usdt in eth is frozen

『One』 trade usDt for suspected fraud and the bank card has been frozen for a few days.

The case will not be closed and the freeze will not be lifted. You think it’s a joke, what’s the deadline?

『Ⅱ』How to solve the freezing of the bank card for coin speculation

1. If the bank card is judicially frozen, you need to open an account through Call the bank or the bank’s telephone hotline to check how long is the freezing period? Where is it frozen? The contact number of the freezing institution? These three pieces of information are very important and will be displayed in the bank’s back office. It is best to get these three pieces of information. 1) Most of the judicial freezes are only temporarily frozen, and they will be automatically thawed within two or three working days in cooperation with the police investigation. Don’t worry about this, it will thaw automatically when it expires. But you should also pay attention to transferring the money when it is due, because it is possible that the implicated case has victims in more than one place, so it may be frozen in more than one place, and it may be frozen again in the future. In addition, this 48 or 72 hours is not thawed on time, and some will be delayed for several hours or even half a day. 2) If it shows frozen for half a year. In general, you have received the problematic funds directly, or are relatively close to the source of the problematic funds, and may be frozen for half a year. Of course, due to the different handling methods of various local judicial organs, in some regions, it is directly frozen for half a year.
2. The frozen card caused by entering the wrong password will be automatically restored after 24 hours. For the first three frozen cards, you can bring your ID card and bank card to the nearby business hall for personal business to unfreeze the card.
3. In case of judicial compulsory freezing of the card, according to the severity of the freezing, it can be divided into two types: temporary freezing for 3 days and judicial freezing for more than half a year.
Extension information:
The reason for the freeze of the bank card of the money speculation: The bank card of the money speculation is frozen into two types, one is the bank freezing, and the other is the judicial freezing.
First, the bank freezes.
1. Bank freezes mainly include: Banks in some countries and regions do not allow bank accounts to participate in digital asset transactions (for example, due to the note of BTC, ETH, USDT, etc. during the transfer, the bank’s risk control system is monitored), Therefore, when an account involves digital asset transactions, the bank will freeze or suspend some transaction rights; it is also possible that the behavior of this account triggers the bank’s anti-money laundering system (such as large-value transfers late at night, frequent transactions with multiple people) , the card has no balance for a long time, etc.).
Generally speaking, the bank will not directly freeze the bank card, but will only restrict your non-counter business or “pay only without receiving”, that is, suspend some of your transaction rights.
2. Processing method: Contact your bank directly and provide your relevant information as required by the bank (usually explaining the reason for the exchange of funds).
3. Prevention methods: 1) When trading with buyers, remind the other party not to remark sensitive words such as USDT and BTC. 2) Don’t use only one bank card, you can prepare several more and change them after a while.

『三』What should I do if the USDT withdrawal funds are frozen?

The withdrawal funds are frozen, which means that you have illegal operations, but are frozen by the platform. You can appeal to unfreeze

『4』 My USDT has been frozen by the platform. I hope that because I entered the wrong number in the bound bank card when I withdraw, the platform wants me to pay the same amount

It is suggested to ignore it. Figure 1 belongs to the online lottery quiz scam. Thaw?

Hello! Is Tenpay frozen before activation or is there any money in it? The thawing method is different in the two cases. what happened to you?

『Lu』 Huobi traded digital currencies such as BTC and usdt, and received 200,000 black money and was frozen. What should I do if I say this is a crime and I will be detained

If it constitutes a crime, I will be detained, and I can apply for a lawyer.

Everyone in the currency circle knows that digital currency transactions such as Bitcoin BTC and Tether USDT have certain legal risks. Violate criminal law. If you want to have a safe meal in the currency circle, you should know how to defuse the criminal risks of digital currency transactions. Otherwise, your account may be frozen today, and you may even be detained tomorrow, so you can’t feel at ease.

With the increase of the public security organs’ crackdown on cyber criminals, the criminal risk of digital currency transactions is also increasing, which should attract the attention of all currency circles, and only focus on resolving digital currency. The criminal risks of transactions, legal compliance, and the development of good operating habits can enhance anonymity, prevent and guard against related criminal legal risks, and go a long way.

Digital currency crime is a new type of cyber crime, which is different from traditional crime.I don’t understand the crime, and I don’t know how to get the lightest punishment, the conviction and sentencing standards for digital currency crimes, and how to get innocent and light punishment.

Related Information

In the virtual currency transaction, if the buyer uses Currency funds are illegal gains from fraud, drugs, pornography, gambling, etc. Once the buyer is caught, the seller of virtual currency is involved. If there is evidence that the seller knows the source of the buyer’s funds is illegal, the police may charge money laundering, illegal Digital currency sellers will be detained to assist in the investigation in the name of business crime, the crime of concealing the proceeds of crime, and the common crimes of predicate crimes (including the crime of fraud and the crime of opening a casino).

Or even arrest, prosecute, and sentence. All people in the currency circle should pay attention to the resolution of such criminal risks. For example, we handled the online investment fraud case of more than 20 people in Yantai, Li. The fraud gang bought all the money from the fraud on the website. According to the police The flow of funds paid by the third party of the investment platform has captured the Bitcoin seller for fraud.

『柒』How to exchange usdt for cash withdrawal The bank card is frozen

The funds are frozen, which means that you have violated the rules, and you can appeal to unfreeze.
In this case, it is definitely impossible to get it out. Since it is frozen, then it is a two-way street, and the money can’t come in or go out. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we must go to the relevant departments to deal with it as soon as possible. Only in this way can we resume our normal use,

『渌』 The USDT of is frozen, how to withdraw

If the lawsuit is won, it means that you won the lawsuit, and the court has seized it. The money of the other party shows that the execution is guaranteed by people. If the other party does not pay voluntarily, then you have to apply to the court for enforcement after the judgment takes effect, so that the court can enforce the money of the other party to you, and you will be enforced during the court’s enforcement. The case undertaker can receive the money after going through a collection approval procedure.

『玖』What should I do if the funds on are frozen?

The main reason is that it is recognized by the automatic risk control system of Huobi, which usually makes you c3 Verification This situation is relatively easy to handle, and it can be easily completed with customer service and email instructions.

“Pick up” what’s the matter with the usdt freezing? Is there a big guy here? I can’t transfer the money.

First mention the USDT of Huobi to the wallet, Then recharge directly to Biyi. At present, Biyi has opened the USDT/CNY recharge and issue business, which will be credited immediately, and the handling fee will be waived


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