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Ⅰ Has anyone played this “Adventure and Mining” game? The skills of the chief customer service officer. . . What is 80% crit damage. . . That is to say, if this

is only 80% of the damage, but the crit cannot be dodged, and the crit is added by the first attack (1 first attack = +0.5% crit damage , only crit damage can be added) In addition…. customer service is useless, put him at the back in the early stage and use it to increase combat power. Hope to adopt

Ⅱ Adventure and Mining Hero Personal Skills

Adventure and Mining Hero Personal Skills, want to know more strategies and related information about Adventure and Mining Hero’s personal skills? ? The following will give you a detailed answer. Players who want to know more come and watch!

Are you familiar with the individual skills of each hero in adventure and mining? The strength of a hero has a lot to do with personal skills. It brings adventure and mining hero personal skills to help you fully understand, as well as analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of skills. If you are interested, please accept it quickly!

Pure: The strongest and most practical skill at present, with the king’s PVP “Dad”, it is the mainstream from the middle stage to the later stage. Pure advantages, first of all is stability, followed by pure ignoring defense and dodging rounds, and finally many copies are pure to pass, it is really imba. If I really want to say that it is weak in the early stage, it is weak in the early stage, but this stage is very short and harmless.

Crit: The pioneers of the web version have concluded that the best lineup to use in the early stage is to attack the crit stream first. It is true that in the early stage when everyone’s defense is not high enough, the benefits of crit are far greater than pure.

Recovery: There are two types of recovery skills (self and opponent), and the two types can be divided into four sub-types (own maximum health, own current health, opponent’s maximum health, opponent’s current health Value), recovery is different from blood-sucking, and it can recover blood whether anyone is hit or not. Among the two categories, those related to one’s own health are suitable for PVP, and those related to the opponent are suitable for PVE (some levels must require this skill), so I won’t go into details.

Lifesteal: Lifesteal is very weak, yes, very. The only thing that can be put on the table in the blood-sucking skills is the strategy of the two soldiers, and the others are weak scum. However, the purple card has been eliminated in the middle and late stages, and everyone has high defense in the middle and late stages, so they can’t absorb much blood. The specific weakness of blood-sucking is as follows: First of all, blood-sucking has to be hit to make a profit. Secondly, most of the blood-sucking cards have a low absorption rate, only the two soldiers are up to 200% (but they are not useful for eggs), and finally, the blood-sucking hits the high defense body. It’s a tragedy, less damage, less blood sucking.

Disabled (weak): PVPPVE is practical, there is only one disadvantage, and it is not a must (except Hideyoshi).

Seal: Since there are too few seal cards at present, and they are all weak, people who use seals are very rare, but this does not mean that the seal is weak, in fact, the seal is very strong, whoever seals the other party first in PVP There will be great advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious. The seal is not a must, and the effect in the early stage is very small, and it can’t make a copy. You can only wait and see the seal card that will be released in the future.

Copy: The stronger the enemy, the stronger I am (there are surprises for copying boss skills).

Percentage: There are two percentages, the current opponent and the upper limit of the opponent. Among them, the current one is relatively funny (only Satan is okay), the percentage PVP is very weak, and the PVE fight against the golem is passable, and it is not recommended to use this skill .

Beheading: For PVE, PVP is very embarrassing. If you can’t hit someone, let’s not talk about it. After hitting someone, the damage is often lower than normal attack. The cards that can be used in this series are only two rituals.

Backwater: This thing is similar to beheading, but it is more embarrassing than beheading, and it can be basically defined as useless.

Multiplier: Note that this multiplier has nothing to do with crit, even 350% is not a crit. Very simple skills are generally attached to other skills, and can basically be regarded as a basic attack with high damage. It can be used in the early stage, and it becomes weak in the middle stage.

Ⅲ “Adventure and Mining” Critical Strike Skill Damage Strategy

How can the critical strike skill in the Adventure and Mining game deal damage? Here’s an introduction to you.
The percentage of defense damage reduction=defense/(defense+100) First of all, make it clear that as the last boss of this version, the Lord of Doom is not something that everyone can beat, let alone think when the combat power is low. It has to be played, so it is not surprising that the formation requirements are slightly higher. 1. The crit skills are mainly boosted by the first attack and the king. The bonus rate of the first attack is 1 point first attack bonus and 0.5% of the total damage. The bonus of less than 1% will be discarded, that is, for example, 91 initiative should be increased by 45.5%, and the actual bonus is 45%.
It should be noted that: the so-called crit skill refers to a 3% chance to cause a crit, and the crit will cause 240% damage and the opponent cannot dodge. This is clearly written that the crit must be hit, and the 1% probability of causing 340% damage is not subject to the first attack bonus. In addition, critical hit skills ignore evasion but will be reduced by defense.
So the damage formula of critical hit skills is as follows:
Healing skills are also subject to 2 attribute bonuses, namely dodge and king, of which the dodge bonus rate is 1 point dodge bonus 0.5% of the total healing.
Similarly, there is a bug here, the bonus of less than 1% will be discarded, that is, for example, 299 dodge should be increased by 149.5%, and the actual bonus is 149%. Here I would like to mention that I personally think that there is no need to clearly distinguish between blood-sucking and blood-returning in terms of wording, it is just treatment.
The recovery formula of the healing skill is as follows:
Taking Kuangsan as an example, the amount of healing should be here
The amount of healing should be = the total combat power of the enemy * 0.153. The skill is
/>It is best to match the Blade of Destruction, which has more blood than the BOSS’s full blood in the third round of madness. Please match it according to the future at hand. Because the ancient mysterious power is too perverted, it is difficult to support Kuang San after the BOSS recovers blood, and the basic attack is more fashionable, and Joan of Arc can have miraculous effects if it is launched properly.
With this formation, even if the combat power is low, you can basically defeat the Lord of Doom within 10 times.
How to face the Lord of Doom
The first attack is 90+, the attack power can kill it with 4 attacks, dodge the ruthless blade, and make a basic attack, the ancient mysterious power will not trigger.
How to hang the Lord of Doom
Initial attack 90+, the king of piles and the combat power can dodge the Ruthless Blade and eat the World Destruction Blade 1 time and kill it with 3 attacks.
The above are the skills and skills of adventure and mining crit, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more strategies, check out the Seven Boxes Adventure and Mining section.

Ⅳ What does it mean to absorb 50% of the damage after the adventure and mining attack?

Hello, after the adventure and mining attack, absorb 50% of the damage this time means that the combat power can be reduced Damage

Ⅳ Adventure and Mining What is pure damage

There are four modes of damage in the game, which are normal, pure, crit and percentage. The two modes of normal and percentage have one thing in common, that is, they can be evaded without special instructions, while crit and pure can reach the realm of ignoring dodge. Relatively speaking, the effect of pure damage output is definitely better than normal and percentage. Especially in the case of high evasion, using pure attack can prescribe the right medicine to achieve the tactical output we want.

Ⅵ Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each genre of adventure and mining

This is a big problem, since you don’t have any bounty and such a casual attitude, I can only give You have a random answer.

Three main currents of adventure and mining:
The first king stream: high initiative and high king are the symbols; defense and evasion are very low, and critical strike skills are the main focus
Recovery stream : High defense and high evasion are the main characteristics of this genre. The first attack is generally low, and the main attack is blood-added skills.
Defense king style: high defense, high king, and the skills are basically pure attack.

There are also some unpopular genres represented by the Weak Stream, but this genre has low intensity and is easily taken away by the First King Stream, or by the Anti-Wang Stream, or dragged to death by the Restoration Stream, so Rare

VII Adventure and Mining Gale Shuriken and Hit You, which one has higher damage

Gale Shuriken 8% 200% damage and hit you 10% 210% damage is obviously better for your skills. PS: These two will be very general and not worth training because the quality growth is low and the skills are easy to be dodged without hitting.

Ⅷ How to analyze the strength of adventure and mining Mining area BOSS

This boss does not have the same initial combat power as in a joint battle, so unenhanced mercenaries are useless because the effect of the privilege is 4 times the combat power, so the upper level 1 Privileged mercenaries are not useful because all boss skills ignore anti-flash, so anti-flash is useless.

So the most important thing to fight this boss is combat power first, then the king, and finally the first attack that can increase the crit damage.

In terms of skills, we can see from the boss skills that if all the skills in the team are required, they will be instantly killed by the boss after 3 attacks.

We may wish to assume that these must-hit skills can on average cause 2x the normal attack damage, and 3 times is 6x.

If the team is full of recovery skills, it will miss, because the boss has high blood consumption, so the combat power of recovery can’t be saved at all, in fact, it is stronger than normal attack. The evasion of the boss is 100, so the recovery skills will have a half probability of being missed.

The first three rounds hit 1.5 basic attacks, and there is a 50% chance to attack for another 3 rounds, 25% chance After that, attack for 3 more turns.

1.5+1.5/2+1.5/4=2.75 normal attacks, plus the recovery power can compensate for more damage, about 3 times the normal attack.

So “big damage” skills are also better than recovery when fighting this boss (such as Da Xingtian’s skills).

Next, let me use the weak skills!

Take the skills of Little Green (Death Master) as an example, because whether it is a miss or not, it will not�Seckill, so you can play at least 8 rounds, and in the case of 50% hit rate, there is a chance to block the instant kill even after 16 rounds, so you can play 9 rounds on average.

200% damage for 9 rounds is 18 times the normal attack!

IX How to choose a routine for adventure and mining civilians, civilian recovery flow detailed explanation

as Mao play recovery flow
1. For most players, small R is the most common situation when they can’t draw guns. For this part of the players, the growth rate of the transformation and restoration stream can completely exceed other genres. After playing, you will find that the world is suddenly enlightened, because 1 gun sister or 1.5 knight king temple price = 6 Putin, when others kryptonize the magic Lubel to engage in the first attack flow, you can only spend Joan of Arc’s money to complete the wash. .
2. For example, before the transformation of the great god “Internet Post Bar Three Musketeers”, there were more than 30 arenas in the arena. After the transformation, it has been in the top ten years. Every night secretly top two, basically once every two or three days, the first gold Being a Titan is nothing to complain about.
3. Restoring the flow, there is a possibility of a comeback with 1 point of blood left. If you are lucky, the Demon King and the Witch will make two bursts, and they will be tied with the Cannon Sister. It is also very exciting to experience the thrill of the comeback. />The main attribute is the anti-flash king. The main skill is Guo Jia. There is no pure general in the pure recovery flow. You can play five knights in the early and mid-term. The role of the king is to reduce damage. Inexpensive and recovery flow must be followed up, this disadvantage is not a transformation time that can be exchanged for a few attribute points: in the middle, before 3M is the time to save generals, the trench can be ignored, and in the early stage, because the Noble Phantasm has not been opened, the first attack The flow advantage is too great. Not recommended in the early stage.
The best main players in the current version of the recovery stream will be Guo Jia and Zhinu. In addition, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is also a good general. It is good to use these generals too much in the early stage.
Personally, from the point of view of the amount of HP and trigger chance of the recovery flow, the amount of HP recovered is always lower than the average damage of the opponent, so a good countermeasure is needed. It is recommended to choose the blocking skill here. 80% of the opponents have basic attacks, which can be combined with the high flash attribute, and according to the official statement, the basic attacks do not enjoy the king’s bonus!
Finally, the recovery in the later version of the current version must be purely cooperative, because in the later stage, everyone’s dodge is all 100+. I hope that there will be more special generals in the future. Now the strongest on the ladder is crit crit crit. Because it is very important, I have to say it three times.

The above lineup is the lineup of the Three Musketeers. There are two players to be replaced, 1 Laozi for the master, 1 Shenglong for the replacement, after the replacement + Shen Zhangfei’s skills are just 100%, the stats should be around 27,150,150,150 after washing, the above is a more reasonable lineup for this version to restore the flow.
This lineup currently has 7 recovery and 3 damage. In fact, if possible, the ideal is to recover 9 and damage 1. These 100 skills also include 6% of Shen Zhangfei’s. Personally, I think it is cost-effective: First, your opponent is basically The dodge is not high, and a hit is equivalent to a small cannon; the second is to save the grid for the attributes to be surrounded by the pile; the third is that the God Zhangfei’s skills do not receive first attack bonus damage, but the damage is not low, and the recovery flow just doesn’t have the first attack.


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