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How to cash out “One” usdt

1. Log in to the gateio account and select fiat currency transaction
8. After clicking “Confirm Payment”, the order will display After completion, the funds will be released to the other party’s account.

『Ⅱ』What is USDT, can it be traded?

One US dollar is equal to 1 USDT currency. It is understood that the currency exchange platform supports transactions, and The withdrawal speed is also fast, it supports fiat currency transactions, and now there are coin sending activities.

“Three” How to play the deposit and financial management activities in AiOption exchange

AiOption Deposit money management provides four levels of deposit money management activities:
You can choose to lock 1000USDT and get 3000USDT deposit money management reward.
You can choose to lock 3000USDT and get 9000USDT deposit and wealth management reward.
You can choose to lock 5000USDT and get 20000USDT deposit and financial reward.
You can choose to lock 7000USDT and get 35000USDT deposit and financial management reward.
The deposit and wealth management rewards will be released after your transaction. The rewards will be released according to the 20:1 bet amount of yourself and 50:1 of the bet amount of the team members in the third-level invitation. Double your income, it’s that simple!

How to have a usdt account to trade

You should be referring to the foreign exchange trading account.
Forex trading accounts refer to usd dollars.
Forex products include gold, silver and international currency exchange rate transactions.
Generally, you only need to find a licensed foreign exchange dealer to register and use.

How to sell “Wu” usdt coins

There are many ways. The first is through the exchange otc, and you can find an officially certified store that accepts u to sell directly; the second is offline transactions, face-to-face transactions or wx transactions.


1. Fund transfer. Before selling USDT to RMB, you need to transfer the USDT in the currency assets to the fiat currency account.

2. Legal currency transactions. Click “Fiat Currency Transaction” in the top navigation and click to enter. Support bank card, WeChat, Alipay to receive and pay.

3. Sell USDT. Select “Sell – USDT” to see a lot of USDT being sold, with different prices and different payment methods. According to your own situation, choose one and click Sell USDT at the back.

4. Confirm the order. After selecting, click sell, the following sale page will pop up, enter the amount of USDT you want to sell, or you can click all behind.

5. Wait for the transfer. Click to place an order, on the pop-up page, wait for the buyer to pay, at this time, confirm and release, the button is gray and cannot be clicked.

USDT’s Chinese name is TEDA, which is a stablecoin issued by TEDA that is anchored to the US dollar and is currently the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Stablecoin is a currency with stable value and no big price fluctuations. The value of 1 USDT is always equal to 1 USD. Of course, according to the changes in supply and demand, USDT will occasionally fluctuate slightly, but the fluctuation range is very small, basically maintained at 0.1 USD within.

Because of the stability of USDT, the mainstream trading method of most exchanges is through USDT trading, such as: BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, etc. USDT is also the trading exchange with the largest trading volume at present.

How to trade USDT?

If you want to use USDT to buy other currencies, the method is also very simple. Take Huobi Exchange as an example, click “Trade” in the Huobi APP, click the upper left corner to select the exchange, and find “USDT”. “Transaction Exchange, and then find the currency you want to buy in it, and you can buy it.

『Lu』Why not recommend to transfer USDT directly

Why not recommend to transfer USDT directly?

『柒』 How to sell USDT and realize it

1. Log in to the gateio account and select fiat currency transaction
8. After clicking “Confirm Receipt”, the order will be displayed as completed, and the funds will be distributed to the other party ‘s account.

『渌』Why CoinColaUSDT trading is so popular

Because now USDT has launched the currency trading function because of Coke
, currency Currency trading is based on USDT currency transactions, so after they launched the function, USDT also gave a very favorable rate.

How to trade offline with “9” usdt

Offline transactions are unreliable and not guaranteed
It is likely to encounter scammers
Originally Even those who do not support offline transactions
It is difficult to handle complaints after being cheated

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