewed by the regulatory agencies, the report marks an important step in the investigation of NFT fields. According to the survey, US SEC is particularly interested in the use of fragmentation NFTs. Debris NFT is to make a more valuable NFT Currency into a smaller part and sell it.

The warning signal is already obvious, and the Hester Peirce known as the encrypted mother said in March 2021 that the sale of fragmentation NFT may violate the law.

"You are best careful, you are not a kind of investment product – is a securities."

The survey is the latest wave in a wave of combating operations that are intended to manage the encrypted currency market. Recently, the US Sec order is headquartered in New Jersey’s encryption borrowing company BLOCKFI to pay a record of $ 100 million, the company has not been able to "high-profit: lending products as securities". "

Since Bitcoin and Email were not treated as securities (at least at least), they can avoid review, but other digital assets have not enjoyed the same probation, the most famous is XRP’s parent company Ripple Labs. Since the end of 2020, the company has been involved in legal cases due to the sale of "unregistered securities".

NFT sales continue to grow, ignoring the current market’s fall – the largest two NFT Exchange Looksrare and Opensea have reached $ 10.7 billion in the past 30 days.

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