usdt lost in dp wavefield

1. I have successfully transferred usdt from Ouyi to the email address, but I can’t find it

Check the format
What format is the email you want to import, is it? dbx format mail format, if it is, you can directly find the OE storage folder path (tools–options–maintenance–storage folder), you will see a path, you can click “change” to find the .dbx you want to import The path of the file (it is best to copy the .dbx file to be imported to a certain disk on the computer), after finding it and pressing OK, you will be prompted to restart the OE. That’s it.
There are three types of USDT as of 2022, Bitcoin-based USDT (Omni USDT), Ethereum-based USDT (ERC20 USDT), and TRON-based USDT (TRC USDT), using the exchange address To receive payment, you only need to find the USDT currency and choose one of them. However, it must be ensured that the transfer-in address and the transfer-out address are on the same blockchain network, and the three chains cannot transfer money to each other and cannot be retrieved.

2. Which imtoken wallet is the trc20 address

Summary Hello! I’m glad to answer for you. TRC20-USDT is USDT issued by Tether based on the TRON network. The deposit address is the TRON address, and the deposit and withdrawal go through the TRON network. TRC20-USDT (USDT-TRON) uses the TRC20 protocol.

3. I accidentally charged bitcoin from TRON to Huobi address and charged usdt. Will the coins be lost in this case?

I use This platform customer service staff, customer service staff will help you answer this question, ask questions.

4. How to buy TRX in Bitpie wallet

Abstract After remembering the mnemonic phrase, enter the wallet page and find one-click trading on the homepage.

5. Is trx the same as trc20?

There is a popular argument recently!
Everyone is saying, now DEFI, public chain, this track has been completely blocked, and there is no more chance
I have watched some articles in the self-media in this recent paragraph
All It is full of emotions and arguments: it is said that the only public chain in the future is Ethereum, and other public chains, including EOS and TRON, can only have one idea, and there is no way to survive

For this view, if you have enough independent thinking ability, you only need to think deeply and critically to find that it is not tenable at all!
For example:
15 years ago, everyone thought that Nokia had completely dominated the world, and no one could shake Nokia’s dominance in the field of mobile phones, but everyone’s vision and thinking were limited at that time.
In the field of science and technology, even Apple, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, and
In fact, everyone has a sense of crisis inside, and they all know that evolution and change are fast, and it is entirely possible for the latecomers to catch up.
How can it be said that ETH has completely won?
Today, I feel that there is a potential competitor that is very powerful and lethal, and may compete with Ethereum in the future!
This is the latecomer: TRX

In fact, there are too many discussions about the right and wrong of Justin Sun in domestic forums
But in fact, everyone has a lot of opinions about Justin Sun. The judgment is still unfair. If an entrepreneur like Lao Sun is abroad, for example, in the United States
Lao Mei will think that Justin Sun is a successful entrepreneur and highly praised, such as Justin Sun’s Twitter in the United States There are a lot of fans, and everyone still recognizes Lao Sun
But the image of Lao Sun in China seems to be the impression of a liar who cut other people’s leeks and went to the United States, but it is very different
In the currency In the circle, there are more people who are more chaotic than Justin Sun
In fact, Justin Sun is still working on projects seriously. Those of us who have held TRX for a long time have not lost any money for three years or so. Money, and also made a lot of money
Why do you say that Justin Sun’s TRON is actually very potential, and there may be a rise of more than 50 times?
Many people speculate that it may be the reason for DEFI, such as TRON’s JUSTSWAP JST and these ecological bonuses
It’s not! !
Not at all! !
Not at all! !

In the ecology of Justin Sun’s TRON, there is actually a super trump card that everyone has ignored — a trump card that has been seriously ignored! !
The following content I will explain in detail the greatness of this USDT TRC 20

Currently USDT is available in four public chains :
They are:
USDT OMNI on the BTC public chain
USDT ERC 20 on the ETH public chain
USDT EOS on the EOS public chain
USDT TRC20 on TRON TRX public chain
Anyone who has used USDT in Bitcoin and Ethereum knows how expensive the fees are!
How fast, how slow is the speed inside! !
But if you want to experience��For the USDT TRC20 on TRX, I can objectively say conscience
This is still a very conscience, very smooth and silky experience
Here: We often say in the currency circle that these public chains have no practical application Everyone is speculating about the concept. USDT can be said to be a real and real demand, and it is really applied. Why do you say that the USDT on TRX is more lethal?
An iron law is once again: the one who wins the diaosi wins the world! !
It’s like the world already has Apple, Samsung and Huawei
But Xiaomi also has a big market! Because whoever has the dick wins the world!
With, Taobao and Tmall in the world,
Pinduoduo also has a huge market, because the diaosi are in the world, and
The market value of Pinduoduo now completely exceeds that of
If there is a huge market for stablecoins in the future, because the vast majority of users are still diaosi
The diaosi effect of TRX’s USDT can also attract a large number of users, and the more users sink, the more users
The explosive power in the later stage may be stronger! !
This is not a hype at all, but a real application

On the basis of the strong application of USDT, the DEFI JUSTSWAP and other ecology and the matrix of BTT JST are superimposed again. With the addition
I believe that TRON should be a very strong opponent of Ethereum in the future
According to the current price of TRON, it is indeed still very low
In the event of a bull market, come one A 50-fold increase should not be difficult, because the following logic is too hard:

USDT TRC20 gets Diaosi who wins the world
Diaosi users are the majority
USDT ERC20 these are too expensive Too slow
USDT is fast and cheap
TRX projects in other matrices will have a bonus effect such as: BTT JST, etc.
If you continue to use the decentralized finance on the ETH main chain If you do, you will have to pay a huge handling fee
But none of these old leeks in our currency circle are fools
Will go and pay more in vain
It is easy to come up with a In conclusion, everyone in these new leeks and old leeks who want to make money will rotate
The next air outlet that is not blown up, there is no congested network

The public chain world
Now there are only three heroes who can make waves in decentralized finance

And when
Ethereum’s network After it is completely blocked
One transaction will cost about 0.5 Ethereum
This kind of fee is not affordable for human beings
I am more optimistic about the king of the year – the pain in everyone’s heart
Grapefruit EOS!!
What’s the reason?
Let’s listen to me in detail
I will tell you why at this point in time, it is time for EOS to show its power
First of all, EOS adopts
DPOS, a consensus mechanism, although it is ridiculed and criticized by everyone The degree of centralization is too high
However, the effect in saving handling fees is basically unparalleled
Everyone who has used MYKEY and a series of other applications on grapefruit will be satisfied with this silky smoothness The experience is very happy
EOS will surpass Ethereum’s DEFI is a high probability
Because the ecology will also be migrated and adjusted
Wait for the right opportunity to be in moderation Reasonable leaps occur in practice
This is really what it looks like
For DEFI, everyone realizes more and more that handling fees are extremely important! !
Therefore, in the future
time, I believe that the project that can save the handling fee for everyone will be favored
It is grapefruit! !
A particularly important reason:
Bihu’s MYKEY will become a huge main driving force in the back

Everyone, now many DEFI players are playing on mykey, and they really experience Very good
Bihu and MYKEY are both important applications built on EOS
They greatly facilitate the convenience of the newcomer Xiaobai to use decentralized finance
And everyone comes up Wanbihu and MYKEY will take advantage of the trend to participate in grapefruit projects such as
Great Harvest DFS!
We see a large number of people playing Big Harvest, isn’t this all due to Bihu?
And the whole experience is very smooth and comfortable, much more comfortable than on uniwsap
br />From the point of view of ease of use and ease of use, EOS’s decentralized finance can be said to have won the agenda
So what is the last extremely important reason?
That is:
EOS has been underestimated and bearish for a long time
Potential energy has been accumulated and squeezed for a long time, and the follow-up is really huge space
EOS has been complained about , BM and BB have been insulted by everyone for a long time
This is a sign of bottoming out of emotions, in fact, it is the rhythm to rebound

6. The usdt of TRON wallet was How to cheat

Open OKLink official website and click browser-TRON.
With industry-leading technology and data depth, OKLink updates transactions on the TRON browser in real time.information. By clicking Browser-TRON-Transaction List, users can enter the “Transaction List” interface of the TRON browser to query all transactions (normal transactions, internal transactions) that occurred on the TRON public chain.
To check the real-time status of this transfer, on OKLink’s TRON browser, you only need to enter (copy, paste) your own transaction hash, click search, and then you can get various on-chain information of this transaction .

7. The usdt coin cannot be withdrawn through erc20, can it be lost?

There are many reasons for not getting the account, first check if it is your own address Fill in the wrong, if the address is wrong, go to the address you filled in to find it, if the address is correct, go to see the minimum deposit amount indicated by the deposit place, if the minimum deposit amount is lower than the minimum deposit amount will not be credited to you Yes, you can only go to the customer service to see if they can manually enter the account for you, and there is a problem on the withdrawal side. If the withdrawal does not release the currency for you, the pit will not be able to get into the account. Learn about the usage area. Block chain browser, you can check where your coins are by yourself, and which link has the problem at a glance

8. How to set the display of HP Compaq 8000USDT HD DP interface

Hello! Thank you for choosing an HP product.

According to your description of the problem, it is recommended that you keep clicking F10 to enter the bios when booting to see if the two options in the red box below are consistent with your bios settings.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask at any time, we will do our best to assist you!

Your acceptance is our driving force! If you agree with my answer, please click the [Accept Answer] and [Satisfied] buttons!

9. The usdt transfer is successful + but the currency is not received

Summary 1. The usdt shows that the transfer is successful and has not been received.

10. How to transfer Huobi usdt to Ouyi? Which one is the usdt network to choose? There are three, Trc20, Erc20, Omni

Abstract TRC20 is the token format on TRON.


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